My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 420

Chapter 420: The Opening Song

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Chapter 420 The opening song!

The four eyes met, the teenager smiled, after losing one hand, the tiptoe tipped, graceful elegance, slightly nodded, reached out to hold the beautiful girl catkin, smiled and smiled.

"Someone Lin is very happy, beautiful lady."

Tianchen Academy Lin Chen?

This name is too loud in these two days!

"He is Lin Chen?"

"It turned out to be him! No wonder, no wonder the lady of the Ning family will attend the meeting in person!"

"I can't detect his truth and reality at all, but there is a fatal sense of crisis telling me not to get close to him, so powerful!"

Many contestants exclaimed in shock, set off a new round of hot discussion frenzy outside the Tianling Battle Tower!

Lin Chen of Tiange College and Ning Qingxuan with Ning Family, this picture is no more topical than this scene!

"It turns out that sister Ning Qingxuan also knows Mr. Lin Chen, I can't think of your relationship so well."

Yan Qianyun smiled, but approached Lin Chen silently, pinching Lin Chen's waist with his fingers, slowly rotating 360 degrees.

Someone's expression at this moment, from a dog to a dog, to eating a car, and finally to twitching his eyes and turning his eyes, was wonderful.

"We have known each other for a long time. It's just that I envy Sister Qian Yun that I can stay with Mr. Lin Chen for so long."

Ning Qingxuan gently pulled Lin Chen to his side, covering his mouth and laughing lightly.

The second daughter is the proud daughter of the sky, no one wants to give in, it is simply envious of others! The male compatriots in the audience and the male arrogants who participated in the competition gritted their teeth!

"You are Lin Chen?"

Xie Hanfeng's eyebrows were attached, and Lin Chen was contemptuously cold.

"Yes, I cant change my name, I cant change my surname, Im the first handsome man in Kyushu, and Ive forced Lin Chenlin to focus on picking girls for 20 years. Name, because you cant remember me even if you say it. I never make friends with someone who is not as handsome as me, because we cant talk."

Lin Chen patted the dust on his shoulder, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, and he laughed with an unusually arrogant attitude.

According to his many years of experience, this guy came with a face that ate rotten eggs. It must have been a bad comer. He didn't need to give this face.

"You?" Xie Hanfeng glared and was about to speak.

"Sorry, I'm going up and down a few hundred thousand a second. I'm afraid you won't be able to compensate, so I won't waste time with you. Miss Qingxuan, please here."

Lin Chenbin politely bowed his head, made a gesture of invitation, and made Xie Hanfeng speechless in three words, making Ning Qingxuan cover his mouth and chuckled, and gave Yan Qianyun a glance.

"I'll enter the battle tower with son Lin Chen first, and congratulate Sister Qian Yun in advance for her good results~"

Ning Qingxuan placed the catkins on top of Lin Chen's palm, and the lotus step moved slightly. The two of them walked into the first floor of the Heavenly Spirit Battle Tower under the eyes of everyone!

"I'm so angry!! Lin Chen, you wait for me! The highest record of the Heavenly Spirit Battle Tower will be me Xie Hanfeng!"

Xie Hanfeng's roaring voice warned Lin Chen that Lin did not turn his head back and entered the Sky Spirit Tower.

Yan Qianyun snickered in her heart. As far as she knows, so far, against Lin Chen, none of them has a good ending.

"Huh! This guy who is squandering flowers everywhere, I really don't know if it is wrong or right to choose him as the savior of my Yan family~"

Many audiences and contestants suddenly realized that the person who had been waiting for Ning Qingxuan was Lin Chen! The two are planning to join the team to join the tower!


"You are more powerful than last time at the Refining Ceremony."

Inside the spiral staircase of the battle tower, Ning Qingxuan smiled and Lin Chen laughed and laughed.

"With the beauty of Miss Ning as a motivator, the practice will naturally be a little faster. Although the birthday gift I gave you is to become a mortal to be free, but now in Yandu, this matter can only be temporarily postponed, I will first Give you a little interest."

Talking about this matter, Ning Qingxuan's eyes flickered, and he looked at Lin Chen seriously.

"I want you to be my self-willed remarks on this matter. Don't take it anymore. There are too many things involved behind this."

Lin Chen looked back at her and suddenly smiled-"In this world, no one can make me change what I want to do except myself!"

Ning Qingxuan paused, showing a complex smile-"Is this freedom?"

Lin Chen nodded with a smile and led Ning Qingxuan to the first floor of the Tianling Battle Tower.

The self-contained space in the Celestial Battle Tower is divided into nine layers, one layer is more terrifying.

At present, the highest level of breaking into the tower is the seventh level. In the history of tens of thousands of years, only two people have crossed the seventh level. As for the eighth level, no one can shake it!

"Participants have entered the first floor of the battle tower. The battle tower has detected that multiple people have entered. The creatures on the first floor will be arranged according to the number of people."


Lin Chen and Ning Qingxuan immediately flashed on the light screens projected by the many magic eye stones outside the Heavenly Spirit Tower.

At this moment, many spectators and contestants looked at the newly emerged light screen!

The two huge dragon shadows flew out, the head of a unicorn made of steel, the tail of carp like a mine, the horns like a deer, and countless long beards. Puppet dragon!

"It's two jade dragons!"

"What a terrible power, these two big guys are at least comparable to the strength of Yuan Zunjing's second stage?"

"On the first floor, I encountered such a horrible guy. It is more dangerous for the team to break into the tower!"

Some young Tianjiao were terrified. At their age, they participated in the Tianlingbang Conference, and most of them were below the fourfold level of Yuanzun Realm.

This level requires at least two Yuan Zunjing triple triple early to be able to get through safely, but also has to spend some effort, almost to have the strength of the Holy Child to pass!

In the first floor; above the desert-like mountains, the two walked in the air.

Suddenly, staring at the Qilin head of Yujia Flying Dragon, Lin someone played with a big heart, and he laughed.

"Qingxuan, can you play the piano?"

Ning Qingxuan stunned, Yan Yan smiled-"Know a little."

"Hey, let's present the opening song to everyone, how?"

Just outside the tower, and even many viewers watching the Devil's Eye stone were debating how many rounds Lin Chen would use to kill Yujia Flying Dragon, unexpected things happened!

I saw that Lin Chen summoned the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon, and the Qinglong swept through the eight wastelands, and it suppressed the two jade dragons, which were amazing!

But; this is just the beginning!

Then, Lin Chen flew to the heads of the two jade flying dragons in front of the unicorn, he knotted the dragon whiskers of the two dragons, knotted the clouds and flowed in one go!

I saw that the lady was standing in front of the dragon head, and the yarn was flying like Zixia, and it was beautiful. The silver robe was rolled, Lin Chen was beside, and the two of them swam at their fingertips, popping up the beautiful and crisp tune between heaven and earth~~!

"A lonely solitude stands at the window, and I pretend behind the door that you haven't gone yet. The old land is more lonely like a full moon tour, and the sober candlelight at midnight can't bear to blame me~~"

All the people who watched Lin Chen and Ning Qingxuan with the magic eye stone all sang a gentle and flexible chorus of men and women, along the magic eye stone, spread all over the venue of the battle tower, and spread throughout the entire Yandu!

Many spectators and contestants froze in a daze!

"He, he actually used the jade armored dragon's dragon whisker as a string, and played with Miss Ning Qingxuan?"