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Chapter 400: The Battle Of Fate

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Chapter 400 The battle of fate!

Looking around, it looks like an endless plain.

At the end of the cave house is a round energy shield with five torch seeds condensed together.

In addition to this, there is a scroll with shimmering lilac brilliance, and three multicolored odd mines in the seventh order!

However; for the treasures in the shield, Lin Chen was just a glimpse of the glory, not too late to be surprised.

At this moment, Lin Chen's pupils shrank, and his whole body trembled!

Ten thousand meters away from the energy shield, proudly based on a figure of purple clothing.

He wears a feather crown, his face is cold, Bai Ruoguan jade, his waist hanging from the copper realm, a pair of Danfeng eyes looks cold and magical, and his pupils are green-green!

He has a black sword across his waist, Qi Yuxuan, and Yumei who has the dignity and dominance of arrogant people!

Its waist knife is like a dragon with thousands of evils, and it is the world!

If the sword is out of the sheath, it can divide the world and cut through the eternal heroes!

On the head of the young man in Ziyi, a round of sword light hangs, shining the divine light, the glory of God, and the creation of God!

Just the pressure from the sword light mysterious wheel is enough to make Yuan Zunjing kneel on the spot below triple!

At the moment when the two fatal eyes looked at each other, even though Lin Chen's face was different, both of them recognized both sides for the first time!

This young man in Ziyi is like the descendant of the **** Lin Chen encountered in the torchlight!

Lin Chen, who was going to be destroyed in the torch realm this time, turned out to be him?

This task is simply impossible to complete! Lin Chen may not even be able to do the same with each other!

Even the young man in Ziyi had a moment of distraction, and neither side thought that they would meet again here!

"Actually you mortal? Hahaha! Do you think you have been disguised, can't you recognize this seat? It's really no effort to break through the iron shoes, it's no effort to get it!"

The youth in purple clothes laughed in the sky, and at this moment, the whole secret territory changed!

Lin Chen was almost between the electric light and flint, and the fighting of the three units of the Heavenly Tribulation broke out suddenly, and Shura Jiuhuang became fully urged!

His cultivation practice temporarily broke through to "Pseudo Yuanzun Realm"!

Without Yuanzun Realm, the Qi Mansion can never be perfectly shaped. No matter how the secret method is used, it will only temporarily increase the Qi!

"Before taking the Devil Emperor's exercises, I'll take you to practice the sword! This time I won't let you kid escape again, remember, the name of this seat is Soul Mo Bai, my Yongye Emperor's sword Don't cut the unknown!"

The soul of Descendant of God smiles in the sky, and the seventh-level sword Yongye comes out!

The blade is rolling with a dark air, and the blade shows a terrible air machine that splits the sky!

"Yongye Slaughter the Emperor!"

Holding the knife in both hands, the soul of Mo Bai chopped down diagonally, and the moment the blade hacked, the world was reduced to a dark darkness!

Light, vitality, aura, space, as if everything was turned into nothingness under this knife, the world in Lin Chen's perception has become a darkness!

A sword is annihilating the world. Under this sword, any strong man is enough to lose his will to die and can only obediently kill him!

In the dark world, the only flash of the dark awn is the sharpest blade of the Yongye sword!

"Corrupted Rune: Tiangeng Hualong!"

Charged and corroded by two major runes, the Green Dragon Power possessed, Lin Chen stepped forward boldly, his hands pierced with guns, and shook the Yongye sword!

Dang ~! Bang ~! !

The aftermath of the scorching air waves overturned the entire cave house. The sky dome of the cave house cracked the chasm, and the aftermath of energy exploded in a tens of thousands of miles!

A kite with a broken line flew out of the crack and fell into the abyss!

Lin Chen!

Just a knife, Lin Chen flew!

This result is not much different from the battle when it was first seen in the flame zone!

The only difference is that when he meets, Soul Mobai shows his true strength, and does not give Lin Chen a chance to escape!

Boom~! The dark abyss like a deep abyss cut off the heavens and the earth, and flew out of the cave house. The abyss shivered!

Lin Chen's blood stains, purple phoenix wings superimposed Tao Gang shifting to show his body to the extreme!

Brush ~! Frightened to move the void, Lin Chen reluctantly avoided the second knife, and the knife awn split the ground forty thousand meters to form a new abyss!

"What a terrible strength, this is the growth of the descendants of God!"

Lin Chens pupils shrunk, and even with the Corrupted Rune, the power of Soul Mobai did not drop too much!

At that time in the torch fire realm, the seventh night of the seventh-order knife was in the hands of the soul and white, but it was only forcing its edge.

Now, as soon as he shot, he walked in front of Lin Chen; it was already the first stage of Yuan Zunjing!

The seventh-order knife in his hand, Yong Ye, began to glow in his hand with the peerless edge that should belong to it!

This dead fight has no retreat!

This belongs to Lin Chen's secret purgatory, and only one person will leave alive! !

"Mortal, see clearly, this is the gap between you and God!"

Soul Mo Bai laughed wildly, knifed the cave house, and turned into a flash of rainbow streamer chasing and killing.

"You're a **** of farts! Do you think I can't take you away?"

Lin Chen's expression is full of crazy and turbulent fighting intentions and wild smiles!

Brush brush! Boom~~!

Directly above the abyss, tens of thousands of holes penetrate the void, and the shadow of the crystal wall burning the space is like a rain of fire on the glass wall, and the head pours down!

Almost at the same time as Huoli Jianyu emerged, a pale blue sword light of ghosts and spirits swiftly arrived, such as the flash of the ghost hell!


The soul-white expression slightly changed!

The shadow of the sky and the wind is almost extreme, and a trace of afterglow turns back and kicks to the soul behind the white!

The fingerprints formed like flashes, and the two Shura golems emerged above Lin Chens head. The spiritual impact of the mountains and seas was destroyed by the shattering sky!

"It's not over yet!"

At the moment when Shura's anger broke out, Lin Chen then shook his hands backwards!

The gray runes turned a town, burst and scattered, and the rune energy of the system decreased by 6 points!

The slow rune seals the soul of the invincible fifty percent of the fighting spirit!

boom! boom! boom!

A shocking explosion shattered the entire abyss, the surrounding cliffs collapsed, and the surface lifted!

In the void, four figures stood in the sky!

A person holding a residual demon war knife, wind robbery, thunder robbery battle body wrapped around the body, short hair flying, domineering hurricane!

Hold the famous sword of Wanquan with one hand, the body of thunder and fire robbery is burning endlessly, the silver robe rolls over, and the majesty is majestic!

Lin Chen's three phantom avatars!

Each of his phantom avatars has areas of expertise!

That's right, although Lin Chen didn't need a sword, he still learned two and a half purple order exercises.

At a critical moment, you only need to let your phantom avatar be displayed!

The power of the half-purple power is three to four times that of the blue top!

Even if it is a phantom avatar, it also has the strength to compare to the deity!

This is Lin Chen's brand new trump card!

The three avatars plus Lin Chen deity, even if the opponent is a descendant of God, he is not afraid!