My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 399

Chapter 399: Fighting Dragon Cave House

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Chapter 399, Dragon Fighting Cave House!

Lin Chen wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, staring at Xuan Yan Qiu Long with a keen sense of war.

It captured the eightfold dark dragon power and dark dragon palm of Lin Chen's launching the charged rune, which was enough to shake the destructive power of the triple peak of Yuanzun Realm. Was it unscathed?

In contrast, Lin Chen was injured by a sneak attack on it!

"It's almost comparable to the big guy in the mid-quadruple of Yuanzun Realm. It's interesting! If it weren't for my reinforced iron bone talent reached 4%, the ribs of this tail would have to be broken."

The triple realm before Yuanzun Realm is just the beginning of Dantian Yuanfu. The further you go, the harder it will be to leapfrog the challenge!

The four-level realm, when the fourth Yuanfu is formed, more than four Yuanfus are formed one after another, and the fighting power soars!

If you use pure power as an example, then it is 10,000 dragon power, which is comparable to the first stage of the heavy one.

20,000 dragon power, match the early stage of the double. 30,000 dragon power, match the triple early stage!

But if you want to match the four levels of Yuanzun Realm, you need at least 50,000 dragon power!

In the mid-quadruple, that is 60,000 Dragon Power! More than five weights, that is more than 80,000 dragon power!

Yuan Zunjing's four-fold start, the more terrible the future!

And if you encounter a Yuanzun realm with advanced combat skills, pure power does not occupy any advantage!

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang changes!"

Promoted by two changes, Xuan Yan Qiu dragon swayed its dragon claws, the dragon breathed the blade, torn the mountain veins, the mountains collapsed! Split the crystal wall of space!

Lin Chen's body is like electricity, Qianying Thunder instantly adds purple phoenix wings to flap, avoiding the other party's raging dragon breath blade!

Five-colored dragon qi encircles the palm, Lin Chen holds the gun, the domineering awe-inspiring! At the same time release the ancient Qinglong!

What makes people feel strange is that Lin Chen's five dragon dynasty guns are more powerful than last time!

The strong five-color dragon spirit also contains a faint breath of dark dragons!

"Slow rune!"

There is no neglect of the enemy, Lin Chen releases the slow rune of 6 rune energy in one breath! Delaying the movement speed of Xuan Yan Qiu Dragon by 50%!

Roar ~!

Xuanyan Qiulong's fierce prestige is still there, and his mouth spit out a massive red flame wind blade!

Each red flame wind blade is curved like a moon, huge and huge, containing terrible pure power and dragon breath!

Its destructive power can easily penetrate the triple mid-term defense!

"Good perverted strength!"

Lin Chen frowned, waving the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun at a rapid speed, dancing around the point of the gunpoint, and difficult to fly some red flame wind blade!

The red flame wind blade bounced off and spattered on the ground, and a fire was ignited all over the world!

Arm numbness, Lin Chen purple wing continuous shooting, Qian Yinglei moved like Zhou Xing!

Lin Chen as a whole flashed up and down in the void, avoiding countless red flame wind blades! Avoid bombs and escape many attacks!

The ancient Qinglong performed the method of swimming the dragon, and sneaked into the void with Qinglong's shadow, and took advantage of it, Qinglong swept and twisted out!

Bang ~!

The ancient Qinglong used all his powers to bind up 80% of his body with his own pure power on the spot!


Xuanyan Qiulong struggled madly, suddenly exploded his power to twist the dragon's body, and the dragon's breath red flames rushed!

Even if part of it was blocked by the slow rune, the violent strength still shattered the whole body of the ancient Qinglong while struggling!

The violent temperature keeps burning the ancient green dragon!

The Dragon Breath Sky Armor that condenses all the strength of the Blue Dragon was burned by this big guy with broken pieces, and even the scales of the dragon began to burst, raging dragon blood!

Between the two, there is an insurmountable gap!

Even if the ancient green dragon mastered the four tricks, it was not an opponent among several rounds of Xuanyan Qilong!

