My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Tianzhou Lai

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Chapter 423: Tianzhou Li Di!

"As long as you teach the old man "Jinyang Casting Technique", no, it's enough to teach the first half. The old man can do it for you!

"Little fellow, my granddaughter of Wei Qingmo is a couple with your Lang Cai and maid. The old man thinks that the two of you can meet at a time!"

The Taishan Beidous in the refining industry and the forging industry are striving to please Lin Chen, especially when Qian Qianhai and Xi Rufeng hold Lin Chen's thighs from left to right, many Tianjiao see this scene and their brains fall into a blank!

In the past, the masters who used their noses to look at people, even the ancient Taishan Beidou, which was difficult to move in the ancient family, today rushed to please a person of the same age as them?

Is this world crazy or are they hallucinating?

The incomparable Yu Feilong stared at Lin Rufeng, who had been admiring him for many years, begging Lin Chen's thigh and begging him in the place!

It was not just him, the arrogance of Lin Chen who was mocking Lin Chen as a steamed bun and Lingzhou monkey when he signed up was even a whiplash!

Their minds coincided with Lin Chen's original phrase "Master Master's introductory learning letter?" Is it great?

Let's take a look at the appearance of Master Ruru Feng holding Lin Chen's thigh at the moment. This is really not a great thing for him, but it is not worth mentioning at all!

Because even he himself wanted to worship Lin Chen as a teacher!

Yu Feilong's twitching with a broken soul laughed a few times, and the proud'learning letter' in his hand fell to the ground and was stained with dust.

"You guys are annoying! There is no end! Look at this handsome face, am I a man lacking a woman? I still have to hurry to participate in the competition, you flash aside!"

Lin Chen was kind enough to kick and kick the old seniors who used to be guests of the ancient family even to the side, and the audience and participants outside the venue were numb!

After finally getting rid of the six people, Lin Chen stepped into the venue. The second round of the refining competition was contested. The rule was to refining the highest-quality pill in ten days.

In the third round, it is the final. Only the four highest ranked players can enter the final.

"I heard that in the first round of the last time there was someone who could even tie me. It seems that mentioning Tianzhou and Lingzhou are really crouching tigers and hiding dragons."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. Although he didn't fully exert his full strength last time, he didn't expect that there are even younger generations on the two continents who can compete with him in the field of refining medicine.

To put it bluntly, Lin Chen, who has inherited half of Han's experience and records of refining medicine in the past, has almost all the strength of refining medicine in Lingzhou, not only the younger generation, who can be compared with him, perhaps not more than 35. people!

This is also the reason why Xi Rufeng and other refining medicine masters who treat refining medicine as their lives will not hesitate to hold Lin Chens thigh and ask for teaching, because they can see at a glance that Lin Chens level is even stronger than them!

"Why, are you thinking about what fingerprints to use for refining the Elixir?"

When the beautiful lady's light voice came, Dan Qianqiu smiled beside Lin Chen.

"No, I was thinking who was behind to discuss my handsomeness."

Lin Chen said with a serious smile, Dan Qianqiu gave him a white look. This time they were surprisingly photographed together. Lin Chen was on the 97th stage and she was on the 96th.

"Cuckoo, are you Lin Chen? I can't think that people of this level can still appear in Lingzhou. It seems that this competition is a bit worthwhile."

The hoarse and weird laughter wrapped out the strong and vast spiritual fluctuations, and spread from the other side of Lin Chen, Lin Chen's eyes suddenly narrowed!

Qingpao stood proudly on the No. 98 competition platform. He was as cold as a thousand years of black ice. When Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong, he found that the other party was just like him, only one step away from the spiritual power in the middle of the French phase.

"Oh? Are you the first guy next to me?"

Lin Chen raised a brow and said indifferently. Dan Qianqiu immediately waited closely, staring at him closely.

"It's a bit of an eye, but this day the Lingbang champion of refining medicine. It belongs to my Tianzhou!"

With a slight grasp of the palm, the sixth-tier advanced Tenglong Fenyang Furnace took off and landed on the countertop.

He reversed with one hand, thousands of medicinal materials suspended in the void, like Lin Chen at the beginning, with one hand separated from the sky, hundreds of medicinal materials suddenly poured into the Dan furnace!

Even more amazing is that when he urged the alchemy handprint, it turned out to be just a green-level advanced alchemy handprint!

On the speed and success rate of refining medicine, it is generally better to belong to the higher-level alchemy handprint, but this person uses the blue-level advanced alchemy handprint, presumably to practice this alchemy handprint to the highest level!

If the success rate of using low-level fingerprints can be guaranteed, the mental power consumed by low-level fingerprints will naturally be greatly reduced!

"Remember to beat my name, Li Tao, I will be the character who will end your illusory legends. You alone are not qualified to be called a god!"

Li Si sneered slightly, and the pupil under his cloak passed a mysterious blue light!

"Are you challenging me?"

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows and still took out the previous fifth-tier top-level furnace!

The Naling Ring turned slightly, and Lin Chen's medicinal materials were also thousands of kinds. He successively eliminated a large number of arrogances that provoke him in the territory of the torch, and he also beheaded the four purple ranks, and the natural materials and treasures are completely indispensable.

"Take your full strength, otherwise I will make you unable to even enter the third round!" Li Luo smiled with arrogance, the palm prints of his hands suddenly changed!

His hands folded, his little finger intertwined, his index finger butt, and his **** twisted, forming a strange mark!


The red furnace is opened, and a large amount of medicinal materials are poured into the red furnace like a tornado storm, showing the speed of rapid rotation to remove the impurities of many natural materials and treasures. Put it in the Dan furnace!

His technique has also attracted the attention of many powerful men. Only the high-level handprints of the green rank, his skills have almost climbed to perfection!

"Awesome alchemy skills, is this really the height that can be achieved by the high-level handprints of the Green Order?"

"What a terrible young man! Even if such strength is on the list of the refining medicine gods in the past, there has never been a young man of this level."

"Lin Chen has met a strong enemy! This person should be the Li Family of Tianzhou. He is said to be the illegitimate child of a strong man. The bloodline is not simple..."

Some veteran Lingzhou strongmen have also heard of the title of Tianzhou's Li Li.

Looking at Li Luo, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

"This guy has the same taste as Soul Mobai! The descendant of the gods? No, he is not as strong as the Soul Mobai's veins. There are very few signs of the existence of the veins in the body, much thinner than the descendants of the gods. "