My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Escape From The Dead Arrived At The Sunset City.

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Chapter 42: Escape from the dead and reach the sunset city.

"No! You cannot kill me, if you kill me, you will be endlessly chased by the organization..."

"Go to Nima!"

Lin Chen took a picture with him, and even his fortune-teller's life tools were smashed on the spot. All the battlefields were only buried with him in front of 200,000 tigers.

Although Yan Jiwen is one of the most terrible evils in the earth; but as a fortune-teller, he has maintained his superiority for many years, and his battle experience is completely inferior to the previous strong men of the terrible evil.

"He actually destroyed Master Yan!"

"Damn, don't let him run away! Otherwise, twenty-four stars will come to the door and we have to bear the guilty together!"

With the sound of wind breaking all around, Lin Chen immediately knew that the remaining Disha Realm had surrounded himself!

He urged the Green Dragon Arm to take a roll, absorbing all the attribute light **** that were dropped, and he couldn't care about what he got. The True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing became bigger again, and the speed surged!

Lin Chen's body began to burn purple flames and flew into the air!

"He wants to fly away!"

"Don't give him a chance, beat him down!"

The ground flickered with several rays of combat qi, illuminating the entire night sky, and the heaven and earth aura became violent!

"Thousands Killing Sword!"

"Chasing the soul!"

"Zhenwu residual image fist!"

"Inch flash point star finger!"


Fighting spirits spread across hundreds of feet of space attacked the heavens and earth, and the momentum was soaring toward the sky; like Lin Hong monsters attacking Lin Chen!

The coverage is so wide, even if the true flame purple phoenix wings are urged to the maximum level that can be launched at this stage, the speed still has not escaped the attack range of the terrible ground. Lin Chen can only gritt his teeth and turned to face!

The green dragon's arm traversed in front of him, the real flame purple phoenix wings flapped continuously, and many fighting attacks attacked the blue dragon's arm like a rainstorm.

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

The violent fighting attacked the green dragon scales all over the green dragon arm that burst Lin Chen. He gritted his teeth tightly. If this level is not enough, he must fall here on the spot!

The blood flew wildly, flesh and blood flew, and Lin Chen's green dragon arm was torn off by many fighting attacks!

At this critical moment, the true flame purple phoenix wings have gradually flown to an altitude of more than two thousand meters, and the sound of the attack has weakened a lot. Lin Chen resisted this big wave of fire attack!

The blue light flashed, the **** and incomplete Qinglong arm withdrew into the body, and Lin Chen's left arm cracked with a shocking crack!

Strongly enduring the huge pain, Lin Chen sighed in the air, spreading the true flame purple phoenix wings to fly higher and farther, while running the True Water Guiyuan Jue to treat the injury of the left arm.

"This time the Qinglong arm is too seriously injured. If I can't find a way to recover, I can't use the Qinglong arm for a short time, otherwise it will not only become my killer, but it will drag my hind leg."

Lin Chen's injury gradually stabilized, but the green dragon rune was bleak.

Zhenshui Guiyuan Jue can completely cure Lin Chens injury, but for Qinglong Arm, he can only heal a part. This time the injury is too serious. If you want to heal completely, it will take a long time.

Lin Chen's fighting spirit is full, directly running the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing, rushing to the road and disappearing on the edge of the sky.

Many of the powerful people who can't fly in the air can only regret and feel annoyed in the same place!

While the two were still discussing countermeasures, the void appeared a slight fluctuation.

A snowy white shadow came to the world, the woman's posture was extremely beautiful, she was like a piercing girl, and the white skirt was like a cloud on the horizon, pure and flawless, her beautiful eyes flashed autumn waves, staring at the direction of Lin Chen's departure.

"With the power of psychic realm, in the face of 14 terrible realms, he can fight back three people and all the battlefields, and he retreats from the whole body. It is worthy of being a little guy who can cure that strange toxin, even if he enters Tiange Academy. Be the top presence."

The woman in white has a crescent-like smile on her lips, and after watching Lin Chen leave, she immediately looks down at the audience with a slight chill!

"Taking...walking in the air, is it a strong man in the sky?"

"Dare to ask your Excellency..."

Everyone was terrified by this splendid beauty who appeared like a ghost, and asked with respectful tone of fear.

"My name, the dead don't need to know."

The white lady's ethereal voice has a sense of murderous intent, and the space around the world begins to tremble!


Lin Chen did not use the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing to rush on the road, but instead used the Jiao Horse, just in case of a battle, and the lack of fighting strength to support his retreat. .

"Fortunately, there are a lot of healing and healing elixirs in the Naling Ring that the Shangguan family left me, but it saved my own time in refining medicine."

Lin Chen was chewing immortality medicine while flying, and running the True Water Guiyuan Jue to adjust the injury.

"Just fly to the destination!"

True flame purple phoenix flaps, the speed increases by one point!

Lin Chen, who had originally expected to arrive in ten days, arrived in three days.

The sunset city is located at the junction of the wasteland and the mysterious field. In terms of the scale of a single round, it is no less than Wanling City. However, because of the frequent caravans here and there, the popularity is more lively than Wanling City.

And through the sunset city, is the Tiange Academy opened in the wilderness!

After going through the formalities of entering the city, a sleepiness and fatigue emerged.

"You have to find a place to have a good rest."

Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong a little, and he could observe the restaurant with the most meteorological weather, and arrived on foot half a quarter of an hour.

Lin Chen stepping into the restaurant is looking for a good room to rest, the sound of pots and pans breaking from the restaurant, a mess of noise into Lin Chen's ears.

"A Bai family's sideline waste, you also want to come to Zuixianlou to eat?"

"Hahaha! He might have thought that his grandfather, who was the head of the house, hadn't died yet, waste the dog, get out!"

"In another ten days, there will be a good show in your family, waste, hahaha!"

"I don't allow you to insult my grandpa!"

A dozen young people lifted a sackcloth teenager and threw it out of the restaurant, throwing it out like garbage.

Lin Chen just stood outside, and the thrown teenager smashed Lin Chen. He grabbed the linen boy with one hand.

"Thank you...thank you big brother!"

After being caught, the Maiden boy dropped to the ground and thanked Lin Chen very politely, then glared at the dozen young people in the restaurant.

"You're welcome."

Lin Chen smiled at random, and was about to enter the restaurant when he suddenly found a throb in his left arm!

The blue dragon tattoo on his left arm was pulled by some kind of energy and vitality, and it shimmered dimly!

The source of this throb is the boy in front of Lin Chen!

"This, this is?"

Lin Chen sighed slightly and looked at the Maiden boy with dignity in his eyes! Immediately urged Zijin Tong!

Through the Zijin pupil, the weather of the world suddenly changed, and Lin Chen saw through the teenager's root bones, internal organs, and blood.

His physique is all normal, but in the depths of the blood, there is a blood factor that hides extremely deep!

Lin Chen exerted force once again, decisively using the highest realm of Zijin pupil Pingsheng Zidian!

This time, the venous factors hidden in the blood were completely exposed, and all the venous factors were connected to form an overbearing and fierce green dragon!

Qinglong is entrenched in the blood in the body, as if falling into a deep sleep. If Lin Chen does not urge Zijintong to observe carefully, he can't see this adventure in this boy!

"Birth of ancient blue dragon blood?"

Lin Chen was shocked, this bloodline could be more pure than his own!

However, due to the fact that the bloodline people are younger, this force has not yet shown signs of awakening. Moreover, he doesn't seem to know that, until now, it is just a small Qi Refining Realm!