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Chapter 406: The Ultimate Moment God Killer

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Chapter 406: The Ultimate Moment, God Killer!

Things seem complicated, but they are actually very simple.

That is, the soul of Mo Bai wrongly judged Lin Chen's third avatar as a cost body!

The reason is simple: after the third clone was killed, Lin Chen secretly consumed 10 rune energy, quietly cast a phantom rune, and condensed a phantom clone that was more durable than any other clone.

Secondly, in order to bring the avatar closer to the body, Lin Chen left the pure power of the Qinglong possession and the five dragon dynasty imperial gun on the new avatar, and turned himself into a avatar to sneak attack on the soul!

The only flaw is that Lin Chen's body turned into a "split" sneak attack on Soul Mobai, which is about to explode the power of the divine veins, revealing a trace of fear!

If it is a phantom avatar, it will only have Lin Chen's fighting consciousness, but will not have Lin Chen's emotional fluctuations.

The fear was that Lin Chen himself was the one who attacked the soul of the soul at that time. He was almost struck by the sword that contained the veins of the gods, so he barely revealed the prototype.

But in the end, Soul Mobai did not notice this last flaw belonging to Lin Chen!

Since the encounter between the two, he has been teased by Lin Chen's phantom runes!

He was repeatedly attacked by this vulture trick he thought was a mortal field, and finally fell!

To be fair, Lin Chen even entered the mid-level of Yuanzun Realm. Facing the soul of the heyday, he did not have much advantage.

Just because the power of the Divine Vein is too powerful! A Lingzhou mainland has a population of more than trillions. Looking at the entire human race of Kyushu, it is at least more than one trillion!

And the descendants of God are the creatures born out of these tens of billions of mortals who are far less than the arrogance of the arrogance. It is not an exaggeration to be able to kill these kinds of existences by representing them as hard as they are!

Coupled with the many purple-order tremendous learning learned by the soul of the white background, mortals, it is impossible to win the descendants of God! This is the iron rule since ancient times!

As strong as Lin Chen, he did not have enough power to break through his spirit on a frontal attack!

If the power of the Divine Vein is fought hard, once he loses his hand, he will only repeat the same mistakes, and he will truly die in the purgatory, because he only has one talent of the destiny, and he cannot afford to bet!

He can only give full play to his own advantages, using his own strengths to attack each other's shortcomings. At the most dangerous moment, still remain extremely calm!

At the last moment, Soul Mobai still hasn't fully mobilized all his sword energies to his doppelganger.

In order to convince him firmly, Lin Chen was in the encircling circle at any time, and he took great risks to make a slow rune with 60 points of intermediate rune energy to resist!

The one-by-one design finally let the descendant of this self-respecting **** fall into the hands of Lin Chen!

No one can predict the outcome before choosing. From the beginning, although the descendants of God played Lin Chen seriously, he didn't think Lin Chen would force him to use all his life-saving cards!

At this time; Lin Chen rushed to collect attribute light **** and many treasure chests.

All of this attribute light spheres are dropped from the descendants of God. The high quality is the first time Lin Chen has seen since updating the 4.0 version!

[Host gains 390 Celestial Dao, 500 Talent, 25 Intermediate Darkness Energy, 55 Intermediate Skills,]

[The host gains 300 talent points, 1 intermediate point spiritual power, 50 intermediate rune energy, 6400 intermediate war spirit essence,]

[The host opens the aquamarine chest and gains an active talent: the ultimate moment.

[The host opens the amethyst treasure chest and obtains the ultimate talent fragment: God-killer (1/3).

Although the fall of the soul of the descendants of the gods did not bring Lin Chen the second kind of purple order, but it brought a new talent!

And, a fragment of a super talent!

After Lin Chen lifted Shuras Jiuhuang change, at this time he, the second battle of Yuan Yuan began to take shape, and Xiuyu realm had climbed to a late stage.

Lin Chen couldn't wait to open the system information bar, he urged the fighting spirit, and forcibly suppressed all the high-level fighters of Soul Mobai.

Soul Mobai's seal of fighting spirit remained inside them, and Lin Chen couldn't let them recognize the Lord for a while.

Then, in a moment, Lin Chen connected the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 4.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Yuan Zunjing's late stage.

Ultimate Strength: 23000 Dragon Power.

Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 49666 points.

The essence of mid-level fighting spirit: 40229 points.

Intermediate Spiritual Strength: 4 points (peak at the beginning of the French phase)

Intermediate exercises: 375 points.

Sky value: 12700 points.

Intermediate Rune Energy: 135 points.

Talent: 7580 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 23 points in the fire system, 18 points in the soil system, 8 points in the wood system, 21 points in the gold system, and 8 points in the water system. Thunder is at 20, wind is at 26, light is at 5 and dark is at 49.

Qigong status bar (whether open) or blood vessel status bar (whether open)

Talent: 5% steel bar bones, the ultimate moment, the God-killer fragment (1/3),

Character Rune: Slow Rune Level 4, Corrupt Rune Level 4, Charged Rune Level 4, Phantom Rune Level 4,

Hold treasure...

The unprecedented surge in the value of this time's attributes, the strength of the exercises alone has been nearly ten times! Not to mention the rare dark line attribute value!

Lin Chen's spiritual seeds also increased to 36, an increase of 6 more.

Lin Chen can't wait to open two new talents.

[Ultimate Moment: Entering the state of Ultimate Moment, all the power of the hosts exercises doubles, and the cost of fighting energy doubles. (To release the ultimate moment, you need to consume a fixed amount of talent value, divided into: 1000/5000/10000 points) The more talent points you consume, the longer the ultimate time will last.

[God-killer: One-time consumption of talent, the more enemies that are hostile to the host, the stronger. The Godkiller talent will increase the power of the host by several times, ten times, tens of times, hundreds of times, and thousands of times. Including physical training strength, spiritual strength, fighting strength and so on.

[System Tip: The God Killer talent is the strongest talent in the system at this stage. The first condition depends on the number of enemies, followed by the enemys cultivation. If the conditions are sufficient, it will be possible to achieve the power of the emperor to destroy the Holy God, and the host is recommended to use it with caution.

Lin Chen's eyes widened, staying on the spot!

This god-killer talent is almost ruined?

Increase the power by a hundredfold, a thousandfold, or even a thousandfold?

"This is terrible too. If I had this complete talent, wouldn't I be afraid of the **** emperor?"

Lin Chen's heart showed unprecedented excitement, which was even more exciting than when he first saw the Phantom Rune!

However, he quickly calmed down, no matter whether he still had to collect two talent fragments.

The time when this **** killer talent is activated depends on the number of enemies, which means that in one-to-one, this talent is not as powerful as stated.

"You can only look forward to it, you can't rely on it. In the final analysis, you still have to rely on your own strength. But this newly acquired second talent is meaningless."

Lin Chen looked at the talent of the "ultimate moment", which only doubled the power of the practice.

This is more than one grade worse than the four-fold increase in attack power of the rune.

Moreover, it takes at least 1000 talents to activate, which is not cost-effective.

"Forget it, if this ultimate talent is used at the point of life and death, you can also increase your limits a little bit more."

Lin Chen withdrew from the system, grabbed it across the air, and retrieved the scattered Wulong dynasty guns.

"Hey, pity my baby gun, I don't know what time it will be to return to Tier 6 senior."

This gun almost damaged 90%, and it was difficult to repair it with Lin Chens casting technique even if the materials were sufficient to recover it.