My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 419

Chapter 419: Extremely Happy.

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Chapter 419

Even for her Yan Qianyun, Yan Pei's unique arrogance, it took nearly eighteen years to reach the current level!

If Lin Chen really only used it for a month, then he could really describe more than the word evil!

At this time, when Lin Chen's information on the participating jade slips was handed to the referee elders, the Yan family and the mathematicians of the Tiange Academy personally checked and opened the jade slip.

On closer observation, the expression of the two evolved from amazement to unbelievable!

The content above the jade jade records: Eight dooms, each separated by twenty years. The plague of blood and light, together. It is in a state that may burst at any time. Along with the number of major robberies, this robbership is associated with celestial beings.

Accompanied by Pocahontas once, heavenly once. The luck is: Lingzhou is in danger, the souls are charcoal.

In just a few words, Yan Jia and the elders of the Academy of Mathematics were thoroughly moved!

The target person selected by Lin Chen, the result of their calculation is exactly the same as the calculation of their two elders! There is no deviation at all!

The second elder spent two days to deduce this result, and Lin Chen only used two quarters of an hour!

Does this mean that the mathematician ability of this child is still above them!

"Lin Chen, Lin Chen, no wonder the deputy dean attaches great importance to you. It turns out that my college has such a shocking generation of people. The Lingzhou is not your sea. When the dragon is flying, the mainland of Kyushu cant be restrained. Your wings!"

The elders of the mathematicians of Tiange Academy were ecstatic at this time. At this time, someone at Lin was completely unaware of the great shock that the "Nine Tribulation Eyes" formed by his "Creation Nine Tribulation" had brought to the arithmetic world of Lingzhou. !

Immediately after Lin Chen was Yan Qianyun, and her results were the same as Lin Chen's, perfectly deducing the destiny of the target person, and even the Son of Li's family in Tianzhou couldn't keep up with her speed.

In the first round of the mathematician contest, in the eyes of many referees, Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun were already tied for first place!

By the time everyone responded, Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun had disappeared, and the two had left the scene at the same time!


"You actually signed up for four projects. Before you arrived here, you had already completed the medicine refining, casting, and two major projects? You are too foul!"

Yan Qianyun, who has always been extraordinary, has frequently lost his mind in front of Lin Chen. This guy is simply not a person!

She muttered Cherry's small mouth and said in disbelief-"Who would be so powerful, can refining medicine, refining alchemy, or a fortune teller, what secrets are there in you! Mr. Lin Chen, Qian Yun really I'm not convinced!"

At the age of 20, he is proficient in refining medicine, casting tools, and fortune-tellers, and is all at the top level in Lingzhou? Isn't the descendant of God so defiant?

Even if you look at him as a handsome and genuine person, but his behavior will make your perception tell you: No, no, he is definitely not a person!

Lin Chen can't tell her that I have a system, right? He shrugged helplessly, his eyes somber and sighed.

"Ah, actually I'm tired of this boring life. I look handsome and can fight. I can do anything else. I'm going to participate in this and that. Is this a kind of life? If not, the college begged me to come , Even if someone in Lin is dead, jumping off the cliff, he will not come to attend such a conference!"

"To show that you are invincible is really the most boring thing! Especially when others realize that in the field of face value, they are unlikely to be my opponents. That kind of loneliness, you know, how much Boring and boring."


Xiru Feng, Qing Xuzi and others, as well as Meng Xiangqing's grandfather and others, all the casters and the Taishan Beidou of the refining industry almost exploded!

Two days! They looked for Lin Chen for two days, and they ran around the city at an age. They almost didn't ask for their old life!

At the beginning, all of them thought that Lin Chen was going to participate in the Tianling Tower combat power list. They looked around the third and third floors of the Tianling Tower, and paid close attention to the situation of the Demon Eye Stone of the Tianling Tower.

What is the existence of this group of people? Every one is stomping in Lingzhou or Tianzhou, and the Taishan Beidou is about to be hit by three earthquakes!

Even people like them are looking for someone in droves, can they not disturb others? The actions of the six people at that time shocked all the young talents at the scene!

Even the senior elders of Tianshu and Tiange Academy were alarmed by the six people. When they understood the situation, they couldn't help laughing.

In the end, a referee elder informed that it was found that Lin Chen was not in the Celestial Battle Tower at all, but in the auditorium!

Was he actually a mathematician?

The Taishan Beidou who learned the truth watched the magic eye stone projection of the arithmetic competition, and they completely shocked them to live in the same place!

As if they were crazy, they rushed to the auditorium again!

Looking at these guru-level characters who have rarely seen the past in the past 100 years, they are so crazy for an entrant. All the arrogance and even the audience who are competing outside the Heavenly Spirit Tower stay in place!

Between the twitching of the corners of the mouth, all told their inner churning emotions!

What's even more annoying is that the six of them threw up again! Lin Chen had just left his forefoot, and their hind feet had arrived.

When I heard that Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun were tied for the first place in the first round of the mathematician's game, the six were even numb!

What is this evil? !

Casting, medicine refining, and arithmetic are all at the highest level! Do not say that Lingzhou, Tianzhou, and the whole of Kyushu are unique in ancient and modern times!

At this moment, Lin Chen's reputation has reached a descendant of a **** who is truly comparable to the legend!

Let these six Taishan Beidou-level characters run around in circles, just the third day of the Tianlingbang Conference, and the entire Yan has set off an earthquake!

It's all exploded! Lingchen Linchen!

The name is like a plague virus, and it continues to spread throughout Yandu. Even many forces in Lingzhou Tianzhou who failed to watch the scene have begun to understand the name, such as Lei Guaner!

The periphery of the Sky Tower;

"Huh? That mysterious virgin of the Ning family, Miss Ning Qingxuan went by her own initiative!"

"Who is it? Who will have this kind of magic! Not long ago, Ning Qingxuan rejected the strongest son Xie Hanfeng from Tianzhou family!"

At this moment; many Tianjiao and the contestants moved from Ning Qingxuan to the two in front of her!

On the side, Xie Hanfeng's eyes first fell on the lady in the purple and black dress. She was amazed by the woman's temperament and her peerless beauty. It was not worse than Ning Qingxuan!

But when he focused his gaze on another teenager, his pupils shrank!

The moment Lin arrived with Yan Qianyun just arrived, the purple gauze dress was smoky, and the quiet ladies walked. The graceful Fuqin Geji gazed quietly at Lin Chen.

Under the eyes of everyone, Ning Qingxuan held out his jade hand and Fanghua smiled peerlessly.

"Ning Jia Ning Qingxuan, sincerely invite the son of Linchen from Tiange Academy, can he and Qingxuan break into the Heavenly Spirit Tower?

The four eyes face each other. After the young man loses with one hand, the tiptoe is on tiptoe.

"Lin is very happy."