My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 401

Chapter 401: The Power Of God Divine Veins

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Chapter 401, God's Power! Divine veins!

After glancing at the only 54 runic energy left by him, Lin Chen concentrated on it and waited for it!

These three avatars are condensed out using 9 points of rune energy. As long as they are not attacked by a deadly deity, they will not disappear so easily.

Bang ~!

Daoman messed up the galaxy, tearing the clouds.

Soul Mobai holding Yongye, slowly stepping out of the cracks in the crystal wall of the space, his body rising and rolling!

His blue-green eyes turned dark red.

"Unexpectedly, every mortal mortal actually forced me to use the gods!"

Soul Mo Bai smiled coldly, and the Yongye sword in his hand flipped, and the dark-lined dark battle fiercely swept!


A strange and chilling scene emerged!


Lin Chens first Phantom Doppelganger had no chance to show his body, and he was wiped out by the soul on the spot!


Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief, his pupils trembling!

Seeing the sneer outlined in the corners of Soul Mo's white mouth, Lin Chen almost reacted instinctively, and moved with two other avatars to move away, and he was able to retreat at a speed!


The Yongye Battle Sword then slashed out and slashed to the position of Lin Chen and his previous avatar!

The space in the abyss seems to be wiped out and wiped out instantly, turning into a vacuum zone!

The cliffs and cliffs in the abyss disappeared alive!

This strange thing makes Lin Chen feel a scalp tingling!

"What the **** is this fighting skill? Purple order?"

Lin Chen couldn't help but yell, the system prompts lightning.

[The system prompts the host, because the host's fighting object is the descendant of the god, with the blood of the god, each **** has its own divine power, and will be inherited to the descendants because of the blood lineage. This is the god's vein.

[The divine power held by the hosts combat objects divine veins belongs to the space system, so please host carefully.

"Shenmai? Divine power? This is too foul! It's a fart! Grass!"

Lin Chen couldn't help breaking his mouth and yelling, Yuan Zunjing could have the power controlled by the gods, how else to fight this?

Soul Mobai came chasing it very fast. Behind him, an energy wing spread out, which should be a high-level treasure!

"The kid reacts quite quickly. Although I don't know what tricks you have to block this battle, but you don't have the fluctuations of the veins of your body. If you don't have the veins of the spirit, that's the ants!"

Lin Jin, who was urged by Zi Jin Tong, tried his best to flow into Yongye slightly, and he and the two avatars immediately turned down!

The knife was chopping like a landslide, and the faint scars flashed by. The tens of thousands of feet of the ground were flashed by the scars, and they instantly turned into nothingness!

Witnessing the power of this divine vein again, Lin Chen's heart seemed to sink into the abyss!

so horrible!

This knife gas is equivalent to jumping into space. With a knife, even the crystal wall of space can be cut into a vacuum! Obliterate everything silently!

If you fail to predict the location and direction of Mo Bai who is going to be cut in advance, no matter how fast you are, there is no chance to escape!

"Fleeing again will only push yourself into a desperate situation. You have the spirit, and my Lin Chen also has my special rune!"

Lin Chen's heart burst into a fighting spirit towards death!

What about the descendants of God! If you want to eat Lao Tzu, even if you die, the young man will have a few teeth!

Zi Jin Tong urged with all his strength, Lin Chen's two avatars immediately turned around and circumvented, Lin Chen stepped on the move, swooped in and rushed straight up!

The two Runes of Recharge and Corruption are launched, the golden war gun is stabbed out like a star, and the single shot of the magic power mad thunder and Tiangeng against the dragon is combined!

The tip of the gun was beating Lei Meng Gengjin, and the 38,000 dragons were as powerful as the dragons, slamming the soul's black head!

"Strike aggressively, find death!"

In the gap between the soul and the white sneer, Yong Ye reversed his rage and slashed away, leaving a faint black awn when the blade crossed the void, and the knife and the gun collided!

Dang ~!

