My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 417

Chapter 417: Lin Chen Contest Lin Chen Played

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Chapter 417, Lin Chen's Competition!

Lin Chen had just left the No. 2 foundry meeting place, and several old men immediately ran into the meeting place breathlessly.

"Where did the kid go?"

"Will he go to the Heavenly Spirit Tower first?"

"No! I remember he came to this casting hall!"

The five elders looked around and were shocked by the hidden powers and heads of power in the two states!

"His! Qingxu son of Lingzhou, Li Xiangyin, Bai Yun! Tian Rufeng, Wei Qingmo. These are not all super masters of the refining industry in the two states!"

"Even if these old guys are placed in the ancient family, they are regarded as guest guests. Will they come to the casting venue?"

"They are not watching the clash of young people in the refining industry in the refining hall. What are they doing here?"

Any one of these five elders can be the character of the Taishan Beidou class in the two major states! Put it in the first-class forces, that is, if you want to please, you are not qualified to move!

Even if it is an invitation from an ancient family, it depends on the face of others!

How can such characters come to the casting venue where they are completely unrelated to them?

The two top leaders of the first-class forces moved quickly, immediately stood up and greeted with a smile, said respectfully to the five.

"How many masters are interested in the casting competition? It's better to sit down and discuss a few times together, this competition has just begun..."

"Little nonsense, I ask you, have you seen a silver robe kid enter the venue here! His real name seems to be called Lin Chen?"

Unexpectedly, the headed Ru Rufeng immediately waved impatiently, and the two sectarians were surprised.

"Lin Chen? But the Lin Chen of Tiange Academy? He just left the venue not long ago."

"What? Leave again!"

"Why is this kid running so fast, hell! We are all old bones, we can't fly here at will, really killing people!"

"Hurry up, this kid heard that his strength is very strong, and the old man guessed that he might go to the Tianling Tower battle list. If we hurry earlier, we might still meet him!"

The five turned around quickly, and then hurried away from the back row of the auditorium.

In this scene, I saw all the strong ones staying in place, their eyelids jumping wildly, incredible!

In the past, the Taishan Beidous who were hard to be moved by even the ancient family in the past, are actually running around the city because of a teenager?

What's wrong with this world? !


The No. 4 venue was packed with people. This is the competition venue for the arithmeticians. Unlike other competition venues, only 120 contestants participated in the Tianlingbang arithmetic competition this time!

The No. 120 contestants are all counters that can be used in Lingzhou and Tianzhou. They are not comparable to the twenty-four star calculations that Lin Chen encountered in the wilderness earlier.

The mathematician is the rarest occupation of the human race. They are rarer than refining medicines and casting tools. They are born with the opportunity and talent to succeed in the world, see the general trend, and calculate the general trend of nothingness.

In the venue, whether it is the participating venue or the four-seater auditorium, compared with the previous ones, everyone is caught in a strange silence, watching the game with all their attention.

Lin Chen stepped into the venue, and first came into view the 20 Tiangang Realm Jiuzhong, wearing shackles and shackles, completely locked in the venue.

All the contestants of the arithmetic division walked back and forth from these 20 Tiangang realms with a dignified expression and concentration.

The first round of the mathematics competition; we must select one of the 20 warriors of the Nine Heavy Evil Sects in Tiangang Realm as their deduction target, calculate their fate, and account for their fortunes and future directions.

The fate of these 20 warriors in the Tiangang Realm, their fate, has long been recorded by the powerful mathematicians of Tianshu and Tiange Academy.

In addition, there are the Lingzhou Yan family and the Tianzhou Li family who attended as the elders of Qin Qing. They will personally check the game and witness the birth of the most outstanding arithmeticians in the two major states!

"Huh? Who the **** is this guy? Why is it coming now?"

"Is he also an operator? It doesn't look like it. We don't have this operator in Tianzhou?"

"His! I know him, Lin Chen of Lingzhou!"

Lin Chen entered the venue, and many powerful people whispered and discussed. Many guest judges sitting on the high seats of the stage opened their eyes at the same time. They cast doubtful and surprised eyes on the newly entered teenager!

They even discovered that Lin Chen couldn't observe anything about his fate or records.

As if there were no signs of this person in Kyushu!

Lin Chen didn't know that he was noticed by many powerful men. He looked around and found a beautiful beauty of Miaohua.

Her blue silk is like snow, peach blossoms are blue, her eyebrows are flying like clouds, her teeth are bright, her figure is astonishing. The delicate mountains make the whole person look exquisite. The purple and black dress dotted with stars Adding a mysterious color to her quiet and elegant beauty; such as the blurred stars blooming under the night, the empty valley and the orchid.

It is Yan Qianyun. She also participated in this competition!

But at this time, Yan Qianyun was about to step down from the stage, because she had finished the calculation of the target divination!

Yan Qianyun was about to step down, and when he saw Lin Chen, he was first happy, and then he was a little stunned.

"Huh? Mr. Lin Chen, didn't you go to participate in refining medicine. How did you come here? But here is the contestant's competition area!"

In her opinion, Lin Chen is not a teacher at all! If he had the ability to be a mathematician, wouldnt it be his turn to occupy the coordinates of the birth of a treasure in the torch?

"Hey, I am someone who has always been skillful and does not crush, I have learned arithmetic in this time!"

Lin Chen laughed, he was more interested in Yan Qianyun, who had always been extraordinary, but instead of stepping down to test the results, he stared at Lin Chen quietly.

Lin Chen walked over to the 20 warriors of the evil ancestors in Tiangang Realm and carefully examined it.

The content of the first round of the Celestial Masters Mathematics Contest: To select a wicked warrior to inform the referee, and to calculate the result within the first round of participation time, the closer the result is to the fate of the target warrior itself, the score will be The higher.

"Just choose you!"

Lin Chen pointed to a skinny cold man and told the referee elder. The latter quickly noted that Lin Chen sat cross-legged and stared at the cold man with breathless eyes.

After the arithmetic operator selects the target, he needs to account for the performance of the target person; Pocahontas, Blessing, and Heaven.

Doom: It means that personal luck continues to deteriorate within a certain period of time. Catastrophe: There is a greater or lesser probability of encountering major disasters, because small disasters will not be revealed in the general fate.

The robbery is the most terrifying one. The robbery is the number of lives that each warrior will encounter in destiny. If it appears, it cannot be avoided. It is a disaster that has a complete threat and completely destroys a warrior.

After passing the robbery, or standing after the break, or Nirvana rebirth, it is also possible to survive the robbery, and it will therefore be in a state of weakness, and it will be bleak from now on!