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Chapter 427: Strongly Break Through The Sixth Floor

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Chapter 427, Strongly Break Through the Sixth Floor!

"Netherworld Six Flashes!"

Lin Chenchun's power broke out, wielding the sword in the spirit of controlling wind robbery, pulling out the pale blue sword light of the thrilling film, blinking the knife light six times in a row, shattering one of the white light swords!

When Jianguang's aftertaste exploded, Lin Chen was killed, and he launched the earth robbery battle and turned into'Wanyue Xuanzhenjia'. The light of Zi Jintong flashed by!

"Tao Gang moved!"

The purple phoenix wing flapped, Lin Chen urged the highest realm of trampling thunder, and instantly turned into a purple-like thunder-fire-like afterimage, the knife light fiercely cleaved the first puppet on the left!

Dang ~!

In the later period of Wuzhong, it is not an idle person. The puppet sword front is in the air, blocking Lin Chen's first sword!

I saw Lin Chen holding the knife in both hands, and turned into a whirlwind of knife light!

Boom ~ boom ~ boom ~!

The sword was screaming and roaring, rolling like a dragon, and a cyan knife light was like a daylight, flashing five times in a row, one time faster than one time, cutting the crystal wall of the space to cut off the white swordsman!

He quickly pulled the iron sword in his hand, and countless sword shadows were like an airtight sword net, covering the sky and the earth! Take all the sword energies of Lin Chen!

"Sura's Fury!"

The two vigorously evacuated Shura golems have three heads and six arms, making a singing voice, and burst out two spiritual shocks that shattered the galaxy!

Spiritual shock hits the swordsman in white, shattering his defensive defense, and makes his fighting consciousness pause briefly!

Tear ~! The sixth flash of the sword light was cut diagonally, like a horizontal sunrise, chopping the space crystal wall, blocking the waist across the white swordsman's waist, tearing a crack!

"Nether Seventh Flash!"

Lin Chen touched the blade with his palm, urging the third change of Shura Jiuhuang's change!

The nine-color fighting spirit in the body once again condensed into the third fighting strength Yuanfu, repaired to temporarily break the triple early stage!

Waving the sword, two hells of ghostly blades of light flashed across, almost to the point that there was no ripples in the space, only a faint trace of the knife!

A sword in the white-clad swordsman's wheel dance pierced a sword, but it was only able to withstand the first knife mark, and the second knife passed between his neck and neck, leaving a fine crack like the fingertip.

Although the edge is light, but the sharpness is not reduced, this knife completely wiped out the puppet swordsman's consciousness!

"Good... knife..."

The puppet swordsman murmured to himself before the head body was separated, and there was a trace of satisfaction in the corner of his mouth, and then fell into the void, lost his fighting spirit, and dropped the attribute light ball of the ground!


A shocking explosion resounded throughout the battle space, and Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon and another white-swordsman fell into a fierce fierce battle!

In the area covered by the Xuanqing Dragon Field, no matter how sharp the swordsman of the white swordsman, the attack power is weakened by about 30%, and the remaining 70% of the power is completely positive for the well-known defensive Wan Zai Xuanqing Dragon. Hard to resist!

"It seems that you can take this to see how strong Qinglong has become."

Lin Chen didn't go to help, after taking away all the attribute light balls, he retreated to the side and opened the system panel.

"System, I want to increase the strength of reinforced iron bones to 10%!"

[The system prompts the host that the reinforced iron bone talent is: 5%. If it is increased to 10%, it takes 5000 talent points. The host holds a talent point: 13400 points. Are you sure to upgrade the talent?


The moment the command was given, the warm current turned Lin Chen's limbs and bones, his skin glowed with a stronger light!

After strengthening the "Reinforced Iron Bone" talent, Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon has already scored a victory with the white swordsman, and won it in less than 100 rounds!

Qinglong swept away all the attribute light balls, Lin Chen's fighting strength was loose as the bottleneck.

If it is to kill two genuine five-fold late stage, perhaps the attributed light sphere obtained by Lin Chen will be able to step into the early stage of the second stage. However, the masters of this level are the elders who belong to the first-class forces in Lingzhou.

"It seems that the current Qinglong can meet the strong players in the early stage of the Sixth Layer alone. If it meets the middle stage of the Sixth Layer, the best result is a tie. The later stage of the Sixth Layer can only slightly delay the time."

After fully measuring the strength of Qinglong, Lin Chen put it into his body and appeared in a light screen!

"Participant, Lin Chen. Going to the sixth floor of the tower through two people, time: half a quarter of an hour. Officially passed the second round of the tower battle of the celestial rankings, and the celestial points will be distributed to the entrants according to the ranking after the second round. In the name of "."

The moment the light screen appeared, many powerful men took a breath!

Lin Chen was alone in the two-player five-fold period, and it still only took half a quarter of an hour!

Moreover, looking at the battle situation, the half-cent clock was only because Lin Chen stepped aside and used his Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon to fight alone. If he joined the battle, he didnt even need half-cent clock!

"It's too strong, there is no doubt that it is a half-purple knife."

"He used the pair of purple phoenix wings to match the top-level blue ranks to approach the enemy's melee field. He used the powerful physical refining strength to perfectly support the sword, and has a special secret of triple change to temporarily increase strength."

"In addition, the spiritual power approaching the middle of the French phase and the consciousness of cutting off the opponent with the outbreak of melee are seamless!"

"This little guy's mentality can also transform his own fighting energy into a Heavenly Tribulation Warfare Body, which is too unnatural!"

"Don't forget, there is his same origin as the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon, which has the same offense and defense. His strength is entirely possible to cross the seventh floor!"

Tianshu College, which has always been proud, can't help but be amazed. Xie Hanfeng of this year's school of Tianshu College's talent is certainly against the sky!

But he met Lin Chen! Doomed to him at this meeting of the Soul List, bleak, because the light of the former is so good!

"Unexpectedly, this little **** is already plump. If he is given another two years, where will he grow?"

"Oh, don't worry, the adult is born, and it won't take long. This Lingzhou is the world of our Bai family!"

"This kid is totally worthless in front of the adult!"

"With the personality of an adult, it is definitely impossible to grow this child. Hey, this time the Tianlingbang conference also found a lot of outstanding arrogance hidden by many families. Then it will be wiped out as soon as possible!"

The strong man of the Bai family sneered in the corner, and among the cold and humorous laughter, there was a point of suppression that suppressed for a long time!

Four hours later; the embarrassed Xie Hanfeng rushed out of the Heavenly Spirit Tower and laughed wildly!

"Ha ha ha! Lin Chen, how, is it still better for my Tianshu Academy... eh?"

Before he finished laughing, he made an owl-like growl and stared at the brand-new record on the list of Tianling's combat strength.

The sixth layer of the Tower Doubles, record holder: Lin Chen. It takes time; half a quarter of an hour.

"Half, half an hour? Did he return his mother's doubles?"

Xie Hanfeng's mouth twitched wildly, stunned in place!

Casting venue;

In the second round, the number of contestants was less than 4,000, which is nine tenths less than the first round!