My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 405

Chapter 405: Lin Chen Sheng

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Chapter 405, Lin Chen Victory! ! !

The crystal wall of space was annihilated instantaneously, and even the surface was silently wiped out of the abyss!

One of Lin Chens avatars almost didnt escape the envelope of the knife air, and his legs were instantly wiped out!

The rune energy was consumed again, and the legs of the avatar recovered again.

Lin Chen's third avatar began to sneak into the void, and the body and the other two avatars remained on the battlefield.

"Oh, your combat mode, I have long seen through, this time, you will definitely die!"

Yongye Battle Blades danced in chaos, and the afterimages became films, and the mighty knives like a black abyss slashed to kill Lin Chenchen and two avatars!

"Fire Thousand Swords!"

"Netherworld five flashes!"


Many of Lin Chens unique skills have been displayed one after another, and they have been constantly smashing infinite knives, but there are still a lot of knives all over Zhoutian!

A hundred thousand feet away, all dark and fluttering!

Thousands of knives are mixed and twisted, like a world of latitude and longitude, just like a dragon and a dragon, only one knife!

"Oops! I'm surrounded!"

The sky of dark swords surrounded Lin Chen, and his heart suddenly choked; an uneasy premonition emerged!

Tagang moved quickly, and the two avatars and the body flew lightning in one direction, trying to break through the storm of Dagang!

The next moment; Soul Mobai suddenly activated the power of the God's Veins. This time, the momentum of the God's Veins has shattered the crystal walls of the sky, like never before!

Soul Mobai evacuated all the energy of the divine veins, so that Lin Chen hurriedly turned back, Zi Jintong urged, wanting to judge his attack direction!

I dont know, he had no intention of attacking directly!

Buzz~! Buzz~! Buzz~!

All the dark knurled storms of the twisted kink tremble slightly, and the spatial orientation of the knotted storms all turn into a vacuum zone in an instant!

Lin Chen's pupils were trembling; he didn't expect him to be so desperate!

He injected all the energy of the Divine Vein into the Dark Blade Gang Storm, betting everything on this attack!

"Hahaha! Your three avatars, one sword and one sword, and one dedicated to support or sneak attack in the melee field."

At this time, the dark sword gang storm came out of the soul of arrogance of arrogance!

"So every time you fight, you will inevitably keep the avatar responsible for the sneak attack away from the battle, being controlled by the body, two avatars attacking, and use the avatar attack at a critical moment, right."

Soul Mo Bai smiled and talked about the situation, glanced thousands of miles away, that completely ignored the hidden figure and completely panicked the third avatar of God.

The corner of his mouth outlined a smile that controlled the situation-"In the end, this seat has won, the wisdom of the descendants of God, how can you, a mortal, can figure out the existence."

Lin Chenru falls into the ice cellar, the cold thorn is biting!

Unexpectedly, he was able to speculate on this point!

"Unexpectedly, you are so powerful. Stop it! I am willing to surrender to you!"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth; the soul Mo Bai smiled in heaven!

"Succumb? It's too late to say this, it's too late! As a mortal, you have to say that you are very powerful! You already have the strength to compare to this seat. People like you staying with you will only raise tigers!"

A sullen expression appeared in his soul"Dead! You should fall this time! Pay the price you have to pay for the life of this dead person!"

"No! No, I beg you! Never do this!"

Lin Chen shouted anxiously for mercy!


Many dark and tangled dances suddenly attacked, and countless crazy slashes!

Every sword contains the power of the gods' veins, which covers the sky and the earth, and Lin Chen and his avatar simply retreat!

"Slow rune!"

Doppelganger launched a mad attack, Lin Chen body suddenly burst out a slow rune with a 60-point rune energy!

Slow runes burst, turning Lin Chen's square space into a slow solidification!

"Is that the secret technique again, struggling to die, but this time you have no chance to escape!"

Soul Mo Bai's hand held Yong Ye once again, all the dark knives were slashed to Lin Chen, and he was not given a chance to break through!

At the same time, Soul Mobai's attention also paid attention to the third avatar thousands of miles away.

He found that apart from panic, the avatar did not even know how to act!

Click! Click!

The crystal wall of the space bounded by the slow runes burst into cracks, and finally slammed!

boom! boom! boom!

Countless dark knives that contain the power of the divine vein strangle Lin Chen's body and his two avatars!

Wanquan Sword and Demon Sword were split into pieces on the spot.

Only Lin Chen's body is desperately resisting, and the five dragon dynasty gun is bleak!

In the end, a crackling sound like a torn, Lin Chen's body was split in half!

The darkness of the sky was strangled to the end, and finally everything returned to peace.

The crystal walls of space within a radius of five hundred miles are all turned into a vacuum zone!

A bleak and dull golden war gun fell from the void, Lin Chen's body left no body, only his war gun.

However, the sixth-level advanced Wulong dynasty gun was completely scrapped at this time.

"In the end, I still won..."

When Mo Baizheng was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he found that Lin Chen, who was thousands of miles away, looked at him with a playful look on his face.



Mo Bai, who has not yet realized the problem, has not even started to wonder, and the three figures almost flashed above his head, in front of and behind him!

A dark dragon palm took the lead in slamming the wrist of the Yongye sword in Soul Mobai, breaking the bone of his arm!

"The distance of five hundred miles is a trivial matter for my gangling mine~"

"This is the general!"

Boom~~! boom!

Countless **** shadow wind magic legs, dark dragon palms, like a torrent of torrents, bombarded on the soul of Mo Bai!

The afterimage flashed fast, the wind robbery, the dark robbery, the violent dragon power and so on. Many attacks were like raindrops, all poured on him!

boom! boom! boom!

A breath, three figures bombarded hundreds of tricks, countless attributes of the light ball fell crazy!

After the three men were exhausted, they changed their fists and feet and smashed them, and there was no mercy at all!

In the end, the soul was killed in the void by the living!

Until he died, all his body was a hole, but he was still intact.

But, before he died, his wide-eyed eyes told him his doubts.

The moment he fell, an orange ray appeared in the void blasting far away.

The third avatar thousands of miles away moved from the void and shook his head and sighed.

"I just begged you not to do it just now. You haven't listened. You have to do it. There is no spirituality at all. Return it to the descendants of God."

Lin Chen broke off his Naling Ring, and the "Eternal Night" sword, not far away, had a spiritual split towards Lin Chen!

This class of war swords has already begun to have spirituality, and the psychic protects the master. Lin Chen killed the soul white, and its consciousness of protecting the master is naturally to fight Lin Chen to the end.

The strength of Yongye Battle Sword's autonomous battle is comparable to Yuanzun Realm in the early stage of Wuzhong, but in front of Lin Chen and his avatar, it takes only a dozen breaths to be suppressed!

In this battle, Lin Chen won in the end!