My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 408

Chapter 408: The Saint Of Murong Family.

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Chapter 408: The Saint of Murong Family.

Massive memory of practice suddenly enters violently, Lin Chen is initiating and blending through!

The ancient Qinglongpan lying around Linchen, like a loyal guardian, protects Linchen.

In this fusion, time has passed for almost five days and five nights. In the early morning of the sixth day, when Lin Chen opened his eyes, he breathed a sigh of gas and surprised himself.

"Hoo! This Devil Emperor is also a powerful person in the world. He turned out to be a character who created his own Purple Order!"

The Shura Magic Gun, the lower-level Purple Order, is divided into three types: Magic Gun Split, Thousand Devil Wears Heart, and Huang Demon Offering Heaven!

After learning this genuine purple-order combat skill "Sura Magic Gun", Lin Chenruo once again encountered the soul of the white, but he can also fight with his divine power!

Charge Rune increases the power of attacking combat skills by four times, plus the original one is five times!

"Although I have another purple-level sword technique, but how can the power of the skill be deadly! Grandma, I can only learn it later."

Lin Chen drove away the green dragon, but he did not return the first time, but continued to travel through the secret realm.

The creatures appearing in the purgatory realm are extraordinary, if Lin Chen can still encounter a sixth-level intermediate beast, he can also improve his strength again.

It turned out that Lin Chen didn't find a sixth-order intermediate beast, but instead encountered several waves of space turbulence and was almost trapped.

At the edge of the purgatory realm, just as Lin Chen was feeling a little ill at ease, two rays of light rose into the sky!

"Huh? Is this the glow of the seed of the flame?"

Lin Chen turned and looked away, the light of the flame seed was born in the void beyond the sky, where there was a violent space storm full of power!

Slightly urged, Lin Chen rushed into the space storm.

The destructive power of the space storm is extremely strong, even if it is as strong as Lin Chens strength, he must use Wan Yuexuan Town Armor to protect himself.

"Ah! It hurts!"

At this time, the womans crisp voice caught Lin Chens attention, and the sky raged by the space storm, a beautiful shadow not far from Lin Chen was constantly torn back by the hurricane!

Seeing that the graceful beauty of Qianying was exhausted by seven out of ten, she was about to be surrounded by a space storm, and Xiang Xiaoyu died here.

"Is Murong Qingxue about to die here..."

The lady in the blue gauze dress looked at the space storm gradually approaching around, muttering to herself.

Suddenly, a shock flashed across, her warm and powerful arms embraced her slim waist.


Murong Qingxue leaned on the warm chest, shocked and ashamed. When he turned his head to look, the young man tore the void between his fingers and waved his hand to wipe out two nearby space storms!

Murong Qingxue was shocked and retreated the space storm with his hand. I am afraid that this strength can only be achieved if the Yuan Zunjing is more than four levels?

"Are you all right? Why are you so careless. This is not a place where Yuanzunjing can enter."

The young mans sunny and pure smile infected Murong Qingxue, and her heart was like a deer bumping, and her teeth were biting lightly-"Thank you, Master, for your life-saving grace."

Just after thanking her, she found that she was still lying in the arms of others, got up quickly, startled and ashamed.

The youth in front of him seemed to be okay, pointing at the void in front and laughing.

"Are you for the flame seed?"

"Well, with my strength, I can't seem to get close to it."

The young man smiled and said-"I will take you in. Since you are the first to come, then share it equally."

Fingers are as deep as a finger, one finger is darkening, the young man only gives one finger, and many space storms are scattered and retreated!

With just one finger, you can retreat such a terrible large-scale natural disaster by three points!

This style and strength made Murong Qingxue's eyes flash, and when he stared at the young man's profile, the colors were colorful!

Although his appearance is not very handsome, but he has a feeling of pure sunlight, and a mysterious sense of light and light, charming and charming.



The two entered, and at the end of the turbulence in the space, there were two seeds of torch.

The young man took one, and even disregarding Murong Qingxue's resignation, divided her one.

Taking away the seeds of the torch, he also escorted himself away all the way. Murong Qingxue was very moved. When he was about to ask the name of the other party, he was ready to leave!

"Young Master, wait a minute! Could you leave a big name, Qingxue has the grace to you, and also received a torch seed from the younger son, so great grace, Qingxue must be reported!"

"I don't like to leave a name. Goodbye."

Young Qing waved lightly, and Murong Qingxue hurriedly grabbed his wrist, fearing he would leave.

"Then, at least accept this!"

Murong Qingxue handed him a blue gem, which was carved out of her life and fighting spirit. As long as the blue jade is close to a certain range, she will feel it.

Afraid of her entanglement, the young man took the smile and turned away, disappearing into a ray of light smoke.

"It's coming and going like wind, mysterious and powerful, and reliable. It is really the man in Qingxue's mind. I don't know when I will see him again!"

Murong Qingxue stared indifferently at the direction of the disappearance of the youth, before taking his eyes away for a long time.

Her eyes glowed with joy and a touch of coldness!

"Thanks to that son, I can get the seeds of the Holy Fire, and this time I will be the sacred girl of Murong's family! Then I will look for the **** Lin Chen, to shame the cousin and revenge!"


That young man was naturally Lin Chen, and when his appearance entered the secret realm, he used a magic cloak to disguise.

A torch seed was accidentally harvested, Lin Chen returned at full speed and withdrew from the secret exit.

After stepping into the space vortex of the exit of the secret area, Lin Chen disappeared into a streamer.

Tiange Academy; Cloud Gate.

Many senior elders are waiting here, looking forward to it!


The giant door of the cloud opened suddenly, Lin Chen's figure stepped out slowly, the cloud was light and windy.

Seeing that many high-level officials have been waiting here for a long time, he smiled lightly-"Fortunately, it is not humiliating."

"It really is Yuanzun Realm!"

"Good boy, even I can't see through his depth!"

A number of senior elders exclaimed, and the deputy dean aside smiled indifferently.

"It's still in the late period of Yuanzun Realm, the spiritual power and physical realm, and even the mind and law realm are advanced."

Shrugging his shoulders, Lin Chen smiled helplessly-"I still can't hide the vision of the vice president."

"Oh! Little one, we saw your Xingyuming card was in a state of near death. What happened to you in the end?"

The senior elders couldn't wait to ask, Lin Chen fell into a little pondering, hesitantly glanced at the vice president.

After the vice president smiled and nodded, Lin Chen said seriously.

"I met a descendant of God in the purgatory, and my task is to kill him."

As soon as this remark came out, many excited senior elders suddenly fell into a strange silence!

Even the deputy dean, who has never been shocked, heard the news with unprecedented splendor in his eyes!