My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 422

Chapter 422: The Concubine Of The Gods?

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Chapter 422

Before Lin Chen agreed, Ning Qingxuan turned and ran away. Lin Chen did not stop her, but silently glanced at the tears on the ground.

A smart woman like Ning Qingxuan, she does not want to let herself intervene in her affairs, there must be her ideas, Lin Chen, who has always acted resolutely, but for the first time fell into hesitation in this matter.

When Lin Chen walked out of the Celestial Battle Tower, he became the focus of the audience!

He looked around and hoped that Ning Qingxuan had long since disappeared. Lin Chen frowned, and somehow, an irritable emotion flooded his heart.

"Oh! Ranked tenth, is your strength like this? I can't think of Ning Qingxuan's fancy men."

At this time; Xie Hanfeng came out of the tower with the name of the first place in the first round, his face full of teasing and ironic smile looked at Lin Chen.

Lin Chen entered the Tianling Battle Tower with his forefoot just now. He followed his heels and ran into the tower alone. With the name of the strongest Tianjiao in his contemporary Tianzhou ancient family, he cut off the first name!

It's a pity that when he was looking at the tower, he couldn't watch Lin Chen's situation.

"Does the first place in the first round make you jump like this? The show is still coming, don't worry, you will know in the next round that your so-called Tianzhou is the strongest in front of me, not even a fart!"

Lin Chen was in a bad mood. He smiled indifferently and turned to leave. Xie Hanfeng held a white paper fan and ridiculed Lin Chen for being inferior to others.

Seeing that Lin Chen's eyebrows were so angry, no one dared to approach him except Yan Qianyun.

"It's magical, you actually met Miss Ning Qingxuan of the Ning family."

Yan Qianyun walked beside Lin Chen and asked curiously.

"Do you know anything about her life experience or something."

Lin Chen suddenly turned to look at Yan Qianyun and asked seriously.

"Don't you know? Miss Ning Qingxuan of the Ning family is a character who is regarded by the spirit servants. In the future, she must be one of the concubines of the gods, with a high status, but our most special saint in Lingzhou."

Yan Qianyun's words made Lin Chenru thunderous!

It turned out that it was no wonder that she didn't want to let herself intervene in her affairs. She turned out to be the woman chosen as the concubine of the gods?

"When will she be picked up by that god?"-Lin Chen suddenly asked, and then she felt a little brainless about this question. How could Yan Qianyun know this kind of thing.

"It is estimated that there will be another decade or so, or as long as Miss Ning Qingxuan is promoted to the four levels of Yuanzun Realm, the servants of God will personally take her to the area outside of Kyushu. When the time comes, the entire Ning family will be ascended to heaven ."

Yan Qianyun's answer made Lin Chen look at her with amazement, her rare playful wink-"Don't underestimate the information controlled by the Yan family, we are the family of mathematicians."

"A decade or so, maybe it's too late!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, there was a flash of warfare! Yan Qianyun's heart trembled, and his eyes turned brilliantly. He couldn't help it. How dare he fight against the gods?

There are less than four days left for the first round of the Celestials Congress.

During this time, Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun studied fortune tellers together, because Yan Qianyun, who bet on Lin Chen, was not stingy, and patiently taught about the problems of fortune tellers.

Except for the contestants of the Tianling Battle Tower, many contestants did not know the name of Lin Chen. Most people took the time to take care of the rest after participating in the first round of competition, and had no time to ignore the outside world.

Five days in a blink of an eye, the first round of the Celestial Leaderboard ends and the second round is about to begin!

Tian Ling Bao Pavilion, a dense room, Lin Chen appeared alone, looking through the list here.

"Mingquan Shadow Shadow Knife, low-order sixth order, selling price: Ten Spirit Points."

"Pure Yang Jiulie Mine, a 7th-order low-grade ore, selling price: Tianling Points 90 points."

"Yin and Yang are still alive, the seventh-order low-level heaven and earth treasure, price: Tianling points 110 points."

"Zhenxia Juan, there are seven, seventy-nine and forty-nine Zhenxia sword qi, each sword qi has a full blow of the triple later Yuanzun Realm, the price: 100 points of heavenly spirit points."

"True Emperor Xuan Chalcedony, a 7th-order low-grade ore, has the power to restore condensate and 7th-order weapons. Price: 300 Celestial Points."

These treasures are all of the highest quality and excellent, and 1 point of Tianling points can buy fifth-order top-level treasures.

The things on the treasure list are all the top treasures contributed by the joint forces of Tiange College and Tianshu College. They are also very attractive to Yuanzunjing!

"I won the first place in the first round of refining medicine, casting equipment, and arithmetic division, and each got three 100 points, plus the tenth place in the Celestial Battle Tower, 30 points, that is 330 points."

Lin Chen looked at 330 points here and it seems that he can get a lot of good things!

When just picking several kinds of seventh-level rare ore mines, Lin Chen's eyes were fixed on a certain treasure in no time!

"The Archaic Incomplete Xuanjuan "Xiu Luo Nine Huang Changes" has five of them, the grade can not be identified, the Archaeological Secrets, price: 1350 Tianling Points."

Shura Jiuhuang becomes the fifth volume!

Lin Chen's heartbeat suddenly accelerated! He has just received the fourth volume of Shuras Nine Huang Change. If he can get the fifth volume, under the eighth level of Yuanzun, he should be able to threaten his existence.

"It must be bought! It is only in the first round, and there are not many points, but if it is the third round, it may be bought by others. I must grab it in front of the other party!"

Lin Chen withdrew his original thoughts, he had to store Tianling Points to purchase the fifth volume of Shura Jiuhuang Change!

The next day, the second round of the Sky Spirit Conference was held!

The competition time is ten days; the Tianling Tower is open from the fourth floor to the sixth floor. Regardless of whether it's medicine or casting, the number of people who entered the second round was only one-fifth of the first round!

All that remains are geniuses among geniuses!

Lin Chens first round of the game was somewhat unexpected; the mathematician first (ranked first with Yan Qianyun)

The first caster, the combat power ranking temporarily ranks tenth, and the refining medicine is also tied for first place!

There is a mysterious Tianjiao from Tianzhou. He also refined the Elixir of the same level as Lin Chen within seven days!

At the entrance to the refining hall, Lin Chen still chose to start with refining.

Just after arriving at the entrance passage, Lin Chen saw the Jade Flying Dragon, and he also entered the second round.

When Yu Feilong saw Lin Chen, the green muscles were exposed, and he hadn't waited for him to speak. A group of old people were like hungry wolves, and they immediately surrounded Lin Chen!

When many spectators and contestants outside the court saw the coming people clearly, they could not help but sigh in the air!

Especially the Tianjiao who had been traveling with Yu Feilong when they saw the six people clearly exclaimed!

"Da Rufeng of Tianzhou, Master Wei Qingmo?"

"My God! There are three seniors of Qingxuzi, why are they holding this boy?"

"The one standing behind him, is Tianzhou's Shenyu Casting Master, Dream Qianhai?"

Many contestants sighed in the air, these are heavyweights on two continents!

Even, of these six people, two people hold Lin Chen's thighs one by one! The crying father shouted like a mother.

"Finally found you! Little friend Lin Chen, the old man begs you, you just accept the old man as a disciple!"

Hearing this sentence, everyone instantly froze!