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Chapter 404: Who Wins Who Loses?

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Chapter 404

Lin Chen's body didn't make a shot at all, but hid aside and used purple gold pupil to watch the soul and ink.

He doesn't need to shoot, every one of his phantom avatars is in the second stage of Yuanzunjing, and has the strength to compare with the body!

The three avatars joined forces. From the current situation, it can completely consume the soul of death!

He only needs to help the doppelganger escape from his attack using the Divine Vessel.

Lin Chen broke through the Yuanzun Realm, and it is more than three times stronger than the original!

The strength of his Heavenly Tribulation battle body is determined by his strength and his attribute value, and his strength has tripled.

Use Shura Jiuhuang to change it five times, and the Heaven Tribulation Warfare will turn three times!

On the premise of this strength and heritage, Lin Chen then performed a phantom avatar, and the upper limit of strength was unimaginably strong!

Lin Chen, as strong as he is now, does not dare to take it lightly. The descendants of the gods, no one knows what the opponent will have.

If you see life and death at the last moment, this battle will not be over!

The fingerprint of the handprint changes sharply, and a sacred light bursts out of the eyebrow.

"Tianji Shengguang Eyes!"

Click~ boom!

The avatar that exhibited the God of the Wind and Magic Legs was swept by the Holy Light, and the smoke disappeared on the spot!

The sword of Yongye was turned over, a knife was killed in the air, the crystal wall of the space was cut off, and Lin Chen forced two other avatars!

"It's a terrible treasure attack, and the second-stage clone of Yuanzunjing can only be killed by a second hit."

Lin Chens Zijin pupil surveyed the soul of the white eyebrows, which was a pale golden eyeball, turning the emperors luster and brilliance, which belonged to high-end treasures!

"Tier 7? No, quasi-seventh-level treasures and mysteries still have cards! However, this attack should not release too many times, I think you can stay strong forever! Who havent been afraid yet!"

Lin Chen's mouth outlined a sneer.

Even if Yuanzun Realm is the most important, it is impossible to control too many seventh-order treasures at the same time. Too much quantity will become a burden.

"If you want to be a doppelganger, you can make enough!"

Lin Chen's wind robbery and combat spirits reduced rapidly, consuming 3 rune energy, and another phantom avatar appeared!

Lin Chen himself is constantly running his mind to absorb the spirit of heaven and earth, and to replenish the consumed fighting spirit for his avatar!

Seeing Lin Chen actually creating a doppelganger in the light of the wind, the soul of the mouth was pumped hard!

"Is this kid going to kill me with the art of avatar, then he can't let him succeed!"

Soul Mobai's foot kicked, the body was overbearing like a dragon, and it seemed to be the imperial conquest, wherever it passed, crushing the space crystal wall into fragments!

He runs the divine veins, and the overbearing atmosphere that dominates the Eight Wastelands comes out!

I dont know, Lin Chen didnt even plan to play according to his routine! Treading and moving, he went straight in front of him!


Soul Mobai was frightened, and the two performed their methods face-to-face, almost hitting them instantly!

He didn't even plan to use Shenmai at first, but just wanted to use a guise to force Lin Chen to move his position!

"Geng Qi Long!"

Jin robbery and thunder robbery turned into a little thunder at the tip of the gun, Lin Chen stabs violently, and the momentum is shocking!

The unquenchable soul Mo Bai slammed out of Yongye!

Boom~! Bang~!

The golden war gun burst out with a whimper, but Lin Chen blasted the soul with a single shot!

Doppelganger double shocked the void, and a gray and white rune came out! Slowly solidify all the soul-white space!

All the offensive was only for a moment, the **** shadow wind magic legs move with the tread gang, turning into a pale blue thunder gang, saving shot and kicking in the soul-white back!

Click! The sound of broken vertebrae is like glass breaking, blood spitting, he gritted his teeth fiercely, and operated the few powers of the gods!

"Break me!"

Soul Mobai burst into shock, and Shenwei Tianwei broke through the space blocked by Lin Chen's 40-point slow rune.

Yong Ye glowed with peerlessness, and was about to split up to Lin Chen's doppelganger!

That doppelganger unexpectedly revealed a trace of fear!

The sword of light traveled for thousands of miles, the shadow of the sword turned into a shock, and it slammed into the soul of the white body!

With this sword, a large number of his attribute light **** fell out!


Lin Chen, holding a golden war gun, sighed a pity, and almost smashed his Dantian Yuanfu!

"Enough! Mortal, I want you to die! The tribulation is gone!"

Soul ink flutters randomly, a violent battle erupts in the body, and instantly hits all the avatars of Lin Chen!

His eyes changed from dark red to dark blue, and a holy compass rose over his head.

The compass continued to rotate, and a ray of colorful light shone down, bathing him in the endless glow.

That Holy Light Compass turned out to be a seventh-order treasure!

Lin Chen's pupils shrunk, and the hollow heart in his soul-white chest grew out again!

All the injuries he had accumulated before started to heal in a blink of an eye!

"Damn! Lao Tzu must force out all your life saving cards today!"

Lin Chen was so angry that he attacked all three phantom avatars!


Heaven and earth are reduced to a dark world, and a stunned sword engulfs the space, annihilating all of Lin Chens attacks, this is a sword of the gods!

The Holy Light disappeared, the multicolored Holy Wheel compass was incorporated into the body of Soul Mobai, and his injury was completely healed!

The power of his divine veins is also perfectly restored to its heyday!

"Mom sells it, wherever you go, it's a world of fighting dads. It's nice to have a dad who is a god!"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth!

Although he has a certain psychological preparation, he did not expect that the soul-white card will be so strong!

The murderous spirit, the soul of Mo Bai, floats in the air, and the eyebrows between the eyebrows are assassinated. Unlike the previous one, his hair becomes full of white hair.

Although the multicolored compass has the ability to heal the wounds, the premise must be to pay an unprecedented price. This price is lifespan!

Once used, almost have to pay more than 10,000 years of life!

The ordinary Yuanzun realm is one thing, which is actually only a few thousand years. He relies on himself as a descendant of God, and his life span is far beyond mortal.

Rao is so, Soul Mobai has no chance to use the second time!

"I didn't expect this seat to be forced to such a degree by a mortal. After this time, I have to ask my father to come out and stabilize my life."

Soul Mo Bai bit his tongue, blood broke, and gas gathered.

~~ The dark red flame burned all over his body, and his body actually fabricated a second war of Yuan Yuan!

The first stage of Yuan Zunjing!

Soul Mobai didn't plan to keep his hands this time. As soon as he recovered his strength, he used the magical order of the purple order to cultivate a breakthrough on the spot!

The sword of Yongye was cut out vertically, this time, the soul of Mo Bai did not hesitate to launch the power of the gods!


The dark sword slashed down, through the tens of thousands of feet, to the direction of Lin Chen's two avatars!