My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 421

Chapter 421: Mo Asked Mo Guan.

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Chapter 421: Don't ask, don't care.

"Who is playing a pipa with a broken wind, and the years are peeling off the wall to see a child. I still remember that we were still very young that year, and now the sound of the piano is quiet and I am waiting for you to hear it."

"Who is playing a song with a pipa and breaking through the wind, I will see the ending of the story dyed by maple leaves, I will lead you through the ancient road outside the fence, and the years of the smoke and grass are very silent even when we break up."

At the end of the song, many people unconsciously shed tears in the corners of their eyes. The frivolous years of that young youth couldn't help but emerge from the depths of memory along with the tune, and they crossed the mind like a lantern.

Buzz~! The tune changed suddenly, Lin Chen's voice came out again!

"The sky is blue and the smoke is raining, and I am waiting for you. Where do the tourists go, the Yangtze River is thousands of miles away."

Ning Qingxuan's ethereal and mellow voice swayed like a light bell, and it came out leisurely.

"Writing in Ningjiage was lightly written, just as I whispered to meet you."

Lin Chen stared at the beautiful woman, her fingertips fluttered and flicked-"The sky is blue and the smoke is raining and I am waiting for you. The moonlight is salvaged and the cloud ends. The beauty of the world is remembered at this moment, and I am drunk with Yanjing."

Countless people are stagnant! In Yandu, as long as the people who used the magic eye stone to watch Lin Chen break through the tower, these two people were amazed!

A good Heavenly Spirit List broke into the tower and gave Lin someone a concert for the two of them!


"The squad leader is really powerful, as if he can do anything..."

"I suddenly remembered when we were fighting against the Tiandou Dynasty!"

Class 66, who was staring at the picture in the magic eye stone, looked at each other with emotion and wonder.

Another song ended, Ning Qingxuan turned his head to stare at Lin Chen, and suddenly burst into laughter!

The two laughed at each other, the laughter was simple and simple, like two children who found a friend.

The Ning family sighed a bit more complicatedly. They had never seen it before, and Ning Qingxuan would show such a smile.

"Come on, we should go to the next level."

Lin Chen wiped out the two jade dragons with a wave of hand, and Ning Qingxuan nodded cleverly and followed behind him.

After the two disappeared in the space on the first floor, everyone reacted with unconsciousness!

A second glance at the second floor, this time, is a glacier with ice and snow, and the world is dotted with ice and snow in all directions.


The two giant monsters smashed the iceberg, crawling on four feet, the scale armor was like ice, the tail was hundreds of feet long, crawling at speed, wherever they passed, they destroyed the mountain and broke the countless icebergs!

"Yunbing Dragon Lizard Puppet, which is a two-level sixth-order junior peak, is almost catching up with the strength of the third stage!"

I saw; the two behemoths crumbled the iceberg like crazy, and everyone watching the battle was puzzled. Why did the two big guys go crazy first?

"Look, what is that?"

When the audience exclaimed; the two figures glide speedily in the ice and snow!

As the first person, Lin Chen led Ning Qingxuan, and at the feet of the two were a smooth and bright long board, gliding at a high speed from the world full of snow and ice.

Less than a hundred miles away, the two cloud ice dragon lizard puppets violently and screaming, crawling fast and opening their blood basins, spit out a few columns of cold light and shot them in the direction of the two!


Lin Chen's legs twisted sharply, the snowboard under his feet turned upside down, he turned around, hugged Ning Qingxuan's slender waist, and the two twirled together to the other side, leaving the column of cold light emptied. Three snowy mountains were frozen.

Just after landing, the two stepped on the snowboard again, and the other cloud ice dragon lizard puppet crawling speed increased, raised his paws to shoot the two claws towards the two, the power burst into all directions, and the space penetrated the faint crack!

Lin Chen pulled Ning Qingxuan again, and the beautiful woman was excited and surprised with a ah sound, and Lin Chen was thrown out of the sky.

Lightly stepped on the toes, Lin Chen jumped forward, the snowboard under his feet bounced into the void and spun forward, carrying pure power to condense, taking the head and crushing the head of the cloud ice dragon lizard puppet, turning into a powder!

Lin Chen, who was spinning in the air, fell to the ground suddenly, unbiasedly, and just landed on his snowboard. The beautiful lady happened to be beside him.

At this time, the first cloud ice dragon lizard puppet had approached, jumped violently, and rushed to the two!

The body of the vast and vast shore was pressed horizontally, and at the moment of the attack, Lin Chen pulled Ning Qingxuan, the snowboard under his feet gently tipped, and the two of them shifted in the direction of the snow slope.

At the moment of shifting direction, Lin Chen was amazed, a ray of dark mansions mixed with horror pure power torn the void, split the belly of the Yunbing dragon lizard puppet, cut off its body, and disappeared on the spot!

"This skiing is so fun~"

Ning Qingxuan laughed like a ringing tone, rejoicing and happy, making Lin Chen smile with a smile-"I still have many ways to play, here!"

Pulling Ning Qingxuan to slide down the snow slope, he jumped and jumped, and the two circled from the void in the sky for more than ten laps, and then fell again to the snow. After several consecutive glides, the two skied in the face of everyone. Swing, slipping leisurely into the entrance of the third floor!

All the spectators watching and the contestants on standby felt their scalp numb and their mouths twitched!

Even the referee elders who preside over the battle tower can't help but help.

Is this **** breaking tower?

Skiing in the face of two dragon lizard puppets that are comparable to the late triple, while entering the third floor lightly, are you sure you are not here to travel?

However, the pictures that happened next made those contestants who passed the first three tiers harder and harder, almost spit out blood, and almost passed out on the spot!

The third layer; the mountains of flame exude a hot and violent breath, with flames everywhere, and the sea of fire is burning for thousands of miles, as if it takes only a few seconds to ignite the whole body of fighting spirit!

The two-headed dragon-fire unicorn puppet was originally a creature of all directions, and the unicorn puppet that Lin Chen encountered on the third floor was a sixth-order intermediate level, comparable to the early four stages of Yuanzun Realm.

However, in front of Lin Chens Wan Zai Xuan Qinglong, the two big guys were crushed into nothingness before three appearances!

"Tianling Battle Tower participants: Lin Chen, Ning Qingxuan. Passing the first three floors, time consuming: 1 hour, ranking tenth temporarily."

As a light screen emerged, the information of the two was logged in the Celestial War List.

Although the ranking is only ranked 10th, but everyone can see that if they did not play Ning Qingxuan to play the tower, the first must belong to two people!

"Lin Chen, thank you."

Suddenly, Ning Qingxuan in the Heavenly Spirit Battle Tower smiled softly and seriously at Lin Chen Yan.

"Thank you. Wouldn't it be better to wait until I give your birthday gift in full next time?"

Hearing this, Ning Qingxuan shook his head-"No, this is my birthday gift. I am already very happy. I have such memories in this last period of time. I am very satisfied, and there is something about me. , I dont want to trouble you anymore."

Lin Chen frowned and asked urgently-"Why?"

"Don't ask, don't care, okay..." Ning Qingxuan struggled and said to Lin Chen with a pleading tone.