My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Blue Dragon And Purple Phoenix Show Magical Powers

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Chapter 41: The Blue Dragon and the Purple Phoenix Show Magical Power!

The two territories are well-informed. The non-Blood City's Jiuliu Evil Sect is comparable, and they can see through Lin Chen's cards at a glance.

"In the end, Di Sha Realm is still strong. I have evacuated 1500 rune energy and only sealed them without breathing!"

The wind, thunder and fire stepped forward, and Lin Chen's figure retreated with it!

"Don't let this kid run away, let's blockade his escape route together!"

The twelve Di Shajing still possessing the fighting power immediately unfolded their positions. They are not the blood sect, and will be easily bluffed by Lin Chen!

"Four Star Sky Gua array!"

The Nangong family's four territories moved their fingertips, and four Xingxia beams rose into the sky! Week after week, lightning bolted to Lin Chen!

This move combined with the dual cultivation of four terrible territories is powerful enough to suppress a mid-fourth-level beast!

"Qinglong Bloodline Liberates 90% of the Power!"

Strongly holding back the tearing pain from his arm, Lin Chen's green dragon's arm rose sharply by 200,000 tiger powers, and he breathed through the night sky, just like the ancient blue dragon came into the world, hitting the claws of the destructive star falling in the wind!

The blue dragon arm shook the Xingxia light beam forcibly to explode two rays of light, and collapsed to the sky and the mansions. The four elders of the Nangong family and Lin Chen vomited blood and retreated at the same time!

"It turned out to be the blood power of the ancient Qinglong. This little guy is indeed a celestial wizard, but it seems to be over."

The white skirt Qianying standing on the wall of Wanling City was about to move, but the graceful Qianying was suddenly frozen in the air.

"This, this is...!"


The spiritual touch was raised to the highest level. Lin Chen vomiting blood and retreating faintly felt the approach of the crisis. The purple-gold radiance covered the pupils, and a faint murderous opportunity passed the void!

"Burn the fire and break the soul palm!"

"Feng Jue 14 swords!"

The sword wind roared, and hundreds of sword lights flashed into the void, spreading over a dozen feet of space around Lin Chen. There is also a giant palm of fire that is burning Qianye and pressed down from the sky. It is a joint attack of the people of the Huangfu family and Yan Jiwen!

The faint purple flame firelight fights the sky, the blue dragon arm penetrates through the sky, explodes the huge palm of firelight suppressed from high altitude, and turns into a streamer burning purple flame alone!

Sounds and sounds from all around came one after another. Hundreds of sword lights were slashed in the void, and even Lin Chen's clothes corner was not wiped!

"It's fast!"

"How is this possible? How did he break through our swordsmanship!"

The people of the Huangfu family said in horror that their combined sword skills could never be broken by speed alone!

Their swordsmanship is as complicated as the net, and if you want to find the few defects and loopholes, you need to make a judgment in a very short time. If you dont have super insight and reaction, you cant retreat!

At this moment, the screams of pain resounded outside the dead wood forest!

"My arrogance! What is this, how can it corrode my arrogance!"

"My arm is about to break, and I'm going to die! What the **** are these!"

The terrestrial realms that had been hit by Lin Chenqing's dragon arm were all wailing and screaming. They were entangled in the strange dark mist and eroded the blood and the war in the meridians!

Seeing the terrifying realms of pain and wailing, those warrior realm warriors who finally broke away from the slow runes were cold all over! If they are infected with this one, they will be crippled for life even if they do not die!

I saw above the heads of everyone, a pair of magnificent and domineering purple flame wings slowly flapping, Lin Chen walked in the air, a pair of pupils flashing purple gold light overlooking the audience!

He flowed pure water fighting spirit all over the body, constantly repairing his wounds, and his face gradually turned rosy, recovering as before!

"Wings? What kind of secret is this! And those eyes are the Zijin pupils of the Shangguan family!"

"He heals the wound very quickly. This is a high-level healing secret!"

"Where is this kid sacred, and why are there so many cards!"

The expressions of the two powerful territories are all changing, and Lin Chen's display today is far beyond their imagination!

"The duration of Corrupted Runes will not be too long. I must seize the time. If they are allowed to regroup, I will definitely not have the opportunity to break through all the territories!"

Lin Chen's eyes showed a fierce murderous intention, and locked the two terrible scenes that he was seriously injured by at the beginning!

The effect of the strong teamed up with the siege is excellent. If it is not the premise of the disparity between the two sides, the effect of one plus one is much greater than two.

Not to mention the fact that 14 territories besieged themselves. If they were not strange soldiers and succeeded in sneak attacks, they might not even have the chance to escape after adjusting them!

The wind, thunder and fire are fierce as fierce tigers. True Flame Purple Phoenix wing flapped slightly, rolled up a purple flame fire and struck the two terrible realms!

The blue dragon's arm carried through the sky, and it was beaten down. The 200,000 tigers were as powerful as the horses. The hurricane formed even the collapse of the airflow to suppress the action of the two.

After the Qinglong arm flipped over, many of the falling attribute light **** quickly integrated into Lin Chen's dragon claws, which were absorbed by him.

The direction of the Purple Phoenix wing changed, and Lin Chen tore another dragon's claws towards the ground where he was trying to escape, tearing his body into four or five pieces!

If the 200,000 tiger powers are in close combat, it is enough to play against the powerful four-level or even five-level powerhouses. These two people are only two-level and one-level realms. Under the premise of being corroded by the runes of corruption, in front of Lin Chens green dragon arm No effort to fight back!

"This kid wants to break us one by one, don't give him a chance to pursue!"

Numerous terrible realms withstood the pain caused by the corroded runes, the fighting power was running, and the momentum was terrifying.

"These guys are desperate to fight with me. I can't parry the twelve full-strength attacks at the same time, at least one more slaughter!"

After the murderous intentions were revealed, Lin Chen turned to look at the severe sacrifice offering in the middle of the terrible realm protected by the remaining war spirit realm!

"It seems that you are the mastermind of planning this action, Master Yan!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched a chill, and the Purple Phoenix wings swept awe-inspiringly, turning into a blaze that broke through the sky!

"No! His goal is Master Yan!"

"Priority to protect Master Yan!"

The people of the Huangfu family and the Nangong family have the priority to protect Master Yan, and want to make a good calculation with him as a twenty-four star!

"Get away from me!"

Qinglong's arms swept in all directions, breaking through thousands of forces, and flicking the two terrestrial realms of the Nangong family, Lin Chen's right hand was pushed in the void!

An off-white fulu suppresses the crowd and releases the mighty supernatural power, and everyone's movements stagnate!

[The host starts the slow rune of level 1 and consumes 1500 rune energy.

Another slow rune to suppress the audience! But this time does not have the same effect as last time, under the guard of the powerful, just seal them for less than half a breath!

But this is enough! This paused time, Lin Chen's green dragon arm was born like a mad dragon, and went through the sky, shooting at the group of war spirits and Yan Jiwen!