My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 430

Chapter 430: Mystery Man.

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Chapter 430

The alarm resounding through Lin Chen's mind echoed wildly, and he almost blew his ears. Since he updated the system, this was the first time the system warned Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's scalp was numb, and he swallowed subconsciously, his pupils trembling, staring at the black robe figure.

What shines into Lin Chen's eyes is a pair of flawless purple eyes. The pupil is like a jade, there is a fascination magic power, there is time and space to stop, it seems that Lin Chen lost his mind briefly!

He turned around and looked at Lin Chen, wondering with a very low voice.

"You are, Lin Chen?"

Lin Chen couldn't clearly see his true face, even the depth of his cultivation, and even, even a hint of dangerous breath on him could not be noticed!

But it was such an ordinary mortal who could no longer be ordinary, but the system issued a warning!

Even when the deputy dean who was above the war emperor approached Lin Chen, or the descendant of the god, the system did not give such a strong warning!

"You don't seem to be the same. But, there is no difference."

His flawless purple eyes suddenly had a round of bright moon, Lin Chendun felt a tingling sensation all over his body, and his tremendous fire net trick was easily punctured!

He was insightful! The secrets of the whole body, Shura Jiuhuang change, Zijin pupil bloodline, Qinglong bloodline, and even the creation of the nine-robber mentality in the Qiqiyuan mansion, all in the eyes of this mysterious person are all unobstructed!

Roar ~ roar ~! Qinglong's rage roared fiercely from Lin Chen's fighting spirit Yuan Mansion, Lin Chen hurriedly suppressed Qinglong!

He knows very well that if he joins hands, a strong man who is at least equal to the rank of vice-president, he simply cannot win!

"There doesn't seem to be any unique secrets, just a mortal, perhaps a little bit flatter than those descendants of false gods. Just in case, just leave a mark."

The mysterious man murmured to himself with only the sound that he could hear. The sleeve robe shook slightly, and then turned away, no longer staying on Lin Chen.

The feeling of oppression suddenly disappeared, Lin Chenhan was raining, and the atmosphere did not dare to catch a breath!

so horrible! This person's sense of oppression is no less than the dean of the college!

"There is a deputy dean and Yan family sitting here, this person can not disturb the deputy dean and Yan family, perhaps, his strength is much more terrifying than the former!"

Wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, Lin Chen was even more surprised when he tried to urge Jiujiaoyan and Zijin Tong to spy on each other!

Through the peeping opportunity of Jiujiayan and Zijintong, Lin Chen only saw a mass of purple clouds lingering over the man's head. Apart from that, there was no secret at all, and he couldn't even feel a trace of fighting spirit!

When Lin Chen wanted to take a closer look again, the mysterious man had already disappeared into the sea of people, without a trace.

"Lin Lang, what's wrong with you?"

Yunman Qinglian moved gently, holding Lin Chen's hand, worried.

"It's okay, I just suddenly started thinking about things..."

Lin Chen smiled and comforted, but his heart set off a huge wave! If it is said that a strong man who is as good as the deputy dean sneaks in here, then the entire Tenling Bang conference may be threatened!

The next day; Yandu Tower, inside the room.

Lin Chen reported the matter to his own high-level executives, causing an uproar!

"Mr. Lin Chen, are you sure? This is a sloppy thing. This is about the relationship between the two continents!"

Black and White Xuan Lao seriously asked Lin Chen, he nodded very positively-"I can be sure that the man's strength is at least above the warlord!"

Although Lin Chen still has a long way to go from the powerhouses of the eighth and nineth levels of Yuanzun Realm, he does not even have the opportunity to escape.

But the mysterious man has full insight into his secrets with one glance, and does not care about his own wishes at all, and his strength obviously absolutely suppressed himself!

"How is this possible? Only the Yan family and our own people knew that the vice president was present at the conference. Did the news leak out? Or did the other party guess the identity?"

Some college executives are unbelievable.

Most of the college seniors who attended the conference looked at the deputy dean. She nodded her head in contemplation, Dai Dai frowned, and said seriously after a while.

"I released the search for fighting spirit earlier, and there are no suspicious characters in the entire Yan. Even if you have a war emperor who is good at hiding and eliminating breath, even if it is the peak of the nineth war emperor, you can't do it without prejudice me, little guy, you are sure you haven't Wrong?"

Ninth battle emperor peak! Further up, that is the Holy Land!

If a holy realm wants to destroy Yandu, it is a breeze, and there is no need to sneak in or engage in any small actions. In today's ancient aristocratic family in Lingzhou, the only sages that have survived have traveled outside of Kyushu for a long time.

"Will you, a little guy, be caught in illusion or the like, if it is a powerful spiritual illusion, it can really put you in a very strong illusion."

A senior elder with spiritual strength in the phase of the great state of France said to Lin Chen after hesitating for a while.

"Perhaps, I don't understand."

Lin Chen shrugged, but his heart fell silent. If it was really not even found by the deputy dean, it would be meaningless to delve into this matter.

As for the illusion category, Lin Chen didn't believe it at all. No matter how powerful the illusion is, he couldn't avoid his system of picking up heaven!

After a second discussion, Lin Chen withdrew from the chamber. What he never discovered was that two spiral purple jade-like patterns were drawn behind his back...


Bai Family: In a separate space, a vast and vast altar, as wide as tens of thousands of feet, all the strong members of the Bai Family kneeled down on the ground piously, admiring their expressions, as if waiting for their faith to come!

Boom~~! !

Above the altar; a giant door of space opened slowly, and the flame of fire directed at Xiaohan was carried with a pure and ruinous breath!

"Welcome to the advent of the Lord, I wish the Lord a lifetime of prosperity and unification of Kyushu!"

All the strong of the Bai family, regardless of the Tiangang Realm, Yuanzun Realm, and even the Warlord Realm! All of them showed enthusiasm and piety to that beautiful and beautiful shadow in the void, kneeling down to worship!

"Hehe~ The feeling of being a human race is really amazing."

A pure and sweet smile like a bell ringed around the sky; a beautiful and beautiful white clothing slowly descended.

She is embellished with pearls on her hair, as e, Meiruoqiu mountain light clouds, beautiful eye blue waves embellishment, red lips red cherry, bright teeth jade inside. The long skirt Ruoxue, the posture of tenderness and enthusiasm, as if everything in the world is so bleak compared to it!

The beautiful lady turned her exquisite body, covering her sleeves and giggle.

"Since this seat has been born, let's start with Lingzhou first, put all the ancient families in the bag, and wipe out all the disobedient ancient families~~"

If Lin Chen is present at this time, he will surely be able to recognize this Fanghua peerless person, because this kind of temperament and beautiful woman, looking at Lingzhou, there is only one person, that is; white! If! smoke!

Is it opportunity or catastrophe?

Since the ancient times, Lingzhou has experienced unprecedented turmoil. From this moment, the situation has changed dramatically!