My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 413

Chapter 413: Really Boring.

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Chapter 413

The Tianjiao, who supported Yu Feilong, immediately lashed at Lin Chen, and scolded Lin Chen wildly!

Some participants in Alchemy smirked wildly when they heard it, but didnt dare to laugh.

"Damn, a wild monkey in every district, dare to insult this son?"-Yu Feilong's expression was fierce, Lin Chen was too lazy to care about him, and his spirit began to surge like a vast and endless storm!

At this moment, the expressions of many master refining masters changed slightly and suddenly turned their eyes to Lin Chen!

Dang ~! Lin Chen lifted the lid of the furnace with his hands together, and hundreds of medicinal materials dropped from the empty Naling Rings in the furnace.


Some medicine refining masters can't help but the pupils are trembling. Do you want to melt hundreds of high-level medicinal herbs?

boom! boom! boom!

The flames thundered, the spiritual power turned into electro-optical vertical and horizontal, and the fighting spirit invaded like a sea of fire, condensed in the hand, Lin Chen Yushen Bahuang Xuan Fire Seal, the momentum was shocking!

The eight-fold fire mark runners are layered on top of each other, rotating around the Dan furnace. The temperature inside rises abruptly. A dragon-like fighting spirit travels inside the Dan furnace to remove and eliminate the impurities of the medicinal materials.

The fingertips swiftly traveled through the void, condensed with a faint line of fire wandering, and every time the **** changed, the temperature in the Dan furnace was completely different!

What is even more mysterious is that those medicinal materials that rotate extremely fast in the Dan furnace will continue to extend down the bottom of the Dan furnace, and every time after a heavy firemark, amazing and rapid changes will occur!

Some people who see through this kind of alchemy mysteriously breathe air!

"Blue-level intermediate alchemy fingerprint?"

"No! The blue-level intermediate alchemy fingerprint is not that scary! He separated each one!"

"It seems messy and insignificant. In fact, the temperature of the eight-fold firemarks is completely different, and each heavy firemark corresponds to a different alchemy step!"

Wei Qingmo of the five major refining masters put his eyes down and glanced at the mystery!

"He turned the alchemy handprint of the blue-level intermediate into an alchemy handprint completely inferior to that of the blue-level! It's so perverted, what a young man this is, it's an arrogant pride for alchemy!"

Seeing the refining medicine as desperate, Ru Rufeng was even more shocked and shocked. Some hidden monsters from Tianzhou couldn't help but cast a surprising light. What kind of young man is it that makes this old guy so sick?

Yu Feilong's face became more and more ugly. He didn't expect that his once despised "Monkey" had such a magical trick of turning rotten into magic!

The perfect "Tai Si Bible" has made Lin Chen subversively exert a kind of alchemy handprint of more than 400% power, amazing four!


Lin Chen's palm shook sharply, and the eight-fold firemark squeezed violently. Those medicinal materials that were rotating and quenched under different firemarks began to be pressed down continuously, layer by layer, and quickly condensed into a young pill!

brush! brush! brush!

The strong wind, the changing conditions, the surrounding aura, the scent of fragrant, overflowing in the dan furnace, the colorful and fragrant dan clouds enveloped the square, shocking the entire refining competition venue!

Countless people looked in the direction of Lin Chen. The first round of this medicine refining competition started less than two quarters of a clock. Someone was about to condense the finished medicine?

Wow~~! Bang ~! Bang ~!

Colorful Danyun began to drop raindrops overflowing with light aura, and thunder thundered from time to time!

The vision of this scene is more familiar to the master medicine refiner present!

"Ling Yuluo, Dan Leijiang. This is the harbinger of the sixth-order immortality!"

"Does it take him such a short period of time to refine the sixth-order elixir?"

Even Li Xiangyin and Bai Yun and other Lingzhou medicine masters were shocked! Lin Chen's alchemy strength is like a world away from when he participated in the grand ceremony!

