My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 403

Chapter 403: Destiny Nirvana

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Chapter 403: Destiny Nirvana!

"Hey, I didn't expect Lao Tzu to be invincible all over the world. In the end, it was **** in the hands of this gadget!

"I knew I had a little more wine before I died, and it would be nice to have an intimate relationship with everyone."

[Identify that the host has fallen into a state of near-death. The talent (Fate) launches and is treating the host.

"What a **** talent, don't bother me... eh? Destiny?"

Lin Chen, ready to face the death calmly, opened his eyes in amazement and found that his consciousness was still there!

His body falling continuously from high above shone with a faint blue light, crystal clear and beautiful, like a firefly.

The fireflies and blue light flowed away, floating around Lin Chens wounds and disillusioned, and finally integrated into Lin Chens body!

A brand-new vitality, such as the rebirth of Nirvana, the fusion of Lin Chen's whole body!

This vitality is more vital than Lin Chen before! Let him lose all the lost parts and become stronger!

Lin Chen's previous knife, the internal organs and the internal organs were completely broken, and the heart was broken.

But at this time it was completely restored! The fate of the free and broken Dantian Yuanfu gathers like a storm again!

Yuanfu Xincheng, that is a whole new world!

Green water and green hills, the world is self-contained. In the vast expanse of Yuanfu heaven and earth, there is a blue dragon lying in a pan sleeping inside.

The sky directly above the Yuanfu Heaven and Earth is a star of nine different groups. It is the nine kinds of fighting spirit brought by Lin Chens creation of the Nine Tribulation!

This 90% of the fighting spirit, condensed into the state of Dantian Yuanfu only belongs to Lin Chen!

Dantian Yuanfu has been completed!

At the moment when Lin Chen's body repair was completed, a breath that was several times stronger than before was resuscitating like a dragon, and he had dominated the world!

[Congratulations to the host's promotion to Yuanzun Realm,]

[Fate of the Destinyer has disappeared, and he has completed the treatment of the hosts injury.


Lin Chen thought, and suspended himself in the void.

"Me, I'm not dead?"

Lin Chen dreamed like a dream, and looked at his palm with incredible shock.

Feeling that the turbulence of the fighting force was three times stronger than before, I couldn't help but smile!

"Hahaha! Yuanzun Realm, I am also one of Yuanzun Realm!"

"The soul is so white, now, who does deer do not know yet!"


Closed room; many high-level hearts are desperate.


Lin Chen's Xingyuming brand regained a more radiant light, dazzling, like a new star rising!

"Lin Chen didn't die?"

"What's the matter, his fighting spirit is stronger!"

"It is Yuanzun Realm! He has completely entered Yuanzun Realm! Before entering the secret realm, he is still the quasi-zun Pinnacle!"

Many senior elders lag behind a little, and then ecstasy appears! The dean of the vice president renewed his vitality!

In purgatory territory

Lin Chen's purple phoenix wings flicked slightly, and all the attribute light **** and a blue crystal treasure box scattered in the void were taken away!

All of these attribute light **** were dropped by Soul Mobai when he was seriously injured!

[The host gains 240 talents, 430 heavens, 25 rune energy, and 12 dark energy.]

[The host gains 1250 points of essence of qi, 540 points of energy of blood and blood, 45 points of essence of power, 10 points of rune energy,]

[The host opens the aquamarine chest and obtains the purple-level low-level exercises "Slayer of the Soul",]

Absorbing all the attribute light **** dropped by Soul Mobai, Lin Chens Dantian Yuanfu expanded by one more point, and finally stopped in the middle of the first heavy phase.

And Lin Chen finally has a Purple Order Exercise!

More importantly, the spirit attribute of Soul Mobai is a dark attribute!

As a result, Lin Chen obtained a large number of dark attribute light balls, and there is another kind of Sky Tribulation War Body!

Dark Robbery! The most difficult attribute to collect, the two attributes of light and darkness, was first condensed by Lin Chen into a dark robbery!

