My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 410

Chapter 410: Nine Eyes

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Chapter 410: Nine Eyes!

Lin Chen's exclusive private room, the light is booming!

The system light screen pops up!

[The host's blue dragon's bloodline is transformed, the bloodline attribute value increases by 1000 points, 2000 points, 1500 points,]

"It really works!"

Lin Chen looked ecstatic, staring at the ancient green dragon intently, its dragon body glowing a new light!

Its dragon scales changed from light cyan to dark green, and the light was restrained and solid, as if the energy contained in a dragon scale was several times more than before!

The dragon's claws expanded, and the dark green edge was sharper and more dominant than before, and it became deeper.

It is as if a peerless sword is hidden deep in the sheath of the sword.

The first flame seed, dragon scales evolved, and dragon claws transformed.

The second torch seed, derived from dragon teeth, dragon body condensed.

The third torch seed, the dragon's tail shed scales, reborn!

The fourth flame seed...

It took seven days to absorb all six flame seeds! Ancient Qinglong seems to have no upper limit!

It was born from the combination of Lin Chens blue dragon bloodline and the dragon family origin of True Dragon Mountain in Tiange Branch. Lin Chens root talent represents its talent. I am afraid, like Lin Chen, it can also absorb nine holy fire seeds!

Ancient Qinglong, officially transformed!

Lin Chen stared at the green dragon in front of him, the dragon scales were dark green, glowing an indestructible green mango! The dragon fin of the dragon's back disappeared completely, replaced by a gray-white dragon's mane, majestic!

It is more dangerous than the ancient green dragon, but it is restrained and hidden, and each dragon claw contains the power to tear the continental plate!

It also awakened two magical powers!

Sky armor supernatural powers transform into: Xuanqing dragon domain, which can release the dragon's breath to form a powerful domain, which can be used to suppress enemies and transform into defensive supernatural powers!

The Green Dragon's Soul Claw Divine Power is transformed into: Ten Thousand Years Profound Light Blade, which uses pure power to drive the Dragon Breath, releasing a Dragon Light Breath Blade with a heavy sense of power.

Lin Chen can be sure that the current ancient green dragon has already surpassed the category and field of ordinary green dragon and is evolving into a brand new dragon family!

Lin Chen glanced at the system, and now his Blue Dragon bloodline attribute value has reached 350,000 points!

Directly increased the value of 300,000 bloodline attributes!

Lin Chen urged the body of the Golden Tribulation, and his fingertips Gengjin's gas edge slightly scratched on its dragon scale.

Sigh~~! Geng Jin's sharp edge, which is enough to split the fifth-tier top-level defensive treasure, leaves only a slight white mark on its dragon scale!

"Pure power is still 51,000 dragon power, but the fighting power of the green dragon has changed dramatically from the previous! Look at this evolutionary feature, it should be the Wanzai Xuanqing dragon of the dragon family!"

Lin Chen's eyes are shining, and he has not yet completely evolved. As long as he absorbs a few more torch seeds, the ancient green dragon will completely transform into the legendary Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon!

This dragon family is famous for its strong defense against strong attacks. More than one grade higher than the ancient Qinglong!

Lin Chen was very satisfied with Qinglong into the body, he sat down cross-legged and began to exercise mind.

Recently, there is a premonition in Lin Ming that Lin Chen has become stronger and stronger, and his six types of Heavenly Tribulation warfare form a kind of communication.

Lin Chen felt that perhaps he had run the entire "Genesis Nine Tribulation" for a week, and these six kinds of battles brought some changes to himself.

After a full day of mental operation, Lin Chens vision of Yuan Fu's war suddenly changed!

His six types of sky-tribulation warfare bodies formed a group, forming a brand-new power and melting on his heavenly cover.

"Nine catastrophes, can calculate the fate of hundreds of millions of fortunes, and count all the luck..."

With an obscure message coming into Lin Chen's spirit, he opened a whole new world!

Buzz~! The dim nine-color light eyes slowly opened from the top of Lin Chen's head. At this moment, Lin Chen'saw' a completely different scene.

Chaos and confusion, star charts all over. Every star map in the starry sky has hidden mystery. He explored one of the star maps through the "nine-color eyes".

It was a poor family in Lingzhou, working for generations, but the contemporary son of his son was entrenched in the weather of Xiaochengtiandi, that is the luck with the achievement of Yuanzun Realm!

Then, in another star chart, it is a famous family, with a family of two thousand gold and good kindness, and the accumulation of good virtue is extremely high, but there is a **** disaster between Meiyu.

If it survives the disaster brewing in the blood, it will fly into the sky, if it does not survive, then the fragrance will disappear.

In the endless vast star map, each star map is a person, a family, a sectarian weather!

But Lin Chen failed to spy on how much, and the exhausted tiredness suddenly flooded his mind and body, and he had to retreat from this state.

"Nine robbery eyes, spy on the destiny of others, this is, the ability of the mathematician? I actually awakened the power of the mathematician?"

Someone Lin was shocked, thinking that when he was in contact with Shangguan Bihan, he also pretended to be a liar operator, but he did not expect this to be an operator!

"It's kind of interesting, if I become an arithmetician, can I also participate in the arithmetic project at the Sky Spirit Ranking Conference?"

"However, I dont have my fortune teller. I dont have a fortune teller. Its not easy to afford the consumption of qi and calculus. I have to make one myself, and I dont have any tips on the math skills of the mathematician. , That stuff is even scarcer than the secret of spiritual cultivation..."


In the following time, Lin Chen couldn't close the door completely, concentrating on his own affairs.

He also consumed a wave of vigorous skill, inheriting many of the experience of refining medicine in the collection of the traditional refining hand of the Han ancestors in the Han family.

He had passed on less than one-tenth before, and the level of refining medicine has improved by several grades! At the Refining Ceremony, assist the refining master to turn the tide and show the audience! The level of refining medicine is comparable to that of the sixth-order refining master!

You know, at that time, Lin Chen's spiritual power was only to complete the spiritual realm. Today, he is already infinitely close to the mid-phase of the legal phase!

After another ten days, Lin Chen included the Han Dynastys large collection of ancient books in the system almost 6/10ths! It can be said that his level of refining medicine has doubled!

Finally, ushered in the day before the convening of the Tianlingbang Conference, Lin Chen went out of the customs, fell in the room and slept.

No one disturbed him, let him rejuvenate. In addition, many students from Tiange Academy returned and enrolled in Tianling List!

When a large number of returning Lan Xun and Qing Xun students heard about the fall of the four purple Xun classes, the moment Lin Chen rose against the sky, Tiange Academy ushered in a terrible shock!

However, there will be more enthusiastic events next.

On this day, Wanzong is coming, Lingzhou is boiling!

Two completely different continental civilizations are about to collide head-on and compete!

Lingzhou VS Tianzhou! A brilliant Xeon feast!