My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 425

Chapter 425: Chuangtianling Battle Tower

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Chapter 425

After announcing the result, Lin Chen took the Elixir and left the venue without looking back.

Before leaving, a cold and sarcastic voice came into Lin Chen's ears.

"Oh, don't you think you want to win me based on this grade?"

"I always treat opponents only by measuring the strength of the opponent and then consider whether to show real strength. If you want me to give full strength, then you can take out some decent strength to try to attract my attention."

Lin Chen waved at random and left the refining venue without hesitation!


Tianling Battle Tower venue; the second round will open the 4th to 6th floors!

Put in the previous conference of the Celestial Rankings, there will often be a third round of no one to advance, because the 4th layer will have a great jump in difficulty! The person who can almost cross the sixth floor is the first!

Outside the battle tower, the hot venue is full of shouts and roars. Many forces on two continents cheer for their young Tianjiao, and they are full of momentum!

Suddenly, the scene slowly quieted down, and millions of strong men suddenly fell into silence!

A breath of war will enter the venue!

The young man's silver robe was picturesque, his coat was sloping, and the hunting was screaming. When he stepped into the venue, the sky was full of wind!

"It's Lin Chen!"

"It's a terrible breath, is this really a respect for Yuanzun's realm, I have never seen such a scary young man!"

"Who provokes him, this murderous sky, he is going to kill him?"

Many contestants rolled their throats and quickly made way for Lin Chen, his gloomy expression revealed the sharp murderousness of the sword!

Fang Cai, he went to the referee elders of the Tianling Battle Tower to find out that Ning Qingxuan had been abstained from the Ning family's high-level representatives and forcibly taken away!

Perhaps it was the Ning family who did not allow her to contact other people in the outside world.

"Oh, Lin Chen, why are you Miss Ning Qingxuan in Lingzhou not with you."

At this time, Xie Hanfeng sneered in front of Lin Chen.

"Go away, don't die."

The shock drink mixed with the fluctuation of the spiritual power of the Fa-phase environment suddenly shocked in Xie Hanfeng's mind, forcing him to step back three times!

Lin Chen walked straight into the Heavenly Spirit Battle Tower, too lazy to ignore this noisy guy.

"The spiritual power of the Fa-situation really is a bit capable; however, the first place in the Celestial Battle Tower is still my Xie Hanfeng!"

Immediately after Lin Chen, Xie Hanfeng also entered the entrance of the second battle tower!

"Qing Xuan didn't show up. This thing was not that simple. It seems that this matter has happened. I have to go to the Ning family in person!"

Lin Chen stepped into the Heavenly Spirit Battle Tower and put his own identity token. A quaint old man next to him slowly opened his eyes and an obscure old voice came.

"Participant; Lin Chen. You are sure to participate in the battle tower alone; the registration record shows that you are participating in a double place. If you insist on single competition, you will face two opponents in one battle tower on each floor. Are you sure? Want to participate?"

"I confirm."

Someone Lin was active, and he smiled indifferently. It was hard to conceal the fighting intention in his eyes!

A surprise glanced at Lin Chen, and the elder nodded, releasing a ray of fighting spirit, and opened the gate of the battle tower!

Outside the battle tower, there are several more light screens projected by the Magic Eye Stone, and Lin Chen and Xie Hanfeng entered the venue at the same time!

Xie Hanfeng's opponent is an old puppet in the mid-quadruple of Yuanzun Realm, the Yuanzun Realm that fell in ancient times!

However, Xie Hanfeng's self-cultivation is already in the late triple, and the background is extremely strong. This puppet in the late quadruple is simply not enough!

"No! Lin Chen is participating in a two-person team game. How does he play against two puppets alone?"

"Don't he plan to come out with all his strength?"

Just as the group of heroes was in doubt, Lin Chen's light screen appeared a giant and an old figure, which is the sixth stage of the intermediate red scarlet leopard and the ancient Yuanzun Realm of the quadruple stage!

Inside the battle tower space;

The purple phoenix wing suddenly rose, and stepped like Hades wind prison, tearing the void in an instant!

The speed is so fast that almost no one in the battlefield can capture his trajectory!

That ancient Yuan Zunjing puppet pushed the void in the palm of his hand, and the Yuan Qi was transformed into a quadruple ghost gate to protect himself!


Thousands of feet across the shore, the red-streak leopard responded extremely fast, seven red-streaks stood out, and the lightning-like rage burst into the void, waving to Lin Chen!


Lin Chen's afterimage turned into a shock, the speed increased again, and the attack of the Red Scar Leopard didn't even touch Lin Chen's clothes corner!

"Blue Dragon Possessing Dark Dragon Palm!"

The 5th Dark Dragon Power urged by the 51000 Dragon Force, when the Dark Tribulation Warrior was urged, Lin Chens right arm was rendered black, and no charge rune was needed, and the black five fingers slammed into the Quadruple Ghost Gate Above!

boom! boom! boom!

The twisted seven-fold dark dragon force completely shattered the four-fold ghost gate, and the deep robbery of the abyss was accompanied by the strong dragon force to penetrate the ancient puppet!

Sigh~! The sound of tearing sounded, the ancient puppets were broken into pieces and broken on the spot! Several attribute light **** are scattered!

The volley is spinning at a rapid speed, and 50,000 dragon powers continue to erupt. Lin Chen, transformed into a wind-robbing battle body, flashes instantly, transforming into a strong wind, and blasting towards the red marking leopard!

The red leopard leopard jumped several flashes in a row, the huge mountain exploded at an unimaginable speed, and several vertical flashes jumped thousands of miles away!

Lin Chens strong wind legs are like a sickle of death, and the red scarlet leopard, who has always been famous for speed, has not yet reacted, and he was swept by Lin Chens "Shadow Wind Demon Legs" and split in half! Several attribute light **** burst out again!

The previous puppet level was too low. Even if Lin Chen defeated, there was no attribute light ball falling, but the fourth layer was different.

[The host gains 1000 points of essence of combat energy, 3 points of rune energy, 1950 points of energy of qi and blood, 1 point of wind energy,]

When picking up the attributed light ball dropped by the puppet, the system light screen popped up and Lin Chen frowned slightly.

Even if these puppets drop the attribute light sphere, they can't compare with the real Yuanzun realm in the late quadruple.

"Maybe it's because of puppets, but at least it's better than nothing."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, and continued to skim forward.

"Participant, Lin Chen. Going to the fourth floor of the tower through two people, it took 5 seconds.

The two rays of light illuminate at the same time, Lin Chen and Xie Hanfeng pass through the fourth floor almost simultaneously!

However, the difficulty between the two is completely not comparable to one star! Lin Chen's is a two-player team game, and the strength of the tower creatures is higher than that of Xie Hanfeng!

The fourth floor passed, Lin Chen lightly wrote, stepped into the fifth floor!

Outside the Celestial Battle Tower, countless spectators and high-level spectators all froze!

Two tricks?

In the second stage of Yuanzun Realm, only two strokes were used to kill two puppets comparable to Yuanzunjing's fourth stage!

"Me, am I right? He only used two tricks?"

"Although Lin Chen picked four Zixun grades, it seems that these four Zixun grades have just been born, and their strength is at most comparable to the early stage of the quadruple? What the **** is this concept of killing two Yuanzunjing quadruple later!"

"No, you are mistaken! When he defeated the four Zixun ranks, Xiuwei was only the pinnacle of quasi-respect!"

"His strength has soared again, compared to when he defeated four Zixun ranks in Taihao City that day, he was much stronger!"