My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Jinyang Casting Technique Is Here

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Chapter 415

Lin Chen turned his head to look, suddenly opened his eyebrows and smiled, turned his face to turn the book quickly, and smiled at the harmless sunshine of humans and animals.

"It turned out to be you, little sister. You don't need to know about the problem of two guns at this time~ You only need to know that there are many flavors of lollipops at this age~"

"Huh~! Shameless! Dirty! Obscene!" - Murong Qingxue heard this question, put away the Xingyu Xingyu, and chewed with a cheeky face.

"Provocative? Sorry, that's what I want to do."

Lin Chen smiled and waved to the girl in white, casting a look of encouragement, the three of them stepped on the caster table almost simultaneously.

"Regardless of whether I can defeat this bastard, I must beat him first in casting technology to get a breath for my Murong family!"

Murong Qingxue cheered for himself; began to make his own six-grade casting tool

The jade hand turned lightly, and a black iron pliers clamped the horns of the sixth-order strange mine Original Glass of Fire.

Milky white brilliance permeates the surface of the original stone, and the areas of colorful impurities begin to smoke and begin to purify into a pure and flawless state!

On the other side, the dress girl "Xiao Qing" on the 48th entry stage also entered the state, and there was no such timid appearance.

As long as she enters the real state of casting, she is a generation master!

The jade hand waved lightly, and the turquoise thread of turquoise thread, like a fine needle tip, penetrated the'Sanju Liuli Mine' inside the display stand, continuously pumping out the internal energy.

Then, the petite and delicate body waved an iron hammer several times larger than herself, and slammed the Sanju Liuli Mine with dozens of hammers!

The shape of Sanju Liuli Mine was preliminarily changed into a flat shape. After the beating, Xiao Qing's green onion and jade fingers, like dancing elves, quickly swimed on the surface of Liu Li Mine.

Sigh~! Sanju Liuli Mine is divided into ten pieces of incomparable fineness, each of which has a smooth and round cut surface, which is pleasing to the eye!

"This is the founder of Tianzhou, Meng Xiangqing!"

"What she is performing should be the Sixth Grade Casting Technique "Jia Xia Hua Rou", which is soft in the middle and soft in the middle, which is really pleasing to the eye!"

"Murong's Nizi is not easy. The steps of Murong's "Shen Qing Ten Forging" are simple but not delicate. This is a first-class casting technique!"

Many old casting seniors couldn't help turning their eyes to this side, and they appreciated it pleasingly.

These two nizis are much better than most of the contestants in the field!

Hearing the casting masters on both sides of Tianzhou and Lingzhou commenting on their granddaughter, the old man in sackcloth smiled very satisfied.

Suddenly; the smile of the old man in linen suddenly stiffened. He stroked the palm of his long beard and pulled off a few strands of white beard, which was very funny!

Not only him, but also the two old men who ridiculed him just now. Their gaze focused on the silver robe boy between them!

"Hey, hello! What is that posture!"

"The old man casts for thousands of years, but I haven't seen this type of casting hand!"

At this time; on the 47th competition table, a red and gorgeous, ten-foot-high sixth-order heterogeneous ore was erected on the stage.

Lin Chen stepped slightly, at this time, he made a sideways horse step, bare hands. Except for the faint air of Gengjin and the scent of yang fire flowing between the five fingers of the palm, there are no casting tools!

Everyone noticed that Lin Chen's caster did not understand! The caster's casting techniques are varied and varied, but the changes are inseparable from each other, and no one needs many casting tools to cooperate with the casting tool to complete.

To forge a high-level fighter, it takes too many steps and preparations, not to mention competitions such as participating in the Tianlingbang Caster Conference!

It is the first time they have used a bare hand to cast a weapon like Lin Chen!

At the next moment, Lin Chen's palm was as sharp as a knife, and pierced through the Inferno Netherfire Crystal. From the palm of the fist, the Geng Jin Qi spread through the entire crystal, and it fell apart in a split second!


"No, it's not that simple!"

Just as the older generation of casting masters with extremely high ages squinted their eyes, the light appeared!

Lin Chen turned around smartly, jumped into the air, his palms fell like a rain of stars, and he went crazy!

The left hand Geng Jin sharp, the indestructible golden breath tears the Wraith Crystal, the right hand is the hot Yang Fire, the tyrannical and overbearing Yang Fire Yan with Lin Chen's fist flashes out and melts all the Wing Fire Crystal!

The palm of the fist wind spread all over Zhou Tian, and the scene was extremely spectacular. Lin Chen polished the whole purgatory fire crystal in only ten breaths, leaving only ten pieces of crystals of one foot in size, removing the dross and leaving the essence.

The silver robe rolled over and Lin Chen fell to the ground! Behind him, pieces of perfect purgatory fire crystals began to fall!

boom! boom! boom!

When the fire crystals are stacked, Lin Chen's mouth hung with a smile of evil charm and confidence, and he jumped, his left hand was like a knife, and slammed down!


The hand knife covered with a touch of gold coating falls like a star and cuts off all the crystals of Netherfire!

Those excess haze stones were melted into the essence of energy by the scorching and fierce blaze of the fire, and flowed into the inside of the essence spar, which was perfectly integrated with it, and there was no waste at all!

The fist in the right hand is like the hammer of the mountain, and it constantly beats the forging crystal to divide the complete fire crystal! Then the second sixth-order odd mine flew out of Lin Chen's Naling Ring!

"With the body as the platform, with the palm of the hand, with the will to forge the material, with the mind and mind, the ultimate result will be the ultimate result!"

The grandfather of Meng Xiangqing, the old man in linen suddenly stood up, revealing an unprecedented shock!

He glanced at the other two elders and exclaimed in unison!

"This is Jinyang Casting in ancient times! It is also one of the few Qipin Castings known in the ancient books of Kyushu!"

"To practice this caster technique, you must not only have strong flesh shell strength, but also have pure gold-based combat fire and fire-based combat spirit.

"Even if these three conditions are met, Jinyang Casting has long been lost! Where is this sacred thing?"

Seven grades?

Whether it is the founder of Tianzhou or Lingzhou, I cant help but feel the trembling of the heart when I hear this grade!

Some greed emerged, others just marveled.

Even if the casting masters of Tianzhou and Lingzhou all add up, anyone who masters the Seventh Grade Casting Technique can count them with one slap. And they are all old monsters who have lived in some ancient families for more than ten thousand years!

"It turns out that he is the young man who gave Qinger Yupei. He can practice the Seventh Grade Casting Skills at a young age. If you can worship him as a teacher, maybe you can go further!"

The old man in linen looked down, and after a little hesitation, he made a major decision resolutely!