My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 402

Chapter 402: Lin Chen Defeat

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Chapter 402, Lin Chen, defeat! !

"The ants, can hurt this gun, you are famous for the history of mortals! Die!"

Soul Mo Bai grinned, Yong Ye violently pours out, the power of the Divine Vein is launched!

Death is close at hand!

The two avatars flew to Lin Chen with lightning, and the moment they knocked away Lin Chen, they urged Wanyue Xuan Town Armor and the sword to block!

At this moment of life and death, Lin Chen made an almost gamble behavior!

He did not urge the body method to escape from the chance that the two avatars fought for life, but suddenly launched a slow rune!

Rune energy reduced by 30 points! An unprecedented slow rune suddenly came down into the world!

The moment the slow rune came into the world, the soul Mo Bai just pulled out his sword and waved it!

That swift annihilation of the emptiness of the void is about to occur when the blade of Yongye erupts, the entire space becomes extremely slow, as if time and space are still!

"What's the matter, the whole space has become sluggish!"

Soul Mo white heart is shocked, this stagnation and slow space is extremely heavy, not to mention wielding a knife, he is extremely difficult to move a finger!

That's right! Lin Chens goal of using slow runes this time is not to use it against Mo Bai.

The goal of the slow rune is to face the thousands of spaces near him and his Yongye sword!

The space at this time is like a forbidden cage, binding him to death!

"How is the secret technique of **** indistinguishable from my soul! Break me!"

Soul Mo Bai swiftly urged his spirit and fighting spirit, and the nearby space began to shake and shatter violently!

However, the slow rune is not applicable to Lin Chen and Phantom Doppelganger!

Just before the slow rune was about to be broken, the remnant demon flashed, and the ghost blade lightly cut the soul's black head!

Dang~! boom!

The remnant demon knife was actually bounced away! The life-saving treasure "Life and Death Moon Mirror" at the waist of Soul Mo is broken on the spot!


The sword blade as bright as frost is burning with fiery fire and fire, passing through the soul's black chest, blood raging!

A large number of attribute light **** began to fly out of his heart wounds!

That position is his heart!

From launching a slow rune to running through the heart, everything happens only between half a breath!

Soul Mo Bai's face is extremely ugly, the corner of his mouth is bleeding, and his eyes are full of incredible and shock!

But then, a more weird scene appeared!

Bang ~! Bang~!

The space was shattered instantly, and the Yongye sword was still slashing out!


Lin Chen's pupils shrink!

A knife that annihilates space does not give Lin Chen the opportunity to think and react at all, slashing out!

Sword gas is vertical and horizontal, reversing the yin and yang, dividing the world like a sword and killing the two phantom avatars Wan Yuexuan town armor, split the waist and split in half!

Daoqi has penetrated the two avatars, followed by Lin Chen!

Even Lin Chen's deity Wanyue Xuanzhen's armor and the magic cloak can't resist this knife, and the knife is alive through the body!

The crystal wall of space in front of Soul Mobai disappeared and disappeared into nothingness in an instant, completely reduced to a vacuum zone of chaos!

The blood was vomiting and it was mixed with broken internal organs. Lin Chen's eyes were full of doubts and panic!

Why has he penetrated his heart and launched a fire-robbering war to burn his heart into ash, even activating the power of the gods?

"Hahaha! The ants, I can't think of it. Every time the descendant of the gods converges into a world of heaven and earth, they will condense an extra heart!"

Soul Mobai laughed wildly, and there were still scorch marks and sword marks on his chest. It was strange!

"thank you for telling me."

Lin Chen smiled slightly, exuding a smile like a flashback before life and death.

Dark mansions surging, the pure power of Lin Chen's body dropped back to 22,000 Dragon Power, and a transparent figure appeared ghostly behind him!

Lin Chen's third phantom avatar! !

"Dark Dragon PalmNine Heavy Dark Dragon King! Give me death!!"

The slow and energetic rune was launched, and a slow rune blasted into the soul-white white field with lightning, which bound his 60% of the fighting spirit!

"Oops? Which one is the deity!"

Mo Bai, who has lost his life and death moon mirror, slammed the sword behind him, and urged the defense of war!

But Lin Chen's phantom avatar was already close to him, and he slammed it against his waist!

That position is his Dantian position! There is the location of the first fighting force Yuanfu!

Palm on the blade, the 38000 dragon force is entangled with the dark fighting spirit of the rotation!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

Nine Heavy Dark Dragon Jin penetrated the blade body and penetrated into the soul-white body! His whole body suddenly caused a big explosion!

After a series of explosions, his figure appeared again.

Lin Chen's pupil trembling slowly in the void fell to the ground!

In the void, the soul of the ink white at this time is covered with blood, the robe is cracked, and the skin is covered with blood.

Although seriously injured, he was not dead!

"Can't you do it together?"

The spiritual essence in Lin Chen's eyes gradually dimmed, and his inner silence grew. The body keeps falling to the ground.

It was a sign that consciousness was about to disappear before death.

His mind suddenly traversed many worries and the roads he once walked.

"Sorry, Qingxuan, I will die before I have enough time to honor my promise of a birthday gift..."

"Sister Ruoyan...Yue Qi...Yi Zhi...Thank you all...Let me have a good journey..."

Lin Chen's eyes closed slowly.


Tiange Academy; the senior elders in the secret room have completely messed up!

The Xingyu Ming brand, infused with Lin Chen's life and vitality, has now been torn apart, bleak!

"What crisis has this little guy encountered!"

"Even the four Purple Orders can kill, but can't pass the purgatory realm."

A group of elders wailed and sighed, Meng Qianmo little Lori Hao teeth clenched, tears flashing.

"Isn't it even him?"

The deputy dean stared at the jade card quietly, and he could not see any emotions and waves in the blue eyes, and returned to the calm and indifference of the past, as if it were the case with Henggu.

But, in those eyes, it seemed as if there was a little less anger, dull and dull.


Inside the purgatory

The ace of Lin Chen's Phantom Doppelganger was originally used to deal with enemies of the order of Soul Mobai, but the only thing he didn't expect was his spirit and his cultivation behavior!

He is already one of the real Yuanzun realm, in contrast, he is only a temporary person who has reached this field by Shura Jiuhuang change!

Lin Chen couldn't do it together with what he did, so he was penetrated by his sword!

Slashing Lin Chen's last clone, Soul Mobai took a few pills, wiped the blood, and glanced at Lin Chen who fell to the ground.

"It seems that the one is the deity, and the last one is also the counterattack to fight back. What a terrific mortal, at least as a ant, you have shaken this seat!"

Lin Chen VS Soul Mo Bai. Lin Chen defeated!