My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 426

Chapter 426: Lin Chenpossible

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Chapter 426, Lin Chen's Potential!

Within the top level of the Tianlingbang Conference;

"My God, this student of Tiange Academy is too terrifying!"

A group of high-ranking students from Tianshu College completely shook their heads in the wind and shouted abnormally!

"Oh, this child entered my Tiange Academy less than two years. Once admitted, it was the Qingxun class. During the three days of admission, he singled out two Qingxun old students, and then completed the Lanxun class as a Qingxun class. The mission of annihilating the evil sect. Became the first of our colleges to be upgraded to the rank of Lanxun, and it has also entered the top flame of the state of the sacred fire to kill Lingzhou. Thousands of Purple Orders!"

Those senior elders who valued Lin Chen especially all smiled, and there was an arrogance in their laughter!

The talents displayed by Lin Chen today cannot be overstated in one sentence!

The deputy dean lurking sideways smiled inadvertently, Lin Chen successfully returned from the purgatory, she already expected his strength to skyrocket, but this speed seems to be far beyond her expectations, it is really a little scary!

The fifth floor battle tower space;

The two figures, one old and one young, stood in the air, their eyes were indifferent, but the fierceness and fierceness between the eyebrows remained unchanged!

The first five levels of the two Yuanzun realms!

The gap between the fifth and fourth levels of Yuan Zunjing is almost double! Coupled with the two teamed up, the difficulty goes up!

When the thoughts moved, Jiuhuang became the first to start, and Lin Chen's cultivation stepped into the early stage of the second double!

"Blue Dragon, destroy them!"

At the moment when the command was issued, the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon turned into a dragon light and escaped into the void, between the display of the Qinglong and the shadow, the breath completely disappeared!

The same dragon race supernatural powers, the ancient Qinglong and Wanzai Xuanqing dragons exhibited two completely different effects. The two puppets could not perceive the breath of the Qinglong, and the strong players outside the field were no exception!

"Ancient Yuan Fragmented Finger!"-The puppet of the old man suddenly protruded his fingers to embellish the void, the blue pillars were like light, spanning thousands of miles, and an energy finger penetrated the crystal wall of space, pointing directly to Lin Chen!

"Qian Yuan SwordYin and Yang Division!"

The green puppet puppet was holding a giant sword of energy, holding it up and splitting the yin and yang, all the four directions around the world were slashing the sword gas to Lin Chen!

Bang~! Lin Chen moved like a divine light, with a sixth-order sword in his hand, hegemonic and awe-inspiring! Cut off the encirclement of many sword qi, and easily avoid the terrifying finger!


The purple phoenix wings flapped, Lin Chenshuang, who played Lei Qianqianying, was next to the puppet for at least a year. As the wind robbery warrior urged, the turbulent blue light jumped four times in a row, crushing the energy of the young puppet. Nothingness!

With both hands holding the knife over his head, Lin Chen slashed a knife in the air, tearing the Yuanzun Realm Defense at the beginning of the Five Layers alive!

After a knife, as if you were a dragon, you slammed away again, slashing the head of the puppet like lightning! More than a dozen attribute lightballs flew out!

Sigh~! boom!

Two black-blue light-blade wheel dances chiseled, cut open the old puppet's attack on the air, bombarded its shoulders frontally, and cut two cracks that reached one finger!

In the void, the figure of Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon emerged, and the body of the dragon shook suddenly. The dragon scales of the whole body glowed with a dark green light, releasing their own dragon power into a realm of blue and green dragon spirit!

In this field, the figure movement of the old puppet was suppressed and slowed down by more than 40%!

Xuanqing Dragon Domain! This is a brand-new magical power of the transformation of the green dragon. Only 51000 of the dragon power can still suppress the early strong power of the five-level element!

Tear ~! boom!

The dragon's tail swinged, and Lin Chen's figure appeared on the other side. A dark dragon palm cooperated with the blue dragon's raging waves, smashing the old puppet into pieces and shattering into dozens of attribute light balls.

After taking away the attribute light **** dropped by the two puppets at one go, Lin Chen's fighting spirit was slightly improved, and he gained a thousand points of talent and talent points respectively.

Still a spike! Although the strength of the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon is only 51000 dragon power, the pure power of a single round is only in the early stage of the fourfold.

However, the magical power of the blood vessel's transformation and shackles has evolved too much against the sky, so that in the face of the early stage of the five-fold powerhouse can unilaterally suppress, this is the power of the blood vessel!

If you count Qinglong's move, it will only add up to five moves! Five strokes wipe out the two five-fold early Yuanzun realm!

"Participant, Lin Chen. Going to the fifth floor of the tower through two people, time: 8 seconds."

When the light screen came out first, whether it was a high-level audience watching or an audience outside the court, there was already a terrifying panic between the heart shock!

The first stage of the late stage, the second step of the spike, the fifth stage of the early stage?

If it is just a heads-up spike, then it is not enough to shock the high-level.

But the most frightening thing is that he is alone in the double team competition! Pick one out of two!

Is this **** human? This is a monster!

Although the puppets cannot fully represent the strong men of the same level, the initial cultivation of the fifth layer is solid, one-on-two second kill, this strength has never appeared in the history of Lingzhou!

"Sixth floor! This Lin Chen's strength is too perverted! He can definitely pass the sixth floor!"

"No, I think he can make history again. Maybe he can get through the seventh floor?"

"It's difficult, it's difficult. The puppet strength on the seventh floor is completely different from the fifth floor!"

"It's very difficult for Yuanzun Realm to go beyond the realm of challenge. It's very easy to say that the puppets on the seventh floor can also completely kill the puppets on the fifth floor."

"No, no, have you forgotten, this Lin Chen is participating in a two-person team game, if his partner does not come, he can only play two puppets of seven layers on one person. It may not be possible to retreat in the future!"

"I think so too. I think if he is participating in a single tower, he should have the opportunity to cross the seventh floor, but if it is a two-person team game, it is too difficult!"

Many veteran Yuan Zunjing powerful people have a lot of discussion; set off an unprecedented frenzy!

Yun Dan breezed away the two puppets, and Lin Chen arrived at the battle space on the sixth floor!

Contrary to the fifth floor, what emerges on the sixth floor is that two middle-aged swordsmen in white clothes win the snow!

The iron sword in their hands is like a bright moon shining nine rounds of moonlight, and the light is scattered throughout the space of the battle tower!

Two ancient swordsmen of the late five-fold!

"Is the five-fold late stage, a completely different sense of oppression!"

Lin Chen's expression, with a serious expression on his face, the body of the Heavenly Tribulation War suddenly broke out a strong fighting spirit!

The second change of Jiuhuang is displayed! Lin Chen's cultivation base once again soared from the early stage of the second stage to the later stage of the second stage!


The monstrous sword was like a tide, and the moment Lin Chen released the blue dragon, he cast the blue dragon to dive into the void, and the lightning shadow flashed under his feet!


The sword splits nine skies, and the two white-sword swordsmen only produce one sword.

The sharpness of the sword gas made a large number of spectators outside the stadium reveal that the magic eye stone felt the sharp edge that could not be directly looked at.

The combat power of the late fifth layer can be almost equal to the two early five layers!