However, it has delayed Lin Chen enough time!

When Xuanyan Qiulong's anger vented on Qinglong, Lin Chen swept to the top of his head like a shock!

The five dragon dynasty guns circulated the sharp air of Gengjin, and suddenly fell into its head!


Charge Rune and Corrupt Rune are launched at the same time, all the fighting strength of the Golden Tribulation Body is condensed in this blow!

The sharp and sharp gas of Gengjin erupted from the point of the gun, which penetrated the head of Xuanyan Qionglong!


Blood spattered into the sky, attribute light ball erupted out!

Lin Chen's offensive continued, the ancient Qinglong turned into a ray of light into Lin Chen's body, 29500 Dragon Force attached to Chen Chen!

His palms were like a sea of raging waves, and he shot the gun compilation of the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun with a palm, and shot into the head like a sharp arrow!

Then, the seven-fold dark dragon and dark dragon palms that broke out in the wilderness were like a violent wind and rain, and they were crazy shot on the wound of Xuanyan Qionglong!

Because Corrupt Rune Level 4 corrodes most of its power, coupled with the slow rune's shackles, its power is almost completely blocked!

Xuanyan Qiulong had no chance to give Lin Chen a counterattack!

On the spot, dozens of strokes of the dark dragon palm were exploded by Lin Chen!

Attribute light ball spilled all over the place, Lin Chen's dark line of fighting was completely drained, no trace left.

The energy spent on fighting such a big guy is no less than fighting another three hundred rounds with those four Purple Orders!

[Host gains 80 Celestial Dao value, 4580 Qi and Blood energy, 4 Earth energy, 8 Ignition energy, 100 talent value, 8 Rune energy,]

After picking up dozens of attribute light balls, Lin Chen's pure power soared!

From 17000 Dragon Power, you can step into 20,000 Dragon Power!

"Qinglong, swallow!"

While Lin Chen refining the energy sphere of Qi and blood energy, he still does not forget to call out the blue dragon.

Qinglong swallowed the fierce beast core of Xuanyan Qionglong, and then devoured the body of Xuanyan Qilong!

The sixth-level intermediate beast core, refining into rolling energy, Lin Chen assisted by running the mind, helping it absorb!

In less than a day, the pure power of one person and one dragon has rapidly increased by one grade!

Ancient Green Dragon; 38000 Dragon Power! With the four supernatural powers, the combat power will catch up with the triple stage!

Lin Chen, 22000 Dragon Power!

"System, I want to use all talent points to strengthen the reinforced iron bone talent!"

[The system receives, consumes 400 points of talent value, has strengthened the passive talent: 5% of reinforced iron bones.

"The rune energy has also reached 69 points, this wave is not lost!"

Satisfied with a smile, Lin Chen took two pills to restore the fighting spirit.

Lin Chen used his mental methods to refine and devour auras to supplement the loss of combat energy, and continued to find his own goal.

For the next three days, Lin Chen found nothing but treasure chests containing fifth-order or sixth-order herbs.

He traveled millions of miles, traversing many mountains and wasteland, crossing mountains and seas.

But there is no such thing as the "life with orange light".

Just in case, Lin Chen activated the magic cloak, disguised and changed his appearance and figure, and completely eliminated the breath.

On the fifth day of entering the secret realm of purgatory, in a vast abyss, a cave mansion abandoned for many years remains.

The silver gown youth stood in the air, and his face was like water, like spring breeze and willow, and his eyes looked like green.

This young man is Lin Chen after disguised by the magic cloak.

He urged Zijin Tong, through the incomplete prohibition of Dongfu, faintly flashing two orange lights!

"It seems that my two major mission goals are inside!"

The corner of the mouth outlined a smile, and the five-colored dragon encircled the palm of his hand. Lin Chen held the five-dragon dynasty gun and flew away, kicking the huge door of the cave house with one foot!

Bang ~!

Dust is everywhere, and the inside of the cave is much wider than Lin Chen imagined!