My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 418

Chapter 418: Keyboard Man Lin Someone

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Chapter 418: Keyboard Man Lin Someone!

Evil, disaster, robbery. Including, but not limited to, the negative luck of the warrior's life, and the positive luck is the odd luck, the blessing luck, the heavenly luck.

Pocahontas is a major opportunity with a certain chance to meet in the future destiny.

Blessing is the opportunity that the warrior will inevitably encounter and obtain in his life, or because of the action of the warrior, he will change the size of the blessing itself.

Heavenly machine, this is the most difficult and the most taboo item for the mathematician.

The destiny of some people between heaven and earth may be related to the fortunes of some heavens and earth, or the imminent and terrifying worldly events that are involved, and those who are involved in it, there may already be luck in the "star map".

And the heaven and earth calculated by the mathematician's calculation of personal destiny will be an opportunity to glimpse the mysteries of the world!

As the so-called heaven machine cannot be leaked, the person who learns the heaven machine must keep it secret. If the heaven machine is too extensive in scope and the fortune-taker spy on the heaven machine, even when the personal fate is being deduced, it will lead to the death of the mathematician on the spot!

Therefore, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this matter.

At that time, the elders of the Yan family's Taishang elaborated on the fate of Yan Qianyun, and learned that Lingzhou would usher in a catastrophe that had not happened for more than 100,000 years. She will encounter this disaster!

When Yan Qianyun calculated his own destiny again, a black star was born in the torch fire and had the ability to create and destroy the world. If he could get help from the owner of the black star, he would have the opportunity to resolve this crisis.

However, Yan Qianyun hesitated when relying on the "Fairy Guide" to learn that the master of the black star is the descendant of the god, Mo Bai, and the descendant of the **** is not a mortal being.

In the end, Yan Qianyun chose Lin Chen, which is the real beginning of the intersection of the two.

If you can account for the celestial traits hidden in the target person, then it will be the highest prize!

However, Tianji cannot be easily revealed, so even if it is calculated, it can only be implicitly implied. It cannot be stated clearly that this needs to be docked with another referee elder to verify it.

Many strong fortune-tellers stared at Lin Chen with great interest, wondering what kind of fortune-teller would come up with.

To calculate the general destiny, the operator needs a high degree of concentration and consumes a lot of mental power and fighting spirit. Often, he needs to use his own anatomical tool to maintain a clear insight into the general destiny of the target person.

At this time, under the attention of many people, Lin Chen pulled out a splendid and green square long plate from the Naling Ring, and watched the powerful faces of the powerful people astonished and surprised!

On the square-shaped long plate, there are dense buttons, and every time you tap it, the Ambilight will rotate the entire long plate.

"What is this? The old man saw this weird fortune teller for the first time!"

"It feels like a plate?"

"Lin Chen, what is your destiny?"

Yan Qianyun couldn't stop curiously, someone smiled.

"My life tool is called the God Machine Disk. You can call me Keyboard Man in the future. The keyboard is in hand. I have it in the world!"

Someone Lin took his fortune teller God Machine Disk and radiated a light into the eyebrows of the thin and shady man.


Lin Chen's fingertips quickly hit the keyboard, striking a crisp and sounding sound, but he carefully designed the most suitable fortune-telling machine for his own calculator.

Every time he beats, Lin Chen's mental power will slowly pour into his life tools. He runs his mind, and the six types of Heavenly Tribulation War Body begin to merge again.

Buzz~! The incomplete Jiujiao's eyes flashed six colors and flowed over Lin Chen's head. From the perspective of Jiujiao's eyes, he passed through the fortune-teller of the fortune teller, and he had an insight into this man's fate.

In this person's star map, overflowing with colorful light, you can see some of his personal virtual images!

The time of the outside world is passing by one minute and one second, Lin Chen is completely unaware of the flow of time, but concentrates on spying on the things in the star map.

Directly above the star chart, there are eight light gray lights, one blood color, and one black light!

Light gray, for doom, there are about eight times for the rest of this person's life.

Scarlet, disaster, for the rest of his life, there is a disaster of blood. In addition, there is a black light, which belongs to the robbery that cannot be avoided!

When Jiu Jie looked closely, he could even see the scene of this man screaming in the disaster of blood!

After Lin Chen noted these features, he went on to look inside.

Inside the star map, there are two broad glows like the Tianhe of Energy, one blue and one orange!

Blue light represents Pocahontas, and orange light represents Heaven!

"The destiny of this evil sect warrior is hiding the heavenly reality?"

Lin Chen's Nine Tribulation Eyes urged to the extreme, fully penetrated that orange light.

The picture afterwards was reflected in Lin Chen's mind like a walking lantern.

It was a vast and chaotic world. There was a lot of fighting everywhere, and a large number of civilians were involved in the endless battle of the blood sea. Even if the cultivation behavior above the Tiangang realm did not have the opportunity to escape from the blood sea corpse-like battlefield, never ending.

In a vast land, characters with a strong atmosphere overwhelmingly appeared gradually and stepped forward slowly.

The forces represented by them, where they have passed, fought against many first-class forces and bloodbath the entire Lingzhou! In the end, even Tiange Academy and Ning Family were involved!

This illusion made Lin Chen's scalp numb, and he continued to observe the headache, spreading throughout the chaos in Lingzhou, and finally, in the figure of countless powerful people like the stars holding the moon, slowly emerged.

Her white clothes are like snow, her temperament is extraordinary, and Lin Chen feels familiar.

He hadn't had time to see the true face of the man. A terrible aura came from outside the star chart, violently bounced Lin Chen's consciousness back into his body, which made him feel terrified!

The gas machine seemed to be a warning from beyond the heavens and the earth, and he was not allowed to continue to snoop, which made Lin Chen unable to fall into contemplation.

"The last woman, like Sister Ruoyan? Is it really her? But, if Sister Yan does not have the ability and motivation to set off the war in Lingzhou, and the power to attack Tiange Academy, what the **** is going on?"

Distressed and fruitless, Lin Chen gave up on this matter first, Yan Qianyun next to him patted his shoulder, worried.

"Are you OK?"

The arithmeticians will always see some unimaginable things when deducing the general trend of fate.

"It's okay, it seems that this is the first round of the fortune-teller, and I've passed it."

Lin Chen wrote the answer in the jade jade, and handed it to the referee elders, some elder guests and some audience circled! This little guy is finished so soon?

This is only one day away. Is he also a peerless arrogant of the same level as Yan Qianyun?

"You have finished the calculation?" Yan Qianyun looked surprised. Among all the fortune tellers on the scene, except for her, there is no second person who only needs to use it once to fully perform the fate of an evil sect warrior!

With a deep look at Lin Chen, the shock in Yan Qianyun's eyes was even stronger!

If Lin Chen was still a person who had nothing to do with the fortune-teller more than a month ago, today, a month later, he has become an existence comparable to himself!

How terrifying is this speed of growth against the sky?