My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 432

Chapter 432: I Also Have A Hole Card

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Chapter 432

Just as everyone was shocked by Li Si's "Eternal Wood Seal", a ray of thunder exploded, tearing the sky!

Bang~! Bang ~!

Wan Lei exploded, and Lin Chen was bathed in countless thunderlights. His thunder-tribulation warfare was like the king of thunder and fire in the sky, standing proudly, and the seal of his hands suddenly changed!

On top of Lin Chen's head, he began to entrench a hundreds of feet of Shura Golem surrounded by thunder and lightning, with its three heads and six arms, making a very fast handprint change similar to Lin Chen's, and the afterimages were like thunder!

Countless thunderlights gathered in Lin Chen's palms, his ten fingers changed rapidly, thunderlights wandered in the dan furnace, countless spiritual powers manipulated thunderlights into the dozens of medicinal energy essences!

Spiritual power flashes between the lightning and lightning, quickly removing the two sixth-order high-level beast cores from the case, removing impurities, and instantaneously crushed into the torrent of energy!

Even the two sixth-order advanced beast cores, the speed of refining still makes countless people stun!

"It's Han's Thunderbolt!"

"Unexpectedly, after 10,000 years, I can see Wan Shunlei's hands again when they see the sky!"

Many of the Han family's senior officials watched and wept with joy, but the inner shock was no less than anyone present.

Because after they gave "Wan Shun Thunder" to Lin Chen, it was less than a month before and after, and he had already practiced to the level of fascination!

This kind of talent is absolutely more terrifying to Hans than Li Dao, a descendant of Dan Sheng!

"However, it is not known who will kill Lu, Wan Shuan Thunder is only a blue-level senior, but in Lin Chen's hands he has played the blue-level top power."

"Keli's proficiency in "The Ancient Wood Seal" is second only to Lin Chen's fascination with "Thunderbolt", and it is also an attainment of reaching the peak!"

When Zhu Qiang couldn't see which side had more advantages, Lin Chen's fingerprints suddenly changed again!

Wan Lei flashes on the left, Qing Ling is on the right, and the two alchemy fingerprints are perfectly displayed at this moment!

Innumerable afterimages quickly made into films, Lin Chen's hands exhibited two alchemy handprints at the same time!

A burst of energy like Qing Lingquan was injected into the energy group that thundered and jumped, and when embellished with refining, the speed of Ningdan was a little faster!

Wei Qingmo, Qi Rufeng of Tianzhou, Qingxuzi of Lingzhou and other medicine refining masters stood up at this moment! The expression is both fanatical and horrified!

"One-handed seal! This one actually used one-handed seal!"

"At the same time, display two kinds of alchemy fingerprints Ningdan, how crazy is he!"

"You have to understand the degree of alchemy fingerprints you practice to dare to do this!"

"Crazy! It must be a lunatic! Two completely different alchemy fingerprints are displayed at the same time. Whether it is mental control or combat operation, if there is a trace of mistakes and mistakes in the middle, then all will be lost!"

With one hand! The realm that Lin Chen arrived has completely surpassed the masters of refining medicine on the two continents!

What is even more mad is that Lin Chen must also control two alchemy handprints at the same time, and exert the characteristics of each alchemy handprint to the extreme beyond perfection!

After the glare in Li Luo's eyes, even if he concentrated on the alchemy, he couldn't help but show a dignity. Lin Chen could not have reached this level!

With a single round of experience and skills in refining medicine, Li Li has obviously fallen under Lin Chen's disadvantage!


Alchemy fingerprints changed again, Lin Chen left with eight fires like dragons, and his right hand with thousands of thunders, his spirit was like a tide!

He actually returned to his mother to continue to change alchemy handprints?

This scene made the audience of some pharmacists rush!

The young teenagers and girls in the venue couldn't help but gaze at the silver robe in the field full of admiration and longing!

What kind of scene is that?

Clouds and water flow between the switching of several alchemy fingerprints, as if they are one, and the energy of the spirit is integrated into the energy of the Dan furnace like dancing elves. It seems to carry countless glory, all surpassing at this moment!

The light and breezy side face seemed calm and calm, and the smile of evil spirits slightly outlined between the corners of his mouth all reflected his madness!

Two days passed, and on the eighth day, the two young dans were about to be born.

Just when everyone thought that Lin Chen was about to catch up with Li Dao and want to surpass it, a strong pressure emerged from Li Dao like a tide, and it was like a hurricane destroying the venue, all the pharmacists could feel a Inexplicable oppression!

"Lin Chen, I have to admit that you are really strong among mortals. But I am Li Si, stronger!"

Li Luo opened his eyes and urged a certain mysterious power. His spiritual power actually entered the middle of the realm of law for a short time!

The black hair, which turned into gray and white, looked very powerful!

The speed of condensing Dan suddenly increased. At this time, Li Luo performed "The Ancient Wood Seal" three minutes faster. The hundred-foot wooden dragon flew around the Dan furnace, and the dragon breathed like a wave. It quenched all the essential medicines in the Dan furnace. Sublimation at full speed!

"He used the power of Dan Sheng's bloodline, his spirit fluctuated like ripples, and every change was extraordinary!"

"I am afraid that the power of Dan Sheng's bloodline has the effect of increasing the alchemy handprint. This is why Li Chen wants to use the power of the blood line to press Lin Chen's experience advantage back!"

"Unfortunately, on the experience and skill of refining medicine, and even the understanding of alchemy, the Linchen kid of Tiange Academy is obviously better, but he still has to lose!"

Seeing the wood dragon come to life, all the men are shocked!

Even Lin Chen was a little amazed, but he didn't think that the blood of Dan Sheng would have this effect.

"Hahaha! The first place in the Alchemy of Heavenly Spirit List still belongs to me Li Shao!"

Li Luo's face was pale, but he couldn't help but laughed loudly!

At this moment; Lin Chen slowly stood up, stood proudly, and raised his mouth slightly.

"Do you think you have a hole card?"

As soon as the words fell, Li's laughter came to an abrupt end!

Buzz~! Buzz~!

A mental wave identical to Lin Chen appeared again and again, and two silver robes stood proudly in the venue.

This time, not only the masters of refining medicine, but also any pupils who watch the game have their pupils shrink!

At this time, it was two Lin Chen who appeared before them!

These two Lin Chen, whether it is Tiangang Realm or Yuanzun Realm Jiuzhong, can't tell who is the real body or the prosthesis! Because they are exactly the same!

Spiritual power emerged, and Lin Chen's two celestial disasters were urged, including his phantom avatar!

On the left hand "Thousands of Thunder" and on the right hand "Sanqing Lingshui", when the two alchemy handprints are on display, Lin Chen and his phantom avatar use two alchemy handprints at the same time!

A master pharmacist, an auxiliary pharmacist, and two Lin Chen of the same level are combined together. At this moment, the energy in the dan furnace glows a whole new wave of energy!

Everyone in the audience, the brain fell into a blank!

That Li Si, more like being pinched in the throat, made an owl-like cooing sound!