My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 414

Chapter 414: Two Guns

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Chapter 414, Two Guns!

"what happened?"

"That's Dan Lei! Dan Lei, a sixth-order Elixir!"

"My God, don't tell me that it was made by the contestants. This first round of refining competition started less than three quarters!"

In the far away medicine refining venue on the other side, many spectators and contestants were shocked by the born Dan Yun, and the conference fell into a brief paralysis!

"Could it be that he...?"

Dan Qianqiu Dai frowned slightly from the other end of the competition venue. If Lin Chen really did it, then his alchemy skills would be too terrifying!

In order to ensure that the highest level of Elixir can be refined within 7 days, even the 6th-level pharmacist will choose to refine the 5th-level top-level Elixir in the first round.

Because the sixth-order elixir, even if it is only the sixth-level inferior elixir, has a high failure rate, want to ensure that the sixth-order elixir is refined within 7 days, at least it must be the sixth-level intermediate peak refining medicine Only level is possible!

Therefore, in the first round, Dan Yun, who appeared in the sixth order of the panacea, was no less than killing a dark horse in the final!

Seeing that blurred and dense Dan Yun, those arrogances from the ancient family of Tianzhou and the sect of refining medicine, all worked hard to replace all the medicinal materials!

Obviously, they were also stimulated by Lin Chen's sixth-order elixir!

"It seems that it is the opponent in the finals. Serge, I can't think of this kind of person among mortals. What a strong spiritual power, if swallowed, I am afraid that the spiritual power will grow more than a bit!"

The shadowy smile of a green robe in the south of the auditorium hides the real face, making the contestants near him creepy!

When Jade Feilong lost his soul and looked down at Xi Rufeng's direction, he found that he actually saw Lin Chen leaving the venue and immediately left the venue!

"Master Zhuang, are you more interested in him?"

Yu Fei's dragon eyes burst, and their eyes burst into anger!

"Lin Chen! If the shame is not reported this time, I will swear not to be a man!"


"Is he the Lin Chen mentioned by Qing Xuan?"

"Yes, it is him! It seems that the lady Qingxuan came to the meeting this time because of this person!"

"Sure enough, the last time the Lady Xuan Xuan personally predicted that in less than ten years, Lingzhou will certainly spread all over this legend."

"It's been less than a year and a half now, and the legend of this son is already under heaven! Even the Purple Order of Tiange Academy has been killed by him four!"

Inside Yandu, in an ancient pavilion outside the refining hall, between the conversation of several phantom silhouettes.

"Oh, what about Saint Ching Xuan?"

"She went to the Tian Ling Bang combat test site. It is said that she thinks that Lin Chen will also go to the battle list."

"Huh! No matter how high the talent of this child is, the sage of Qingxuan is the hope of our Ning family's rise. No one can resist the will of God!"

A beautiful lady in the venue of the Celestial Battle List peered under the cloud of Dan through the magic eye stone, and turned away from the figure of the teenager in the refining workshop, showing a faint smile.

"Sure enough, I knew you would come."

Casting machine competition venue; tens of thousands of casting machine tables are tiled and opened.

Many young caster masters, masters from all directions came together here!

Although the attention of the caster is not as terrible as that of the refining medicine, it is still not to be underestimated, especially some sect leaders, but their eyes are widened, and they do not want to let go of any young caster.

If you can recruit a talented caster for your sect, the benefits are endless!

Casting venue; No. 46 competition table.

"I don't know if the son is a person from Lingzhou or Tianzhou...With his strength and style, he will definitely be able to get the top ranking in the battle list!"

The young woman with green eyebrows and blue eyebrows draws her eyes closed. She looks at the star of jade held by her jade in her jaw-dropping eyes.

Ever since the secret world of Purgatory is different, Murong Qingxue has been thinking about the life-saving grace in his heart. His every move has echoed in Murong Qingxues mind.

Next to the 48th stage, the snow-white dress is like a pale snow and frost, the girl is like a hibiscus, and the water is beautiful. The young age is already the beauty embryo of the country and the people.

"Don't be nervous, don't be nervous~~"

The girl's delicate and white palm also held a piece of'peaceful and exquisite' jade. The gentle light from the jade reminded her of the big brother's smiling face, and the girl began to calm down slowly.

Dang ~! Dang ~! Boom~!

The energy fluctuations and sounds of singular rare ore mines are melted in all directions, and many casting platforms are filled with many high-grade ores and a large number of rare and precious treasures.

"Oh, it seems that the young man was very inspired by Xiaoqing."

The old man in sackcloth above the back row of the auditorium smiled happily, and the two old men next to him chuckled.

"Look at this old thing, the eyes haven't left your granddaughter until the beginning."

"Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzkzter antiquity, come here to meet us, don't you just want to watch your granddaughter's game, brazen!

The old man in sackcloth calmed down, and gave a second glance at him, and said indifferently-"If you don't, please go find a filial and lovely granddaughter."

At the time of the fight between the three old men, suddenly, a silver robe figure was stepped into the casting venue, which attracted the eyes of the three old men, and the eyes were bright!

"Huh? This young man!"

"Good seedlings! Naturally born as a good seedling builder!"

Competition No. 46; Murong Qingxue is about to put away the Xingyu, and suddenly finds that Xingyu's light flashes slightly!

"This, this is?"

She was blushing with excitement, and when she hurried to look around, she saw a person she met for the first time, but she was extremely angry!

Tiange Academy, Lin Chen!

"Lin Chen?"

The beautiful voice of her teeth clenching her teeth came, Lin Chen stunned, and then hehe laughed.

"It turns out to be you, thank you..."

"Dog thief! Dare to kill my Murong family for thousands of years, the most outstanding Tianjiao Murong longevity, and also used a mean and indecent way to my Yunling cousin to defile her innocence! If it is not here, the casting assembly, I will cut you! "

Murong Qingxue stared, Lin Chen remembered that when he met her last time in the purgatory secret realm, he had disguised himself!

"Oh! Feelings you are Murong's chick!"

Lin Chen touched his chin and immediately sneered"It's also interesting to talk, then Murong Changsheng wants to rob me. Do I have to kneel down and let him rob? Is it because he has poor strength and he will provoke me, and blame him Yourself!"

"As for Murong Yunling, she dares to bully my woman, I dare to make her survive ten times in a way that cant survive! Dont think you look a little pretty, Chen brother, I wont dare to move you, I am someone Two guns, one for men and one for women!"

Lin Chen threatened her with pretense, and Murong Qingxue's face was pale. At this moment, the girl not far away said timidly and curiously.

"Big brother, why are you using two guns alone?"