My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Chilong Wanfeng Yuanming

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Chapter 428, Chilong Wanfeng Yuanming!

On the competition stage, Murong Qingxuesu held the forge hammer tightly in his hand and focused on casting the embryo in his hand. The same is true for Meng Xiangqing next to her. The visions of the embryos cast by the two girls are present, which makes the audience in the audience feel an extraordinary sense of oppression.

A figure emerged from the entrance to the competition platform, and went straight into the competition platform. Murong Qingxue, who was still very focused on the previous moment, felt the emergence of this breath. Hao teeth nibble at the corners of his lips and his heart was chaotic.

Since discovering that Lin Chen left last time, his fighting spirit star jade has appeared abnormal, Murong Qingxue is full of the figure that once saved himself.

"It seems that the game has entered a critical moment, and I just came at the right time!"

Lin Chen, who stepped onto the stage, chuckled, and Meng Xiangqing said seriously with a small face on her side.

"Brother Linchen, this time Xiangqing will show her full strength. Please don't reserve anything!"

"Relax, as you wish." Lin Chen nodded and glanced at the lady next to him, whistling frivolously. "Beauty, the legs are pretty."

"Dengtu prodigal son! I will squeeze you down in this game!"

With a fierce white glance at Lin Chen, Murong Qingxue calmed down a little bit, subconsciously meditating; how could this hooligan be that grace.

Lin Chen's appearance, instantly attracted the attention of many founders!

With one wave of his hand, two pieces of top-grade ore of the sixth order Wannian Fengxuanjing and blazing ore!

Lin Chen, with his bare hands, performed the Seventh Grade Casting Technique'Jinyang Casting Technique', it was still so shocking! The fist covering the gas of Gengjin broke the glowing mine with one punch!

Fingering like a gust of wind, unbreakable, Lin Chenxing cast two kinds of rare ore mines in the clouds and flowing water, and then shot one by one, fired into two pre-prepared sixth-level advanced beast cores, and began to melt!

In the past of one minute and one second, Lin Chens casting speed is still far superior to all the contestants. He clearly entered the venue on the fourth day of the second round, but there were already signs of the finished product on the sixth day. !

When Lin Chen saw two embryos, a master caster suddenly stood up from the auditorium and his pupils shrank!

"Just kidding, it took him such a short period of time to cast his weapons. Is it that during this period, he also plans to cast two sixth-order weapons at the same time?"

All the casters sitting outside the venue are not calm!

With Lin Chen's performance in the first round, he simply could not come up with a level lower than the first round!

In other words, the two weapons he forged were at least level 6 intermediate!

Cast two Tier VI intermediate weapons in two days? Even if the founding guru was out on the mountain himself, it would not be possible!

If the sixth-level intermediate weapons are so simple and can be cast out, it will be a bad street!

"His Jinyang casting technique has reached its peak! There is no doubt that his casting level is more terrible than that of our old guys!"

Grandpa Meng Xiangqing said at the beginning, Master Dream, who held Lin Chens thigh and asked for help, said enthusiastically!

Lin Chen perfectly inherited the memory of Jin Xiahua, the descendant of the previous generation of Jinyang caster technique, plus his physical refining ability will definitely not be inferior to Jin Xiahua.

His comprehensive caster level is already at the level of Jin Xiahua during his lifetime!

However, when he had two battlefields of Heavenly Tribulation, he perfectly surpassed Jin Xiahua during his lifetime, and gave perfect play to Jinyang Casting Art!

This caster technique requires a powerful gold and fire attributes. Lin Chens golden caliber and fire calamity are perfectly integrated. It can even be said that there are almost no people in Kyushu that can be more suitable for him than Jinyang. Casting technique!

It would only be a matter of time if he was given another period of time to become a seventh-tier caster!

On the seventh day, the three rays of light rose almost at the same time, reflecting the whole venue, and more than light!

It was Lin Chen and Murong Qingxue, both of them had completed casting at the same time!

"Very good, it is a sixth-grade intermediate inferior!"

Murong Qingxue stared at the frost ice sword in front of her, the axe and coldness of the sword body far exceeded the sixth-order lower level, making her pale and pretty face excited.


Suddenly, the frost sword turned slightly, and a few breathtaking sword spirits were spilled out. Murong Qingxue was about to urge the fighting spirit to resist, but there were bursts of weakness in the body!

"Oops! Too much warfare is consumed during the forging!"

The beautiful woman's pretty face was pale, her sword qi flickered, and when she was about to hurt her, a figure ran across in front of her, and her warm and powerful arms crossed her waist.

"Are you all right? Why are you so careless."

The young man's voice echoed to her ear, and when she heard this sentence, the beautiful lady's body flickered suddenly, and the tone was exactly the same as that of her gracious father who saved herself that day!

Murong Qingxue looked up urgently, but it was a childish handsome young boy's face, looking at her with a smile of evil charm in the corner of his mouth.

"you you!"

Murong Qingxue pushed Lin Chen away, thinking that the gentle and perfect young man and the young man in front of him were completely different characters. She sneered coldly; "No, I don't need you to help..."

The beauty was lacking in strength, and the soft and soft voice seemed to be coquettish between lovers. Lin Chen shrugged and waved his hand, and the tens of feet of green mansions rolled around, completely suppressing the sword.

"It's not every time someone can come to rescue you, so you have to be careful next time."

Lin Chen waved his hand back to his entry stage. This inadvertent sentence made Murong Qingxue shake again, stubbornly stubbornly pursed-"I want you to control!"

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled. He took over one of his brand-new warcrafts with one hand, one handle, the blade was one meter three, the blade was lightly bent and nimble, the blade was light green, and the cold was killing. Every edge was flowing around the blade. Void Blade.

One shank; the sword is 1.2 meters long, the shank is double wings, the blade is blazing, the ridge of the sword is like a dragon pattern, the whole body is crimson, the center is inlaid with a crystal nucleus like a night pearl, and the sharp edge is hot and sharp, just a little With a stroke, you can leave a faint sword mark on the space crystal wall!

Lin Chen's swords and knives were damaged in the battle of the soul, and he wanted to take this opportunity to re-cast his weapons.

He used only two pieces of sixth-order top-level rare ore and ten kinds of sixth-order intermediate ores plus a sixth-order high-level beast core to make these two top-notch weapons for which even the Yuanzun Realm is coveted!

"Well, it's called a hilt like a red wing, and a dragon's spine is carved with a dragon pattern, so it's called a red dragon! The knife is like a wind blade, and its momentum is strong, it is called Wanfeng Yuanming!"

Lin Chen pushed the newly created Chilong Sword and Wanfeng Yuanming Sword together and suspended it in front of the referee elders. All the referees immediately looked at the two weapons with a solemn expression!

"Swords are ranked sixth-grade premium! Knifes are ranked sixth-grade premium!"

"My God! The old man is really seeing him for a long time. If he didn't see it with his own eyes, I'm afraid no one would say that the old man wouldn't work! It took only three days to create two top-notch best-of-breed fighters after the sixth order! "

"This kid really shocked the world with just one shot! How many days have it passed! Even the old guys are ashamed of us, and they will serve as referees!"