My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 416

Chapter 416: Boring Game.

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Chapter 416, boring game.

"The Seventh Grade Casting Technique is so powerful!"

The beautiful woman in the auditorium of the competition area stared at the magic eye stone and was surprised.

At this time, a young man with a slightly strange temperament came slowly. There was a natural nobility and arrogance in his eyebrows, and he smiled gracefully.

"Hello, Miss Ning Qingxuan, Xia Hanfeng College, Xie Hanfeng. I wonder if this day's battle list can invite Miss to form a team together?"

As soon as he hit the blue shirt, there was a kind of free and easy beauty in the monster, which was really a rare and beautiful man.

In addition, the unique and fascinating charm of his body attracted femininity, causing the female Tianjiao within a thousand miles to constantly cast a wink on him, even some saints could not escape his hunting range.

The Celestial Leaderboard Conference is held at the Celestial Tower. The higher the level of the Celestial Tower, the better the score.

The Celestial Tower is a magical weapon. It is said that it was the object of the ancient civilization, the specific grade is unknown.

There are countless creatures fostered in the battle tower, there are a large number of puppets created by the once emperor-level strongmen, these puppets have human races, devil races and orc races, which merged the spiritual consciousness and strength of many primitive realms or powerful creatures in ancient times. Extremely strong.

The less time the contestant spends, the higher the number of tower breakthroughs and the higher the ranking.

Because not everyone's strength is suitable for frontal single-challenger battles, in order to measure strength more comprehensively, the Sky Spirit Tower has a special rule.

That is to allow the warriors to team up to take over the tower, and enjoy the same rewards as the ranking, but the difficulty will rise linearly for each additional person!

For example, if there are three people in a team, if they can go to the fifth floor or get the tenth place ranking, all three people will get a tenth place award.

However, the situation of team formation will make the actual problem more complicated. Generally, if it is not forced, participants will choose to go to the tower alone.

"Oh, claiming to be the strongest arrogance in contemporary Tianzhou, Xie Hanfeng of the Tianshu College? No, I already have someone to team up with me."

Ning Qingxuan was as pale as Qinglian, and after returning politely, he continued to stare at the devil's eye stone in Jade's hand.

Xie Hanfeng's mouth twitched slightly. This was the first time he had accosted a woman and was rejected!

With his eyesight, Ning Qingxuan was recognized among many saints at a glance. After inquiring about her identity, he invited him as soon as possible. He didn't expect anyone to be interested in seeing him!

"This woman, dare to reject Ben Shengzi! Hmm? Is it because of this guy?"

Xie Hanfeng's eyes squinted at Ning Qingxuan's magic eye stone in his jade hand, the silver robe boy who was shining brightly at the casting convention.

"Interesting! I want to see what this kid has!"


In the casting venue;

More and more founders have noticed that the young man who used bare-handed fist to cast a warship has caused an unprecedented wave of heated discussion!

"He is the Lin Chen who hanged the four Purple Orders of Tiange Academy?"

"My God! I have only heard of his extremely terrifying combat strength. Many dozen first-class forces in Lingzhou have been lifted during one fight and four battles. I did not expect that his casting strength is so terrifying!"

"It's so **** dead, it's so young to reach this level, this guy is not human at all!"

Murong Qingxue, who stood on the 46th platform, stared at the young boy with a look on his face.

"It's amazing...On the strength of the foundry, maybe he is the first person in our Lingzhou...maybe..."

"No, no! Qingxue, Qingxue, but you want to get back your breath for the Murong family!" - When Murong Qingxue cheered for himself, a dragon-like light rose around Lin Chen!

The firelight was like a whirlwind, rotating around the two hand-shaped crossbows that were about to form, Lin Chen's lips lightly bitten a golden rose, his hands blended with the energy of the flame-extinguishing gold, and slammed into the double crossbows.

At this moment; many of the master casters and the older generation of strong men look more and more dignified!

"Just kidding, this got the most critical phase of quenching spirit, is he going to complete quenching spirit with bare hands?"

"This is an important moment when any flashover will cause the entire treasure to lose its spirituality and become a waste!"

The quenching stage is the opening moment of the treasure, and it will be the most important moment for the caster to give the treasure spirituality!

In the past, at this stage, I dont know how many caster masters tried their best to rack up their brains in order to improve the success rate, or to use magic medicine, or use the last moment to urge the secret method, or use special treasures to assist.

In contrast, Lin Chen came to the present with a pair of miracles! Not even the most basic forging hammer!


At the last moment, Lin Chen lifted the golden rose with his fingertips, flicking anger, and the pale golden rose crossed the void of a perfect arc and fell into the double crossbow.

Sigh~! Boom~!

Two blazing red golden firelights rushed to Xiaohan, and then became the virtual images of the two flaming phoenixes, and finally condensed into the two crossbows. The fire was surging and the gods were extraordinary!

Sixth-order low-grade high-grade weapon; Meteor Double Crossbow!

"Quenching and quenching completed?"

"Less than a day, just less than a day! He cast a sixth-order low-grade top-grade weapon!"

"Lingzhou has such a genius, and its combat power is sky-high, and the one-hand casting technique is placed at the top level between the two states!"

Meng Xiangqing's blinking big eyes stared at Lin Chen's confident, calm and calm side face, her small face reddened.

When the referee officially accepts the result of the casting device, it is declared effective!

Regardless of whether it was Lingzhou or Tianzhou's caster, he stood up abruptly at this time and applauded with awe.

"Hey, it's a boring game, maybe this is invincible loneliness."

Someone Lin shook his head with a "shameless shame", left the scene slickly and went straight to the next project!

The old man in linen saw Lin Chen leave and hurriedly left the court, immediately chasing up!

Murong Qingxue's silver teeth bite lightly, and the star Xingyu in her arms suddenly dimmed, making her surprised and stunned, and quickly took out Xingyu.

"Xingyu gradually dimmed, proving that Eun Gong has begun to move away from me..."

Murong Qingxue looked around, and within a thousand miles of his eyes, no one left the auditorium.

The only one is Lin Chen, who is gradually away!

Staring at the back of Lin Chens departure, Murong Qingxuefang throbbed, and at this moment, just like that moment, it was so similar to the staring back of Engong!

"Could it be?"


"Unexpectedly, you can have such a terrible dark horse this year at Tiange Academy."

"It's only a matter of time since I was young and I had perfect control of the Seventh Grade Caster Techniques and became a seventh-tier caster."

"That's not that simple! Look at this little guy Yun Danfeng's refining of the sixth-order low-level elixir, I am afraid that the true level of refining medicine is not lower than the sixth-level senior!"

Yandu Shou Pavilion; many magic eye stones cast dazzling pictures. A group of men, women and children gathered here, marveling at the discussion, and kept on.

Their breath is scary one by one, and almost no one is below the eighth level of Yuanzunjing!

They are the top executives of Tianshu College and Tiange College!

In the past, Tiange College and Tianshu College had a lot of confrontations in the Tianling Ranking Conference. It has always been that Tiange College has lost more and won less, but this time, it will be completely different!

"Unexpectedly, this little guy Lin Chen has brought us so many surprises, he will not only refining medicine, but also casting tools!"

"Huh? No, you see! He is now in Division 4, isn't that the venue for the mathematics game!"

"Is this kid still an operator?"