Lin Chen looked into the void with five fingers, and Wanquan Sword and Demon Sword flew back to his hands from the ground thousands of miles away.

"I want to run after pretending, grandma. I will lose again this time. My mother will stab myself!"

The purple phoenix wings flapped, and Thousands of Thunder Shadows flicked and moved, like Xing Maru's jump, and a few flashes in a row jumped thousands of miles away.

Abyss cave cave; collapsed crack.

"Huh, although something unexpected happened, this Demon Emperor's practice still belongs to this seat."

Soul Mobai pressed his palm against the energy shield, and subconsciously touched the bronze mirror on his waist, but found that it had long since disappeared.

"This mortal has some skill, and shattered the life and death moon mirror of this seat. If you can follow this seat, why not touch the wider world."

Soul Mo Bai shook his head and smiled, the voice just fell, and the whole cave house collapsed!

A shadow knife that shattered the yin and yang of the heaven and earth, seven flashes in a row, came across the space longitudinally!


Soul-yellow Yong Ye suddenly came out of the sheath and turned back from the palm of her hand to cleave!


The sword was broken, the figure of the silver robe in the void slowly revealed, and the teenager laughed jokingly.

"Don't rush out, descendants of God, your grandfather Chen can play another 39,800 rounds."

Soul Mo Bai expression shocked and changed!

"You didn't die?"

He saw Lin Chen's breathlessness with his own eyes, how could such a ridiculous thing happen?

"Isn't he also a person with divine power?"

For a time, Soul Mobai also regarded Lin Chen as a descendant of God!

Shura Jiuhuang changed into triple changes again!

This time, Lin Chen's breath is rising, and in his body, the second Dantian Yuanfu emerges, and even the third one is faintly outlined!

The second stage of Yuan Zunjing!

This time, it was finally my soul's turn!

"He has completely entered Yuanzun Realm?"

brush! brush! brush!

Three phantom avatars emerged out of thin air, this time Lin Chen did not intend to cover up at all!

He Lin Chen is just about to **** this descendant of God!

Let him, Lin, also experience the thrill of cultivation and suppression!

"Don't you just be able to pretend, grandma's seat, bit by bit, brother Chen, I will call you dad today!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light, extremely cruel!

He urged the Golden Tribulation War Body, the gun in his hand swept the void, charged the rune to launch, and Tiangeng turned the dragon!

The "Tengenghua Dragon" exhibited by Lin Chenshi, who broke through the Yuanzun Realm, is simply a world-killing weapon!

A thousand golden dragons smashed thousands of miles, and a golden dragon breath lifted the entire cave house upside down!

The Yongye Battle Sword chopped off sharply, and a sword that annihilated the empty space shot out, and it was open to the sky!

This is a knife to stimulate the spirit!

Lin Chen is already ready to move and move in advance!

Thunder Tribulation's body flashed instantaneously, and when Dark Tribulation's body was urged, the dark lines of warfare overflowed with his palms, and all the dark dragons shattering the crystal walls of space roared angrily!

boom! Bang!

Lin Chen urged the dark dragon palm with the body of the dark robbery, and the palm of the hand flew into the white at close range, shattering his internal organs on the spot!

The flying soul Mo Bai didn't even have the time to be shocked, and the sky-split legs of the wind burst like a rainstorm!


"Huoli Changhong!"

A fiery wave of swords and swords burst like Changhong, breaking down!

The faint cyan light flows into the void, and the sharp knife flashes in different directions to cut through the void!


This storm-like offensive can hardly resist the soul of Mo Bai even in its heyday!

What's more, he was still wounded, and the life-saving "life and death moon mirror" was broken by Lin Chen's hand!

"Humble mortal, die for me!"

Yongye's swords were swayed in succession, and several annihilating gods of heaven and earth shattered everything, bombarding Lin Chen's offensive into nothingness!

The soul of the white soul is still unparalleled in strength!

However, Lin Chen was not afraid! There was even a faint enthusiasm for war!