My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 412

Chapter 412: Tianlingbang Conferencestart

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Chapter 412: The Sky Spirit Ranking Conference Begins!

Hearing Lin Chens title of Tiange Academy, the girls who filled out the information were all flushed with excitement, and carefully handled the registration procedures for Lin Chen.

They didn't react until Lin Chen left, and many people thumped their chests!

"He was actually Lin Chen, a dozen or four purple medals?"

"My God, he just didn't see what he looked like!"

"I saw it! Young and handsome! He is really only 20 years old, younger than my sister!"

"Just now Tianzhou's Tianjiao provoked Linchen in our Lingzhou? Hahaha! There is a good show!"

Lingzhou Tianjiao people were shocked and ecstatic.

Lin Chen not only signed up for the casting tool and refining medicine, but also participated in the battle list of the mathematician and the heavenly tower!

He participated in the four major projects!

The feast of the top genius confrontation between Lingzhou and Tianzhou has begun!

Yandu, the four capital cities of Southeast, Northwest and Northeast were temporarily listed as No. 1~4.

No. 1 division refining medicine competition, No. 2 casting competition, No. 3 Celestial Tower battle list, No. 4 arithmetic competition!

Those who fail to watch live games in other divisions can watch the magic eye stone transfer, and will not miss the exciting moments of each game.

In the same way, those strong who have not been able to come to the scene can also pass through

Lin Chen stood on the ascending ladder of Division 1 and couldn't help but take a breath of air. Looking at what he could see, all were crowded!

The beginning of the Sky Spirit List Conference has brought nearly one billion viewers into Yandu!

These audiences are from Lingzhou, Tianzhou, and 300 million people are all powerful people above Tiangang Realm!

300 million heavenly environment! Those spectacular scenes can be remembered forever just by watching once!

"It is worthy of a thousand-year event, and almost attracted most of the Tiangang environment in Lingzhou!"

Lin Chen's heart can't help but show a sense of pride. Under this kind of event, any genius who is against the sky is possible, and in this scene and many days of arrogance, thinking about it is enough to tremble!

"Please listen carefully to all contestants. The first round of the competition is 7 days long. During the competition, you can enter the competition site with your identity Xingyu. You only need to take out the results of the competition under the witness of the judges at the specified time. Action Free and unlimited."

"In addition, every time you pass a round of competition, you will get Tianling points according to the comprehensive ranking. The points can be exchanged for various rare treasures in the center of Yandu. The treasures are specially sponsored by the two colleges such as Tianshu College and Tiange College."

"In addition, any spectators please keep order and do not have any slapstick incidents, offenders will be dealt with seriously."

The vicissitudes of the old man's voice came from the void, spreading all over the place, and Yandu was clearly heard inside and outside!

Lin Chen stepped onto the stage, the vast square is endless, and each participant has about half an acre of space to participate.

Surrounded by a space enclave personally set by the top nine players of Yuanzunjing to ensure that there will be no accidents in the middle of the competition.

The two rows of side-by-side spectator seats are as tall as a hundred feet, and on both sides are crowds of people, spreading all the way, seeing no end! This show is simply breathtaking!

"Now I announce that the major competitions have officially started!"

As soon as the words fell, many participating refining pharmacists called up their own red furnace and started refining!

Tens of thousands of high-level alchemists at the same time imperial alchemy fingerprints, the blue-level alchemy fingerprints on a weekday, the blue-level senior, top-level, and even the blue-level fingerprints have been born!

Various forces cheered excitedly, some cheered for the genius of their own forces, and some pulled up banners for the goddesses in their minds!

In the past hundreds of years, some old monster levels that have not been born for thousands of years are also located around the auditorium.

Chi Yu, the owner of the Palace of Fire, stared narrowly at the rear auditorium. What the eyes saw was the silhouettes of five old people with light clouds and light winds.

Lingzhou Master of Refining Medicine; Bai Yun, Xiang Tian Yin, Qing Xu Zi.

Tianzhou Refining Master; Xi Rufeng, Wei Qingmo.

The three of the former are the three major refining masters who witnessed Lin Chen's turning the tide at the Lingzhou Refining Ceremony!

"This young man is the peerless genius you mentioned, Lin Chen?"

"It doesn't seem to be the case, how can it be compared with the Tianjiao in my Tianzhou."

The white-browed Xi Rufeng and the skinny Wei Qingmo shook their heads and smiled, looking at the three.

