My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 40

Chapter 40: 2. Two Runes Attack Fight Alone

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Chapter 40, Two Runes Attack! Fight alone!

"Boy, isn't it good to stay in the Shangguan family? You have to come out to find death."

"You are the first person I have ever dared to walk the night after offending the fortune teller. I have to say, courage is commendable."

"What are you doing so much nonsense with this kid? Dare to make my Nangong family lose so much. I won't abandon him today, it's hard to let out the hatred of the old man!"

In the face of these people, Lin Chen's expression appeared dignified!

Disha Realm, Disha Realm, War Soul Realm! All are first-class masters!

The person led by the leader is the ritual of Yan Yan in the twenty-four star calculation organization!

Then came the elders of the Nangong family, and the people of the Huangfu family, plus two powerful men from the territories invited by Yan Jiwen.

There are more than 20 people at the scene alone! Earth Shake Power almost accounts for half!

Lin Chen quickly put away his dignity and smiled playfully.

"You really can't afford to look at me. 14 earthshade realms and 11 war spirit realms are here to ambush me a psychic realm? What is it? Is it a war or a war?"

On the walls of Wanling City and Dongcheng, a white skirt flutters like a cloud, like a fairy in the cloud.

"This little guy was actually ambushed by the group of Huangfu family and Nangong family. Let's take a look first. It seems that he hasn't planned to use the piece of star jade I left him."

White skirt Qianying's ethereal voice, with a trace of curiosity, disappeared in the breeze of the night sky.


Falling into siege, Lin Chen was not afraid, but there was a kind of excitement in his bones!

Only by fighting in extreme battles can you grow faster!

"Your kid is scheming, and he is a master of the two fields of fortune-teller and treasurer, and the old man will naturally not underestimate you."

Yan Ji Wenyin sneered, nodded to the people next to him, and the nine-body figure of the seven battle spirits flashed, encircling Lin Chen!

The other powerful people in the real world are just a look at the lively look. If a psychic realm is stronger, can it be turned upside down? They have 14 territories on this side, and even a thousand psychic realms are a dead word!

"Be gentle, we have to live. It doesn't matter if you lack arms and legs."

Yan Jiwen told the seven people. Seven people have spirits, and they shoot at the same time!

"Seven Snakes!"

The battle spirit is vertical and horizontal, and a heavy gas wave penetrates through the void, turning into a winding five-footed python, winding up and blocking all the retreats of Lin Chen!

"How about the Nine Heavy Battlefields, break me!"

Lin Chen burst into tears, his whole body was full of energy, and he was full of vigor!

He suddenly put out his palms, his battle spirit was tumbling, his momentum fell like a meteor, and he burned the wilderness!

"Fighting Demon Fire King Seal!"

The fiery handprint on Lin Chen's palm was disillusioned, accompanied by violent and unmatched power, and slammed on the attacking giant python!

The pure power of nearly 40,000 tigers was shocked by the violent wind around!

Bang~! !

Lin Chen shattered a series of two war pythons, and the remaining seven pythons directly entangled him, locked him dead and could not move!

"It seems that without using my many cards, by virtue of fighting strength and pure strength, I can contend with two battles at most. Jiuzhong is already the limit."

Secretly measuring his own strength in his heart, Lin Chen began to operate the shaman energy hidden in the body, and the blue dragon phantom wanted to break out of the air!

"Hey, this kid is not as mysterious as you said, just a brute force."

"Brute force is perverted enough. With the strength of the psychic realm, it is actually a humanoid beast that cultivates the pure power and combat skills to break the nine-fold attack of the war spirit realm."

"No matter how wicked, he is a waste person after tonight!"

The elders of the Nangong family and the Huangfu family ridiculed and laughed,

That Huangfu Qingyu came out first, smiling wildly.

"Let your kid dare to mess with the woman I like, today Master Ben will abolish you first!"


It was at this time; a peerless divine power that tore the sky came from within the seven-headed python, shattering all directions and sweeping the thousand armies!

Boom! !

The power of horror shattered the seven-headed warrior giant python, and a five-meter-long blue dragon claw was born! Pure power is approaching 100,000 tiger power!

"No! Qingyu will come back soon!"

The fighting spirit of the Huangfu family Jiu Zhong and the two terrified people exclaimed in unison! The two Di Shajing started their skills and wanted to save Huangfu Qingyu!

"Blue Dragon Blood Liberation 50% Strength! Give me death!"

Lin Chen's momentum was so fierce, like a dragon, his eyes were bursting with violent violent intentions, and the blue dragon's arm was held up and photographed angrily!

The pure power of 100,000 tigers is enough to cut off rivers and explode mountains!

When photographed in the front, the hurricane formed by the tearing air flow was like two violent gates pressing against both sides, forming an obstacle to the advancement of the two territories; Lin Chen's ancestors shot Huangfu Qingyu into flesh in one step. sauce!

Even the many life-saving cards retained by Huangfu Qingyu couldn't stop Lin Chen's second kill!

When Huangfu Qingyu died, a property light ball burst out of the place, Lin Chen completely ignored it and turned his attention to the system!

"No! Qingyu!"

The elders of Di Sha Realm burst into screams like mourning, and many powerful people at the scene saw the green dragon arm as thick as a jade pillar, and they couldn't help but be shocked! This is an outright monster!

"There is a problem with this kid, everyone be careful!"

Just after the elders of the Nangong family were horrified,

Everything happened between the electro-optical flint, and at the moment when the other party reacted, Lin Chen's right hand was ready to go, and an off-white rune was instantly played!

"Slow rune seal!"

[Host runs slow runes, consuming 1500 rune energy.

Fu Luo, who is slow from the sky, seals everyone at the scene! Their fighting spirit, flesh shells, reaction, now become quite slow!

"Qinglong Bloodline Liberates 70% of the Power!"

The strength of the Green Dragon Arm rises again, breaking 150,000 tiger power instantly!

Lin Chen was decisive and decisive, and the blue dragon's arms swept through the eight wastelands, swept up like a windmill, and crushed the seven battle spirits surrounding him ninefold on the spot into powder!

Crushing the seven battle spirit realms, Lin Chen took turns in the green dragon's arms, and Dang Kong photographed the two closest to him.


On the occasion of a thousand hits, almost all the terrible conditions on the scene broke through Lin Chen's slow rune seal!

Lin Chen was unmistakable, and the blue dragon arm penetrated the sky, hitting down! The two terrible times are too late to develop defensive combat skills, and out of thin air, they develop a defensive combat barrier to protect themselves!

Boom! !

The earth shook the mountain, the earthquake shook so that it was clearly audible for dozens of miles, Lin Chen pierced the ground with a palm, leaving two cracks hundreds of meters long.

Yan Jiwen bloomed his life tools, rushed open the seal, and saw the shocking crack, the pupil shrunk!

"What's the trick just now? Space blocked?"

"No, it's not a space blockade. He just cast a defense that ignores us and makes our entire body stiff and slow.