His growth rate is too terrible!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

A pale blue Danlei, with a breath of destruction, swiftly fell down from within Yunxia, but seeing the shadow flash, the dragon emptiness, the dragon body of the vast and powerful shore was blocked on the Dan furnace, and it was easy to block the path enough to threaten the element Dan Lei in respect!

The ten-thousand-year-old Xuanqing dragon shrunk to the void in the size of a hundred feet, the dragon was overbearing, and the world was gloomy!

"Hey, what is this?"

"This is the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon of the Dragon Clan? My God, did this Dragon Clan run out of this young boy's body?"

"I think of it! He is the Lin Chen who beats four dozen under the god!"

"Lin Chen? But I heard that Lin Chen didn't have an ancient green dragon. This ancient green dragon and Wan Zai Xuan Qing dragon are completely two kinds of dragons!"

Many strong men and masters of ancient families exclaimed; Bai Junhao and Ying Liang and others shouted Lin Chen's name!

Just next to the jade dragons all stunned, Lin Chen calmly took out a cigarette he made with Qingshencao from his arms.

"Qinglong, light a cigarette."

Lin Chen gave an insignificant command, Wan Xuanqing Dragon burst into obedient shouts, and the colorful red cloud stormed down the second red fire thunder!

The blue dragon curled up the dragon's tail in anger, flicked its tail, and flicked the red fire thunder to the other side!

Lin Chen, who was light and windy, stretched out his hand with lightning speed, and the lightning flashed past, and the cigarette was burnt.

The earth-shattering explosion of Dan Lei reflected the dull expression of tens of thousands of people outside the audience!

This hand Dan Lei lighted cigarettes, shocked the crowd of scalp numbness, air-conditioning! That's the power of Dan Lei who doesn't even dare to underestimate Yuan Yuanzun's second level!

Lin Chen took a light breath and calmly spit out the smoke ring. If the smoke ring is spiritual, it slowly condenses to form a "handsome" word while floating in the void.

At the cigarette entrance, Lin was refreshed, turned to the jade dragon next to him, and laughed jokingly.

"On your level of refining medicine, dare to come out and give pointers to Jiangshan, despise my middle-aged man in Lingzhou? Master, I sprinkle rice on the alchemy furnace, and the chickens are better than you!"

"you you!"

Yu Feilong was so angry that he was angry, his teeth were rage, his forehead was covered with green muscles, and he was speechless for a while!

On the result of this alchemy alone, he did indeed defeat Lin Chen! Both sides are not comparable in terms of technique, efficiency or quality!

He is a fifth-level top medicine, and even the young pill is just formed, but Lin Chen has released a sixth-order low-grade finished medicine!

Tier 6 and Tier 5 are very different! Equivalent to Yuanzun Realm and Tiangang Realm!

Lin Chen is more sling than him, more handsome than him, more handsome than him, and has refined the sixth-order immortality faster than him!

Yun Man's beautiful eyes flickered with everyone in Class 66, this is the boy she fell in love with, no matter where it is, he will always be the most unique one!

Between the thunder and roar, all the Xuanqing dragons with 51000 dragon power were easily crushed and crushed, with no effort!

When the sixth-order low-level elixir was suspended in the void like a meteorite, it showed a greenish luster and flashed new energy fluctuations, causing a vortex of energy. Even the referee elder was dumbfounded!

When everyone was enchanted, the silver robe rolled over, and Lin Chen turned around smartly.

Wan Zaixuan's dragon turned into a dragon and escaped into his body.

"The handsome and powerful happiness is often so simple and boring."

Lin sighed and shook his head, looking sad, and indifferently took the last cigarette and spit out the smoke ring.

The smoke ring floated towards the void, and finally became a word: boring.

Boring took off slowly, attracting the attention of many people. They stared at the word blankly, so that Lin Chen left the scene without even noticing.

The first round of the Refining Medicine Contest in Tianlingbang has just begun!

But for a boring handsome young man, it is over!