My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Sixth Order Intermediate Grade

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Chapter 424, Sixth-Order Intermediate Inferior Class!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, the marks of his hands changed suddenly, his ring finger and **** condensed into a heavy firemark, and his fingers were abrupt. The flame of the Nadan furnace suddenly condensed into a seven-fold firemark.


There was an uproar in the auditorium. Lin Chen even used the green-level intermediate alchemy fingerprint to simultaneously refining hundreds of medicinal materials, and looked at it. The first round of the two was already a sixth-level primary Chinese medicine. This round is at least Elementary top grade, top grade, and even level 6 intermediate!

Refining the sixth-order intermediate pill with the green-order alchemy fingerprint! This can only be done with individual master-level pharmacists!

"There is no doubt that the strength of the two of them is probably not inferior to the refining medicine giant on our two continents!"

"Dare to use the blue-level handprints to refine the sixth-level low-level super medicine. This step is so cumbersome, it proves that their true level may be above the sixth-level high-level!"

"My God! How old are they two, and are they already senior Tier 6 pharmacists?"

Nearly half of the audience focused their attention on Lin Chen and Li Luo; the encounter between the two was the same as the final held in advance!

"Bahuang Xuanhuo Dragon Spit Pearl!"

A fire dragon wandered through the Yae Fire Seal, spitting out the blazing flames, and shot into the Dan furnace!

The medicinal materials in the dan furnace are smelting at a speed that is visible to the naked eye, and the smelting is continuously stripped. As long as each medicinal material reaches the ideal state, Lin Chen will immediately be taken to the bottom of the dan furnace and begin to enter the next stage!

Throughout the process, even the layman sees a pleasing sense of fluency!

"Ten days of the world, Jinwu Liandan!"

The handprint of Li Si changed again, and the handprint of the fingertips changed suddenly. The ten rounds of sun-dawn turned into golden flames, spitting into the red flames, and rushed into the red furnace to penetrate all the medicinal materials. !

The two are tit-for-tat, and their splendidness is no less than that of the previous medicine finals! Many viewers watched intently!

Both Lin Chen and Li Shi are completely different from ordinary pharmacists in terms of the method of refining medicine or the control of their mental strength!

The alchemy fingerprints of the middle-level and high-level of the blue rank have exerted their strength beyond the original class in their hands!

Two days passed by; the energy fluctuations in the two-man Dan furnace became stronger and stronger!

If the refining is a sixth-level intermediate medicine, even if it is as strong as two people's refining skills, if it is a mistake, it will waste a lot of mental power and fighting spirit!

On the afternoon of the third day, his hands went out to sea like Ssangyong, and the pure energy like overflowing clear water and blue sea turned into dozens of streamers into the Dan furnace. At the last moment when he went out of Dan, he switched to "San Qing Ling Watermark"!

Lin Chen shot the Dan Furan suddenly, a Danxia Qi rushed to the Han Dynasty, the colorful and gorgeous Dan Yun, his immortal medicine, the first to complete the refining!

"It's Lin Chen who will be the first one!"

"This is too fast? Is he refining the sixth level or below?

"It took only about three days for him to make it? The old man watched the energy of the Elixir in Li Zi's son condensing into three-fifths. He needs at least two more days."

The vision of Lin Chens emergence once again alarmed many referee elders and senior officials watching the battle; the elders of Tiange Academy fell into a state of tension.

But see, Dan Yun of the colorful radiance rushed out of a pale blue Dan Lei, and suddenly split towards the Dan furnace!

Boom~! Bang~!

Lin Chens legs are like the shadow of the wind demon, tearing the void, and personally shot and scattered the Dalei that is enough to threaten the fourfold of Yuanzun Realm!

The silver robe rolled, he walked lightly and gently into the void, and greeted Na Danlei actively!

~! boom! boom!

One after another, Dan Lei slammed down, Lin Chen made several fists, his legs spread like a meteoric wind, and turned into a burst of energy, destroying all Dan Lei!

"His! What a terrible strength! He was in the first stage of Yuanzun Realm, right? This Dan Lei didn't dare to be completely hard-wired even in the mid-fourth stage!"

"Dan Lei is so strong, this medicine is born to be a sixth-level intermediate!"

"This child's physique is very special, and it has a taste of the energy of the Heavenly Tribulation. His pure power and body style are terrible, and even the old man can't capture his body track!"

Tian Rufeng suddenly stood up in shock, his old eyes exuded for the first time!

"Sixth-level intermediate! Absolutely the sixth-level intermediate pill. This child used the green-level alchemy fingerprint to refine the sixth-level intermediate pill in three days. This child's refining power is already above the old man!"

As soon as this remark came out, the men were shocked!

Tie Rufeng is one of the top refining masters in Tianzhou. The disciples of his disciples are all first-class refining masters of refining medicine.

His name, even the strong man in Lingzhou, is like a thunderous ear. This time, he personally admitted that he can't even be as good as Lin Chen?

A terrifying thought arose in everyone's heart...

Is it possible that his refining strength can reach the top six ranks?

Looking at the teenager who was not afraid of Dan Lei, everyone swallowed a spit, the talent for refining medicine was so perverted, and the fighting power of this child was so terrifying. What kind of demon did the Tiange Academy collect?


The elders of Tiange Academy smiled at each other, and the laughter was full of joy and joy.

In the past, the Tianling Academy always held the Tiange Academy in the past. Now Lin Chen is playing, it is a top four! Completely slap the Tianjiao Academy's Tianjiao this year!

In less than a quarter of an hour, Lin Chen personally dispelled the Dan Lei that shrouded the tens of thousands of skies and understated it!

A pale golden longan-shaped elixir rose up, Lin Chen grabbed it and smiled lightly.

"Sixth-level intermediate inferior medicine, Xuanyang quenching body medicine."

Sixth-grade intermediate grade?

The audience of non-participating pharmacists stood up in shock! His face was horrified, Lin Chen was so fast, they thought that the refining was below level six!

"Oh? Sixth-order intermediate grade inferior, he seems to switch the alchemy handprint at the last moment, sublimating the level of young pill again!"

Although Li Si didn't speak, he still expressed shock in his eyes!

"In three days, the sixth-level intermediate elixir was refined...the future is promising, contestant Lin Chen, are you sure to turn in this elixir as the result of your second round of participation."

The referee elder stepped into the venue and asked seriously.

"I'm sure, I have three games to follow, and I don't have time to spend time here."

Lin Chenyun smiled lightly, and the referee elder urged the war suspension to take the Elixir, and after careful observation, it was confirmed that it was correct and immediately announced.

"Participant Lin Chen, the result of the second round of the refining medicine conference, the quenching type medicine: Xuanyang quenching body medicine! The grade is: Sixth grade intermediate grade!"