My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 429

Chapter 429: 1. The First System Warning

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Chapter 429, The first system warning!

The elders of the referee were amazed. When the result was announced, they exploded completely outside the auditorium!

"My god, what the **** is this!"

"I remember that our history in Lingzhou seemed to be a six-stage intermediate-grade inferior weapon for five days!"

"It has completely broken Lingzhou's record to cast the sixth-order senior in three days! This kid actually cast two at the same time, it is really more dead than the popular one!"

Many audiences are both amazed and jealous, and the gap between people is really angry!

Some young and magnificent caster geniuses near Lin Chen suddenly found that their longing goddess stared at Lin Chen one by one, and then looked at his caster and then thought of his many years of practice, they were angry on the spot. Kick your own casting platform!

"Grass! Also participate in a fart contest!"

"Damn, I don't compare, go home and cultivate the fields!"

What is ironic is that several casters Tianjiao left their embryos on the spot and left.

Seeing this scene; those Tianjiao, who were eliminated in the first round, suddenly felt relieved, because the genius of the same age as this pervert, it is impossible to shine any light!

"Brother Lin Chen is really amazing!"

Meng Xiangqing's eyes flashed splendidly, staring at Lin Chen's back with some longing.

After appraising the result, Lin Chen left the casting facility non-stop, he has been spending too much time here, and there will be a game with the mathematician next!

"It's really impossible to exceed this monster-like guy, what kind of environment can this kind of monster be born..."

Murong Qingxue lowered his head and sighed, laughing suddenly, but suddenly found that the ground was filled with a faint light of war and attracted her attention.

It was a jade piece of warfare that was cut off by Jian Qi, and the surface shone with a light like fluorescent light.

When he saw this jade piece, Murong Qingxue stunned and quickly took out his own star jade, but found himself intact and subconsciously relieved.

"Huh? Since this star jade is not mine, isn't it...?"

The moment when Xingyu was picked up, Murong Qingxue stayed in place!

Slender slender jade fingers touched the sword mark, and his head glanced at many pictures. Finally, the young man's cynical smiley face and the mysterious and dull boy's face fit together.

"It turned out to be you, Lin Chen, you..."

The beautiful woman turned and wanted to find a boy again. He had already left. All she had left was hope, a pair of beautiful eyes in tears, yes.


Arithmetic meeting place; at this time there are only 25 people remaining in the meeting place!

In the final round of the third round, only the two best performers in the second round will advance!

Throughout the first round, even if it was only the ninth level of heaven and earth, to calculate the destiny of the other party's life in seven days, you must also avoid paying the price of reducing your life. This is too challenging for an arithmetic operator. !

If a life-span is used to deduct the fate of a wicked warrior in order to participate in this contest, is it not worth it for a fortune-teller to kill a chicken with a oxen knife?

Lin Chen spent half a day, and only two and a half days left when he arrived at the venue!

At this time, 19 of the 25 contestants have completed the general deduction of the fate of the target person.

Of course, this is not the result of this assessment. It is not as simple as last time. It is not a complete calculation of the fate of the target person. It only needs to account for a part of it.

The second round of the arithmetic competition; you need to choose one of the five Yuanzun realms and calculate the fate of the chosen target.

Because the life and destiny of Yuan Zunjing are completely different from those of Tiangang Realm, it is extremely difficult to completely calculate the chances of a Yuan Zunjing for the rest of its life! Even to say, there are only a handful of people who can do it without paying an important price!

Lin Chen stepped into the finals of the arithmetic division with the performance of Yan Qianyun after the last two and a half days!

If the time is not enough, Lin Chen also has the opportunity to compete with Yan Qianyun for the first place in this second round, but what Lin Chen expects is that it is only the Nine Tribulation Eyes of the six types of Heavenly Tribulation. So strong, what awesome power would be if the complete Nine Eyes!

After ten days of competition, the end of Lin Chens performance was even more of two firsts and two seconds!

The first in the battle list, the first in the cast, the medicine refining and the mathematician are all second!

In the aspect of refining medicine, Lin Chen was finally overtaken by Li Shao to make a sixth-order intermediate-grade medicinal medicine, which was taken first.

Dan Qianqiu followed, refining the sixth-level intermediate inferior medicine "Tai Yi Zhen Yuan Dan". However, it was temporarily ranked third because of its failure to surpass Lin Chen.

In the second round, the first place will have 250 points, the second place is 200 points, plus Lin Chens previous 330 points, a total of 1230 points!

120 points away from the purchase of the fifth volume of Jiuhuang Change!

"Grandma's, this is too ugly! What makes me do it!"

"Forget it, simply buy some valuable treasures. As long as you win more than three first place finals, I can buy the fifth volume of Shura Jiuhuang Change!"

Lin Chen, who consumed 530 points in the Zangbao Pavilion, bought a lot of high-level materials, including medicinal materials, ferocious beast cores, and exotic treasures.

Although his background is rich, there are not many treasures related to the sixth-level advanced, top-level, and even seventh-level treasures.

There are not many collections in the soul-white Naling Ring, nor is it a pharmacist or a caster. In addition to carrying a part of the Elixir, Lin Chen will prepare for the consumption of the next finals!

In this final of the refining medicine and casting tool, Lin Chen has a unique idea. Refining medicine he intends to refine the sixth-order top-level recipes that are integrated from the system's "fusion function".

As for the casting tool, someone in Lin didn't plan to refine a high-level fighter separately.

This rest period is a full ten days; let all participants relax enough to prepare for the next finals!

Even during the rest period, the entire Yan is lively.

The major caravans are stationed, and there are many performance troupes, competitions, and special booths set up by Rangers. There are countless treasure hunters in two continents who are interested in hunting for treasure to exchange treasures for things.

Lin Chen took the Lin Xuanyang Quening Body Pill refined in the second round. The fire energy increased and the pure power climbed to 37500 Dragon Power before slowly stopping!

Then, he continued to consume the essence attribute value of the intermediate-level exercises, devotedly inheriting the last part of the Han family's practice notes, and only after the eighth day did he go out.

At the time of going out of the customs, Lin Chen rarely went to the streets with everyone in Class 66 and Yun Manqing and other confidantes and felt the excitement of Yandu.

Yandu; Qingyun City.

"Sister Yue Qi did not come this time, presumably it should have more important things to do. It seems that after the conference, I will go to Leng's house and ask."

On the street, Lin Chen wore a mask and fell into contemplation. Yue Linlin in front shouted happily with a small hand.

"Lin Chen, here and here! This shop is delicious, let's all try it together!"

Upon seeing this, Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, and as he stepped forward, his shoulder hit a silhouette of a black robe cloak.

A faint fragrance came between Lin Chen's nose, he said with a smile-"Sorry, I didn't pay attention when walking..."

Not finished yet, a systematic red box warning popped up in Lin Chen's mind for the first time! So that he has a kind of creepy cold on the soles of his feet!

[The system warns that the strength of the target creature is unfathomable, and it is recommended that the host stay away immediately.