The knives and guns collided, the golden war guns shivered with light, and the five-colored dragons were full of breath.

Even if it is restored to the sixth level, the five dragons still have a distance from Yongye!

The brutal and fierce sword qi aftertaste invaded the body, Lin Chen's mouth was bleeding, his wrists were swept, and his waist was smashed!

Soul Mobai withdrew a step back, swam like a dragon, and the blade swung violently, violently colliding again!

Lin Chen, with a force of 38,000, was shaken alive in the melee field. His soul was not white, and his arm bones were slightly numb.

Brush ~~!

As if not giving him time to rest at all, the pale cyan shadow sharply touched the void, and Jianguang stabs abruptly, besieging him from left to right!

"Sure enough, as I expected! His divine veins can't be used all the time, and every time before launching, he will first run the divine veins and then the fighting spirit!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up as if to find life in despair!

Without giving the soul Mobai the opportunity to activate the spirit, Lin Chen and his two avatars sprinted fast, swiftly struggling together!

Whether it is Wanquan Sword or Remnant Demon Sword, or Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun.

None of these three weapons can last for too long in front of the Yongye sword!

But Lin Chen cleverly avoided the opportunity of confronting Yong Ye directly, or he could alternately switch the fighter against it every time he confronted!

Soul Mobai is wary of slow runes. Lin Chen's runes have limited energy and they dare not use them easily!

In addition, he also found that the Corrupt Rune only limited the soul of Mo Bai, a little offensive, and it didn't work for the Divine Veins!

After a series of battles for more than 100 rounds of Soul Mobai, Lin Chen fought fast, and the airtight offensive did not allow Soul Mobai to have a chance to fight back!

All kinds of swordsmanship are destroyed like a mad dragon's continuous attack, and the medicine is like a lifeless chew.

Lin Chen himself was holding the five dragon dynasty emperor spears with anger and spears, and the momentum was like Shura came into the world, fighting in all directions!

"Damn ants! Also want to restrain this seat! Qianlong bites the night!"

Soul Mobai one-handedly pumped out the night and burst out, and the dark dragon shadow Zhangya dance claws tearing the crystal walls of the space appeared in random dances!

"Huoli Jianyu!"


clang! clang! clang! boom! boom! boom!

Daggers and swords are dazzling, countless flames of swords are violent and dark dragon shadows are strangling,

Tens of thousands of emptiness seems to be falling into the sky, seemingly evenly matched, but the fierce and violent sword rain is retreating!

Soul Mobai's sword-making method must be the purple order!

With the sharp edge of the seventh-order war blade, Lin Chen only fell into the disadvantage even if he had a fire-robbered battle body and a charged rune!

However, when Jian Yu was restrained in the front, the ghostly ghost-like knife light was faster than a knife!

Daoguang flashed four times in a row, and a few huge gaps were torn apart within the wave of the Dragon Shadow knife!

Lin Chen Zijin Tong maintained the highest vigilance throughout the process, stepped and moved, struck by thunder, flashed into the gap, and went straight to the soul!

The Mirage Rune was launched again silently. Lin Chen's five dragons turned towards the imperial gun in the sky, and the tip of the gun smashed down!

The gunpoint angered the soul of Mo Bai's head, and he just reacted that he was attacked by Lin Chen.

At the moment when the soul's ink-white head tilted slightly to avoid the point, a bright moon-like light shield appeared on the bronze mirror waist!

clang! boom!

This shot, devoted Lin Chen's full strength, decisively shattered the light shield, smashed on his shoulder, and smashed his shoulder bone on the spot!

However; Lin Chen hasn't had a chance to be proud, and under his prying eyes of purple gold pupil, the body of the soul-white body rises up an energy that dominates the eight wastelands and rules the world!

His eyes became dark red and bloody!

Oops! His spirit pulse started!

Lin Chen's heart suddenly fell into the abyss. At such a close distance, he had little chance to escape from the attack range of Yong Ye!