My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 43

Chapter 43: training The Dragon Bloodline

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Chapter 43, Training the Dragon Bloodline!

While Lin Chen was observing the young man in linen, he immediately rushed up and scuffled with a dozen young people. The people around him seemed to be strange, and they didn't look at it twice.

The Maid Boy was not an opponent at all, and instantly became the target of group beating.


With a loud noise, more than a dozen young people were blasted out at the same time, attracting the attention of those around them!

"Who dares to move this young master!"

"Ah! My leg, my leg is broken! Which dog day dare to break Lao Tzu's leg!"

The juvenile boy looked at Lin Chen in front of him with horror, and saw Lin Chen patting him on the shoulder. He smiled like a big wolf and found Little Red Riding Hood.

But at this time in the eyes of the teenager, this brother who is about his age seems so tall and sacred!

"What's your name."

"Me, my name is Bai Junhao! Thank you, Brother, for helping me!"

The Maiden boy was so grateful that his tears flickered and was about to kneel, Lin Chen's toes pressed against his knee that was about to land!

"No kneeling! Men have gold under their knees. No one can let you kneel except your parents and your precious people in the future!"

Lin Chen was thunderous and shocked the boy in his place. That sentence was deeply imprinted in his heart!

"Bai Junhao, my name is Lin Chen. I will ask you now, do you want to have power!"

Lin Chen's question went straight into Bai Junhao's soul. He almost didn't think about it, and said firmly: "Think, dream!"

"Okay, take me to where you live, and we will start special training immediately!"

Hearing the word special training, Bai Junhaos spirit revived, "Brother Lin Chen, please here!"

After seeing Lin Chen fight, he left with great force, and many young disciples from various families were stunned. Where did the neuropathy come from? Did Bai Junhao's fool turn to Fool?

After the two left, there were a few surprises in the restaurant.

"Lin Chen? Where does this name seem to have been heard!"

"It seems that the young man who recently destroyed the many evil sect forces in Blood Yang City with one person's power seems to be called Lin Chen!"


Bai family backyard; Lin Chen followed Bai Junhao to enter through the back door.

Bai Junhao's grandfather used to be the head of the Bai family, but his parents died first, and then the grandfather died of illness, leaving Bai Junhao alone, without talent and strength.

In the room, Lin Chen and Bai Junhao sat opposite each other.

"Junhao, all your cultivation methods in the future will have to change. You have to change from refining gas to refining body, and then refining body will drive refining gas."

Lin Chen's words made Bai Junhao look dumbfounded, "Hey, Brother Lin Chen, what does this mean? My gas refining finally breaks through the gas refining realm, and you let me go to rejuvenate like the body quenching realm?"

"Yes, I am a treasurer, and I have a keen insight into the same thing, and it is also true of people. You have the blood of the blue dragon that you will never see!"

Lin Chen's expression was serious and surprised Bai Junhao.

"Qing, Qinglong bloodline?"

"Yes, Qinglong bloodline. But your Qinglong bloodline is still asleep, and it may never wake up. If you want to inspire it, you must use some extreme physical training methods! If you believe me, now Go find all the superficial exercises and combat skills of your family."

Lin Chen talked back,

"Of course, it doesn't matter if you don't believe me, I will leave now. However, the two of us are both destined. There are two bottles of "Po Qi Dan" enough for you to break through the refining environment in nine years. The choice is up to you."

With a flash of Naling's ring, Lin Chen left two bottles of elixir and stood up.

Looking at the two bottles of Elixir, Bai Junhao gritted his teeth fiercely. He was already helpless in this world; Lin Chen's help today is the only last warmth he felt in this world!

"Brother Lin Chen, I believe you! I'm going to find physical exercises now!"

Seeing Bai Junhao trotting away from the room quickly, Lin Chen's eyelids were a little sleepy and simply fell into the living room and snore.

He originally planned to take a break. Suddenly encountered this matter, but after calming down, he found that the matter had just begun.

The blood of Qinglong is sleeping in Bai Junhao's body. It is not a simple matter to awaken it. Lin Chen is even more unlikely to kill Bai Junhao directly and take the blood of Qinglong.

Because this is like, at this time, the blue dragon blood in Bai Junhao's body is like a pile of fuel for firing. Lin Chen can't take this pile of'fuel' to fire. Only by helping Bai Junhao to ignite this pile of fuel, he can get it. The flame you want!

Night; everything is still.

Lin Chen was awakened by the rapid pace of sound, and Bai Junhao hurried into the room with a bunch of physical exercises and combat skills, and placed it on the table, excitedly.

"Brother Lin Chen, these exercises and combat techniques are taken by me at home, but they are too low-level. They are all below the yellow level and above the yellow level. I dont have the authority to meet them yet. ."

Bai Junhao said to Lin Chen apologetically, Lin Chen stretched out his waist and yawned: "Exactly, you can't practice high-level body exercises. Junhao, go and move a big tank, remember, install it Half of the hot water."

Bai Junhao has fully trusted Lin Chen, and what he said, Bai Junhao did exactly what he said.

A moment later; a large tank ready to be filled with half of the hot water was placed in Bai Junhao's room, rising hot.

Lin Chen took out several medicinal materials from the Naling Ring, and the fingerprint changed, stimulating the spirit, and extracting the most essential parts of the medicinal materials.

Bai Junhao was obsessed with his movements, and he asked excitedly, "Brother Lin Chen, you are a pharmacist!"

"Let's talk nonsense, get in your clothes."

Injecting the essence energy of several medicinal materials into the water tank, the hot water turned into a pale red look, Lin Chen glared at him, and Bai Junhao immediately scrambled to strip his clothes and entered the water tank.

"Brother Lin Chen, this water is so hot! Hot pain!"

After only ten breaths, Bai Junhao burst into painful wailing, and Lin Chen pressed his head directly.

"Give me patience, now is just the beginning, and it will be ten times more painful than this. If you still want strength and dignity, give me patience!"

On the night when Lin Chen trained Bai Junhao, on the other side;


In the distant city of All Souls; the lights are dimmed and the night view is beautiful.

Two beautiful women covered up the true appearance, just entered the city of Wanling and walked on the street.

"The shocking news, the shocking news! Master Lin Chen, the **** operator, and the Shangguan family had a strong divorce in less than seven days, and Miss Shang Bihan became a boisterous girl~~ According to the rumor, this move was only to win the Shangguan family. Of the treasures of Jianbao cultivation!"

Several hawkers shouted on the street, attracting many people, as well as the two fairy-like mysterious women.

A moment later, one of the women spoke first.

"Sister, that is Chen Chen again!"

"It's both an arithmetician and a suspected treasurer, and it's really a strange person to let the arithmetician in the 24-star calculation dance belly dance in public. It seems that if we want to meet him, we can't continue to waste time here. . But you can choose to ask the owner of this Wan Ling City will be faster."

The other woman smiled lightly, her eyes turned to the direction of the main palace.