"Hahaha! Your old guy in Tianzhou doesn't have good eyesight. Look, this little guy is not simple."

"Hey, don't believe us, let's make a bet. We bet this boy will make it to the top 10 in the first round, and we bet old man Wei Xueqing, how about you?"

The emaciated Master Wei Qingmo sneered a sneer, and said with a sneer-"Gamble and gamble, if you lose, you will give me your white jade phoenix."


At this time; Lin Chen did not know that he had attracted the attention of the five major refining masters in Lingzhou and Tianzhou. He was also unambiguous. As soon as he opened, his expression completely showed a serious look!

Dang ~!

Lin Chen's extra-large fifth-order top-level Dan furnace, which was more than ten meters high, fell, and there was a sneer of sarcasm and disdain.

"Fifth-order top-level furnace? Your Lingzhou is too poor, ha ha ha!"

Lin Chen's eyes swept, it was actually the jade brother of Tianzhou. Unexpectedly, the two of them were so narrow, so they were hundreds of meters away.

He flicked his sleeves, and the dark and dark Dan furnace was like Taishan Zhenyue. The surface of the Dan furnace was blue and green, and the vision was colorful, and the audience was full of air and fell into the field.

The moment the red furnace emerged, the palm of my hand grabbed it out of thin air, and several medicinal herbs were poured into the red furnace.

"It is the sixth-level elementary Qingyang Xuanmo furnace! This dan furnace is almost catching up with the sixth-level intermediate level, so much skill!"

"I remember this person, he is the chief Tianjiao of Tianzhou Tiandan Pavilion, Yu Feilong!"

Some of the strong people in the auditorium experienced a lot, and could not help exclaiming slightly; Yu Feilong heard that the strong people in the Quartet recognized themselves, and they looked up and stood proud, very proud and proud.

His handsome face like a crown jade, combined with the skillful and smooth alchemy technique, the handprints changed, causing many young women to scream.

"Look, Lin Chen is here!" - Xiang Qinghong, who was sitting in the front row, saw Lin Chen's position and was flushed with excitement.

"Lin Chen cheers!"-Elegant and quiet Shangguan Bihan is also rarely driven by emotions on the scene, cheer for Lin Chen.

Lin Chen blinked at them, but instead of rushing to make medicine, he picked up an attribute light sphere not far away.

At this time, Yu Feilong's corner of the eye was glanced to the other side, where the five master refining masters were.

"Master Zhuang is looking at me. I must not let him down. Even in the first round, I have to reach the top 10!"

Yu Feilong's hands are rapidly changing, and the fire is like the wind. It is the alchemy handprint of the fire department. A strain of fifth-order medicinal materials and sixth-order heavenly materials and earth treasures are smelted into the interior of the red furnace in turn.

His speed of refining medicine is very fast, and it seems to be the alchemy handprint famous for efficiency. It takes less than a quarter of an hour to complete the steps of Ningdan!

"Look clearly, the monkeys in Lingzhou, see how big the world is! Can you achieve this kind of refining efficiency?"

Yu Feilong laughed arrogantly, and the Lingzhou contestants in these four weeks were so angry that they were exposed, but they couldn't even keep up with one tenth of the efficiency of Yu Feilong!

"Brother! Damn it! What makes the state's **** genius that day to see the details of our Lingzhou!"

The two **** idiots Ying Liang and Gu Chenfeng stood directly at the front railing and shouted angrily, which was more emotional than the contestants.

"Lin Chen squad cheers~~ Begonia and Liner said that if you can get the top three of the first round, they will kiss you!"

The eccentric Yuelin Linlin smiled and smiled, causing the second female next to her face to be blushing, and the little pink fist kept hitting her.

Lin Chen didn't pay attention to the noisy Yu Feilong, but blinked at everyone in Class 66, and then whistled at Yue Linlin.

"Then if I take the first place, even you are counted~"

Yue Linlin's cheeks were slightly blushing, and she spit out a lilac tongue to Lin Chen lovely, charming and charming.

Then, someone looked at Yu Feilong, and first gave a thumbs up.

Then, Lin Chen's thumb slowly turned down, and Yu Feilong was immediately exposed with blue muscles, and his expression was gloomy!

Lin Chen smiled shyly.

"In my eyes, you are not even as good as a chicken. I speak more straightly. If you have any dissatisfaction, please hold back in your heart, because even if you say it, I will only make it worse."