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Chapter 409: Give Gifts Plus Girls? ?

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Chapter 409 ?

"You, you killed a descendant of God?"

The black and white mysterious old man asked in unison, their old man's voice trembling a little.

On weekdays, the high-level people who don't ask about the world and are calm and free all reveal shocks that are difficult to calm down!

That's the existence of the Divine Veins!

According to common sense, it is impossible for mortals to kill the descendants of God!

Not to mention Lingzhou, even if it is placed in the other eight states, it is the same! Because of the power of the Divine Vessel, it is far beyond the realm touched by mortals.

No matter what kind of special bloodline, hundreds of millions of special physiques, and the peculiar arrogance of the ages, in front of the power of the gods controlled by the descendants of the gods, they are all worthless!

Even, a mortal, who can force the descendants of God to use the power of God's veins, is already a peerless talent that has been recorded in history!

As for killing, it is impossible!

Lin Chen, who has always been cynical, is rarely serious in this matter.

"Well, to be precise, it took a certain strategy to get rid of it. I was really not as good as him in terms of the combat capability of a frontal attack."

Even though Lin Chen's humble answer, but the shock of the hearts of the high-level executives has not diminished, but more and more amazing!

Even the deputy dean didn't anticipate this result at all. Although she thought that Lin Chen had the possibility to shake the descendants of the gods one in 10,000, it was also the possibility that he would live out of the purgatory territory!

But no one dares to think, he beheaded a descendant of God in purgatory!

"This son will be arbitrarily! He may be our last hope in Lingzhou!"

The vice-president's beautiful eyes flashed with hope and light, and he quickly hid and smiled faintly.

"Lin Chen, what happened in the purgatory of the purgatory, please also keep it secret. In addition, the Han family sent you a gift."

Lin Chen's answer was a little puzzled by the deputy dean, Han family?

Tiange Academy, Shangyun Island, a sky island specially designed for meeting guests.

In the VIP room of Shangyun Island, several senior officials of Lin Chen met with the Han family.

He looked dumbfounded at the treasure box handed over by Han Ziyun and two Han parents; an elder from the Han family respectfully said.

"Lin Chen Engong, this is the blue-level advanced alchemy handprint left by our Han ancestors, "Thousands of Thunder", thank you Engong for the achievement of two Saints and Saints for our Han family, and I hope to accept it."

Several senior elders behind Lin Chen moved slightly, and the blue-level advanced alchemy handprint was placed in the top 3 of Lingzhou!

As for whether there are any blue-level top alchemy fingerprints in Lingzhou, there is nowhere to know that such treasures, except for the deputy dean and black and white Xuan Lao, have no chance to see them.

Without hesitation, this thing is definitely one of the most precious treasures of the Han family. Even the Tiange Academy may not be able to come up with better ones. They even said to give away!

Although the son and daughter are precious, the value of the alchemy handprint is not low!

Han Ziyun saw Lin Chen puzzled, and smiled with a smile-"The Han family guessed that you will definitely participate in the Tianling Bang Conference, and specially sent this alchemy fingerprint to you."

When it comes to this matter, Han Ziyun still has a faint blush on his cheeks. This "Thousands of Thunder" is a blue-level advanced alchemy handprint.

The elders of the Han family learned that Lin Chens battle of the "Goddess of the World" class decided to send them, and wanted to let Han Ziyun live in the college for a while.

The Han family's high-ranking people couldn't help but make some sparks. If a talent like Lin Chen can pass on the Han family's blood, his descendants will definitely not be much worse than him!

That's a dozen talents of four Zixun ranks! Moreover, they know Lin Chen's real age, only 20 years old!

At the age of 20, he killed four Zixun ranks. This talent is simply a god! Their Han family is now close to the water tower first, and they dont seize the opportunity at this time.

Han Ziyun itself also belongs to Lin Chen. Although she objected to this matter, she didn't hate it, but she looked forward to it.

Qian Zi turned, and when Han Ziyun saw the deputy dean's meaningful expression, her cheeks were so blushing that she wanted to find a hole in it.

"No! I know this blue-level advanced technique, but this alchemy handprint can't be a Chinese cabbage? How can I always feel that you have any conspiracy!"

Someone Lin felt his chin, and the vice president smiled indifferently.

"You just accept it. Anyway, the Han family is also sincere, and this Miss Han Ziyun, you stay in the college temporarily, just live in the dormitory area of Class 66 Linchen."

"Exactly, the Tianlingbang Conference is about to take place. Let's finish watching this conference with us."

The deputy dean smiled, and Han parents were overjoyed and immediately thanked for the clenched fist.

Lin, who was confused, accepted the "Thousands of Thunder Hand", but still felt his chin wondering.

"How do I feel that I'm getting stuck? This method of committing crimes is a bit familiar..."


Han Ziyun stayed in the dormitory area of Class 66. Unfortunately, Lin Chen was planted in a closed room for closed practice. The Han family's careful thinking did not have the chance.

On the contrary, Han Ziyun contacted everyone in Class 66 and immediately integrated into them, especially the girls, and Ying Shengyan spoke together to discuss Lin Chen and their adventures with each other.

Han Ziyun also learned more about Lin Chen from this, and someone in Lin was devoted to inheriting "Thousand Instant Thunder Hand". This alchemy handprint is a large version of "Thunder Instant Thousand Seals". It has similar characteristics and is characterized by extremely fast alchemy.

No one in the entire Han family can practice "Thunderbolt Thousand Seals", and naturally no one can learn "Thunderbolt", which is the most difficult alchemy fingerprint in Han history.

Lin Chen spent 30 points of intermediate-level exercises and spirits, inheriting them for a day and night before fusing the cumbersome and scary fingerprints.

Then, Lin Chen set his sights on the green dragon in Dantian Yuanfu, he now has no chance to find any attribute light ball of the blue dragon bloodline.

Because the growth limit of the ordinary blue dragon in the dragon family is the sixth-order peak or seventh-order.

It is difficult to find the Qinglong above the sixth level.

Unless someone Lin Lin is desperate to go deep into the great barren region of Lingzhou, even if he has Zijin pupil, he doesn't know how many years to look for.

"The increase in blood vessel attribute value is also a kind of metamorphosis of the life level, so is there any high-level red medicine that will meet this condition..."

Just as Lin Chen pondered, a flash of light flashed, causing Lin Chen to slam his thigh!

"I'm really stupid. I can transform the treasures that refine the genes of life. Isn't it right that I have the entire Lingzhou on hand!"

Lin Chen released the six torch seeds he had obtained, running the creation of the Nine Tribulation, as expected, these seeds also had that strange will lurking.

Lin Chen removed the remaining will of the flame seed, and then he released the blue dragon of reduced size, and the first flame seed was included in the dragon body!

The vision of the ancient Qinglong suddenly changed!