My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 431

Chapter 431: The Final The Fingerprint Of The Biao Lian Alchemy

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Chapter 431 The FinalsThe Fingerprint to Biao Lian Alchemy!

On the eleventh day, the third round of the Tianlingbang Conference was held!

The third round of competition time is; 30 days. Participants can use their skills to the full and compete against each other!

On this day, countless people are looking forward to paying attention, whether it is Tianzhou or Lingzhou, all the strong are looking forward to this moment, the culmination of the younger generation!

However, what attracted the most attention at this moment was the refining medicine final!

Lingzhou Linchen vs. Tianzhou Lizhe! Strong confrontation!

Only eight people reached the final of the refining medicine, including Han Ziyun and Dan Qianqiu.

Han Ziyun's level of refining medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds since the torch fire, and Han Yizhi was eliminated in the second round. For Han Yizhi, the time of exposure to refining medicine is too short, which is enough to be proud of.

In the whole venue, almost 90% of people are paying attention to Lin Chen and Li Di! The strength of these two people far exceeds their peers in the venue!

"Everyone loses, I can win you once, and I can win you twice."

Li Luo flicked his sleeves, sat cross-over in the void, and sneered.

"Don't rush to brag, I'm still very tired. The four venues are running around in the sky. You take the second round of refining medicine first. Why did you do it so early?"

Lin Chen smiled jokingly, this time 30 days, enough time for him to finish all four competitions!

"Hahaha! Lin Chen, you despise yourself too much. I live in the blood of the Dan Sheng. My ancestor is a generation of Dan. How can you be my opponent in the level of refining medicine that you have come into contact with ordinary people? !"

Li Di laughed in the sky, and some older strongmen could not help but be shocked!

Qingxuzi, the master of refining medicine in Lingzhou, lost his voice!

"Dan Sheng? Isn't it the only Dan Sheng Li Wuji in Tianzhou's history?"

"This son is actually a descendant of Dan Sheng. This is troublesome! Lin Chen of Tiange Academy is afraid to lose!"

Xi Rufeng's expression is extremely dignified, and it is quite rare for the seventh-order apothecary to be placed in the entire Kyushu!

Dan Sheng, that is the eighth order! Eighth-order pharmacist, that status and collection far exceeds the background of the ancient family!

After hearing the news, the top powerhouses in Tianzhou and Lingzhou looked wonderful!

"He turned out to be after Dan Sheng?"

The Dan Qianqiu face of the Dan family was shocked, and even the Lingzhou Dan family, who was an ancient family, the ancestors had reached the peak of the seventh order, and could not enter the rank of the eighth order refining pharmacist for life.

"No wonder, he can cultivate so many high-end fingerprints in such a short time to the peak!"

Han Ziyun looked dignified and looked at Lin Chen with a little concern on the other side of the stage.

However, what surprised Li Li and most people was that Lin Chen was a bit scary and calm, and did not move at all, as if he already knew the result.

"It turns out that the subtle blood fluctuations in his body are after the saint, the descendants of Dan Sheng, are they strong?"

Lin Chen's mouth outlined a disdainful arc, even the first generation of the descendants of the gods, he is not worthy, the descendants of Dan Sheng, why should he move Lin Chen!

"Humph! Are you scared stupid, you will see my ancestors' collection and details later!"

Li Chen dismissed Lin Chen with a disdainful look, holding up the void with both hands, Lin Chen understatement, his palm waved lightly, and the Naling ring flickered.

Dang ~!

The two people's dan furnace landed in the venue. Thousands of medicinal materials appeared one by one, and their hands became the seal.

Lin Chen's spiritual power converged into a line of fire along with the fingertips, and the eightfold fire immediately formed, and all the medicinal materials were drawn into the Dan furnace!

The thread of fire is like a needle and a tip, and the shuttle is in each medicinal material. The perfect melting step removes impurities!

The blue light is as soft as water, and Li Luos hands are as fast as lightning. All the medicinal materials are put into the dan furnace in a familiar way, and they are merged into a vortex, which seems to be complicated and disorderly. In fact, the treatment of each medicinal material is orderly!

"Both are very stable. At the beginning, they were only middle-level and high-level fingerprints."

The referee elders of Tiange Academy looked at it seriously, and the words had just dropped, and their alchemy fingerprints suddenly changed!

The faint aura of water turned around, Lin Chen changed from the Eight Wastelands Xuanhuo Seal to "Sanqing Spirit Water", maximizing the spirituality of the medicinal materials!

The wood is full of vitality, the vitality is bright, the light is shining, but the hidden mystery is hidden, and the vitality of each medicinal material is born. Li Si's handprint suddenly turns into a wood attribute. The blue-level low-level "Qingxuan fluorescent wood seal"!


The transformation of the Thunder Tribulation, Lin Chens hands are fast, and he has continuously thrown thousands of medicinal materials into a torrent of countless energy. A medicinal plant has been transformed by a thousand thunders controlled by that vast sea of spiritual power For the most quintessential energy source!

"Thunder Instant Thousand Seals" comparable to the blue-order handprint!

"My God, the alchemy handprint is so fast!"

"What kind of monsters are these two people, how much energy and talent do they need to cultivate so many high-level alchemy fingerprints to such a high point!"

At this moment, the audience exclaimed! The alchemy fingerprints of the two people are soaring, it is an unprecedented feast of alchemy!

The switch between the green Xuan yingmu seal, the change of the Eight Wastelands fire and the Sanqing spirit water, and the switch of the alchemy handprint of the flowing clouds are like a flawless artistic dance, which is dazzling and wonderful!

Stupid! The audience in the venue was dumbfounded. The two became the sun and the moon in the refining venue of the refining medicine. They only competed with each other, and no stars were shining!

Not only the audience present, but also those from Lingzhou and Tianzhou who watched with magic eye stones!

It seems that everyone is silent in the alchemy fingerprint of the two of them, and when they watch the pair of alchemy fingerprints on the show, they simply can't perceive the passage of time!

On the fifth day, Li Di's fingerprints changed first!

Sigh~~! Roar ~~!

The tearing sound of the airflow surrounds the world, and the world is trembling; a hundred-foot wooden dragon condensed with majestic spiritual power lingers around Li Luo's side.

Blurred medicinal fragrances like the blooming flowers in the spring moon, and blooming like a fig tree in the autumn yard of the courtyard, releasing the unseen, unheard of fragrance, drifting thousands of miles, all the audience in the audience shocked!

"What a pure fragrance! This medicinal power only transmits a new source of Nirvana rebirth through the fragrance!"

"Li Si's alchemy fingerprint completely sublimates all medicinal materials to a new level!"

"Is his alchemy handprint, "Eternal Saint Wood Seal"?"

"His! Isnt this the blue-top alchemy handprint! My God, this kind of thing actually exists on two continents!"

Staring at the dragon breath spit out of the Baizhang wood dragon, many pharmacists were envious and shocked.

This class of alchemy handprints, not to mention the degree of rarity, may have exhausted half of your life alone, but in Li's hands, it has reached its peak!