My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Green Dragon Arm

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Chapter 4, Green Dragon Arm!

The magical anaconda's spirit is different from ordinary fierce beasts. If Lin Chen joins the battle and reveals the threat that threatens it, then it is likely to escape immediately. Lin Chen must find a chance for a fatal blow and let it escape. Have no chance!

"Despite the strength of the Devil Green Anaconda, if I urge the blood of the Blue Dragon on the left arm, and my marksmanship, it may not be able to erupt the power that threatens it, fight!"

He suppressed his breath very low and hid into the jungle. He carefully observed the battle of the seven people, such as the lone wolf lurking in the dark, preparing for a fatal blow!

"Huh? What is that!"

Lin Chen's eyes saw a sharp sharp light, and immediately locked a small crack under the head of the Devil.

There is a tendency for the scales to crack, and there are already signs of skin cracking in the cracks, which is estimated to be left by the previous battle of the seven!

However, the seven disciples of the inner sect were constantly repelled by the Moqing Anhui, and they did not score at all.

"It's there!"

Lin Chen squeezed the silver-lined Dragon Gun suddenly and danced upside down, like Lin Pan screaming, held by Lin Chen in the palm of his hand!

Roar ~~!

The devil leaped out of the lake, the giant tail swept away, the fierce and overbearing power shocked the two disciples of the inner sect, opened the big mouth of the blood basin, and rushed towards the white-clothed youth and Yueying!

As the two men gritted their teeth to prepare for a desperate fight, an afterimage passed by like a wind and suddenly flew up!

"Blue Dragon Bloodline! Possession!"

Lin Chen's hands clenched the gun body, the blue dragon tattoo on his left arm glowed with a faint light, and a fierce breath was released from his left arm!

At this moment, the strength of Lin Chen's left arm is rising! 150, 200, 240, 290 tiger power!

Lin Chen's power in the left arm exceeded 290 tiger power at this moment!

Moqing Anaconda suddenly felt a dangerous killer. When he looked up, Lin Chen's figure fell like a meteor!

"Starfire Gun Shooting Meteor Fall!"

The domineering and violent power is roaring, and the power of more than 300 tiger power is concentrated in one point, turning the silver line dragon gun into a arc of falling meteor!

With 300 tiger power, the destructive power alone has not been lost to the four-stroke and five-strike all-out blows of the refining environment!


The sharp point of the gun pierced the crack in the crack of the devil's head, tearing the scales, penetrating the flesh and blood, and bursting the blood in the sky, blooming in mid-air!

The giant head of Moqing Anaconda was penetrated by Lin Chen to break and rolled to the ground.

Lin Chen fell to the ground, covered with blood stains, but the coldness and shame between the eyebrows made him like a demon from hell, and gave seven Nei Zong disciples a sense of sight that was even more terrifying than the Devil Green Anaconda!

The trembling blood in the body made Lin Chen pale.

His repair is too poor, and the meat shell foundation has not yet reached the point of arbitrary use for the burden on the blood of Qinglong.

"It seems that this trick can only be used as a killer skill. If you use it a second time, you may be exhausted and fainted."

Lin Chen clutched his chest and gave a wry smile.

Seven disciples of Neizong were shocked and stayed in place, Yue Yingsu concealed her lips softly, shocked and speechless!

"This Waizong disciple actually beheaded the Moqing Anaconda with only one move?"

"He seems to have quenched his realm! The power of the blow just now exceeded at least 300 tiger power! What a freak he is, my mother!"

"When I first practiced to the nineth level of quenched body, I was only able to play 55 tiger power. This kid is too scary!"

A large amount of dark red attribute light spheres and three cyan attribute light spheres are dropped from the broken Devil's head!

There is also a corpse that has fallen to the ground, and a mysterious iron chest with a faint light appears.

Lin Chen was busy picking up all the light **** of the attributes, and the light screen of the system jumped out.

[The host gains a black iron chest, 35 points of the dragon's blood, 55 points of mental power, 6959 points of qi and blood energy, and 1632 points of water energy.

Seeing that Lin Chen bent over and touched the corpse and the ground of Devil Blue Anxiety, the appearance of being very happy, the seven Nei Zong disciples were even more puzzled!

The devil is a treasure. Why doesn't this kid do anything, just scratch the air and the corpse?

[Open the black iron treasure chest, congratulations to the host for obtaining the special mystery "True Water Return to the Origin". This mystery is a water attribute. After system identification, it needs at least a gas refining environment before it can be used. It can consume combat energy and quickly restore its own injuries.

The light screen that pops up in the system makes Lin Chen's mouth slightly open, which is really a treasure!

Lin Chen had just picked up all the attribute light **** and was still in ecstasy, the woman with short saber Cheng Yan asked.

"My name is Cheng Yan, I dare to ask this younger brother, your name is your name."

Her tone was soft and respectful, and she obviously did not treat him as a normal foreign sect disciple.

"In Linchen, a disciple of Xiawai Zong, see Senior Sister Yan."

Lin Chen was neither humble nor overbearing, and he smiled. Absorbing the attribute light sphere secretly, while recovering his body, the power is raised again!

"Good boy, there is a set! You can kill even the devil worms, and the rule between us is that whoever chooses the last blow will first select the corpse material of the deer worm, you choose it first."

The black armored man grinned, but a veto came from behind.

"No, we can't let this kid pick first. If it weren't for our previous hard fight, how could a foreign disciple be qualified to compete with us against the green anaconda!"

At this moment; the young man in white was disdainfully blocked in front of Lin Chen, looking down on him from a condescending position.

"Boy, figure out your identity. You are just a disciple of a foreign ancestor. Even if you are lucky to kill Moqing Anaconda, you are just a junk."

The young man in white is not afraid of Lin Chen. He is a five-fold cultivation practice in Qi Realm. He believes that Lin Chen's previous attack to kill Mo Qing An was just a coincidence.

"His secret technique of breaking 300 tiger power is strong, but it must be difficult to use for a second time in a short period of time, and if there is no melee hit, there is no need to worry at all. When I get back to a good state, it is a quenched state. You can kill him in your hand!"

With a cruel heart in his heart, a smile appeared on the face of the young man in white, "Go away! Seeing that you saved Yinger's sister, brother I don't care about you."

"The two of us brothers also disagree, what is the qualification of a foreign body waste that quenches the realm, and we are equally divided between us and the treasures of such strange beasts as the devil."

After the young man in white, a pair of twin disciples inside stood up and gave Lin Chen a disdainful glance.

Seeing that the youth in white didn't give Lin Chen a face, Yue Ying's pretty face could not help changing slightly!

"Brother Nei Zong's Qi Refining Realm, right? It's very overbearing. It's a pity not to play basketball if you grow up like this."

Lin Chen's mouth evoked a brutal sneer!

He hadn't planned to share anything with this devil, but he changed his mind now!


The silver-lined dragon gun was held in his hands by lightning, Lin Chen threw angrily, and the point of the gun turned into lightning!

Everyone was shocked! The youth in white did not expect Lin Chen to do it directly!