My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 433

Chapter 433: 5. Repair The Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun

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Chapter 433, Repairing the Five Dragon Dragon Emperor Gun!

According to the rules, Lin Chens avatar belonged to his own tricks, and did not violate the rules.

But what everyone expected was that any avatar technique could not be as fine as Lin Chen, possessing all the powers of the body and even refining skills?

What is this fairy-level avatar! This cannot be achieved in theory of combat skills!

This phantom rune made all the strong men feel scalp numb, but after some strong men from Tianzhou came back to their minds, they were more greedy!

If you let them get this kind of combat skills, wouldn't it be equivalent to an extra life-saving card and lore?

Although Lin Chen is from the Tiange Academy, the temptation of this doppelganger combat skill is too great! No one can make sure that he can't bear to shoot Lin Chen!

"Tianzhou's Li Di, wasn't he surprised, wasn't he surprised?"

"Squad leader, kill this guy, take the first back to our Lingzhou!"

"Brother Lin Chen, come on!"

"Lin Lang, don't force yourself too much!"

Everyone in Class 66 cheered for Lin Chen. The difference between Lin Chen and Li Luo was not big. When the cards of both sides were played one after another, Li Chen only surpassed Lin Chen.

But Lin Chen, the phantom rune that consumed 20 runic energy, completely calmed him down!

A Lin Chen is already so tricky, add another Lin Chen? Or as an auxiliary pharmacist to join the refining medicine, that has an unprecedented improvement for the immortal young pill!

"How could he have such a profound metaphysical fighting skills!"

"No, you can't mess up your mind. There may be flaws in the refinement of the young Dan, no matter how. Before it becomes a true Dan, who is the deer is still unknown!"

Li Luo gritted his teeth, and withstood the huge pressure, pinched his hands to stabilize the wooden dragon, and his mental strength continued to emerge.

Silence in the changing feast of the two alchemy alchemy fingerprints of "Lin Chen", and another day passed unconsciously, when the ninth day came!

Young Dan is about to be born!

At this time, Lin Chen made an amazing move, he stood up suddenly, clapped his hands and smiled softly.

"Okay, finish, nothing will happen to me next."

what? What is the next thing without you!

This young panacea is about to be born, and there are not many days left until the condensed product panacea! At such a critical time, you actually said nothing about you?

Even more amazing is that after Lin Chen got up, his phantom avatar quickly took his place and became a brand-new master pharmacist!

Lin Chen's fighting spirit disappeared a part of the nine-robber fighting spirit in Yuan Mansion, and 39 spiritual seeds quickly turned out a massive amount of spiritual power, and transferred to the avatar along with the fighting spirit.

Taking out his homemade cigarette, Lin urged the fire with his fingertips, lit the cigarette, and walked slowly down the stage.

Seeing this situation and this scene, a thought that did not even dare to think before suddenly appeared! Trembling!

"Wouldn't he want to keep the avatar and go to other competitions by himself?"

"Otherwise, it is the body that will never stay. Is it the doppelganger to participate in the competition?"

"It's too crazy? Does he want to win against Li Di with his own avatar?"

Paying attention to this scene Li Li burst into anger!

"Crazy! Lin Chen, who the **** do you despise? Do you want to win me only by one avatar?"

Someone Lin spit out a smoke ring, and turned it into a word of "dullness", Yun Yunfeng smiled lightly.

"I am not afraid of the descendants of true gods. You are a descendant of the Holy Saints. Why do I need to move with you? My avatar will deal with you. It is enough!"

Finished talking; Lin Chen didnt look back and left the scene sternly!

When his last breath spit out, the smoke ring circled and changed into a word slowly into the sky!

Millions of audiences and even countless audiences watching Devil's Eye Stone are in a daze!


The audience saw Xiu Feitian alone, looking back and looking forward to seeing Jun again.

Next game!

Half a day later, the casting venue, the third round final!

At this time, the battle situation has entered into fierce heat, the caster Tianjiao from the Tianshu Academy, the end of the punishment, the dream of Tianzhou and the Murong Qingxue of Lingzhou have all reached the final of the cast!

However, the moment Lin Chen stepped into the casting facility; immediately attracted the attention of all the audience, and the situation in the venue changed!

There are few opponents who can compete with Lin Chen's'Jinyang Casting Technique' in this day's Casting Contest!

"He, are you here..."

Murong Qingxue felt that unique breath, and suddenly looked back, Qian Qian stared at Lin Chen in a complicated way.

The gentle young man and young man in the mind of the gentle gentleman were combined with a sullen tyrannical grin from beginning to end, making the heart of the beautiful lady tremble.

While everyone was expecting what grade of weapons Lin Chen would plan to cast in the final casting contest, he took out a dimly lit golden war gun.

"Elders and referees, I plan to recast this weapon this time. I don't know if it will be the result of the competition."

What Lin Chen showed was the Wulong dynasty imperial gun which was destructive to the soul-white battle!

Some of the referee elders frowned, and the traffic ears discussed. The casters watching the game in the audience even shook their heads.

It is necessary to maintain the original characteristics of the weapon and to repair it with high accuracy. Repairing the damaged high-level weapon is often more difficult than re-casting a weapon!

From the perspective of the referees and elders, I can see some details of the five dragon dynasty emperor guns. This object may have been a seventh-order emperor, but it has experienced too many twists and turns. If I want to return to the top, I am afraid that even the seventh-order cast It is also difficult for the master to return to heaven!

"Yes, contestant Lin Chen, your proposal passed, but you have to remember, you can't regret it. The final grade of the war gun you repaired will determine your final result."

In the end, several referees and elders passed Lin Chen's proposal, someone smiled confidently.

"Naturally, I won't regret it, I want it!"

Lin Chen rolled out with one hand, a large number of rare and precious treasures, high-grade ores with radiant luster, such as beautiful corals, presented beautifully.

Lin Chen grabbed a seventh-order'multicolored glazed crystal stone'. He only has three pieces. It is from the inheritance of the Devil Emperor. It contains unprecedented five-element energy essence. It is very suitable for casting or repairing multiple attributes. High-end treasures!

Lin Chens concentrated hands covered the indestructible Gengjin fighting spirit, the transformation of fire and golden robbery warfare, he cut the multicolored glazed crystals with lightning in his hands, and Jinyang Casting Technology once again glowed with glory!

Lin Chen shot all the casters Tianjiao completely under control!

But this time he is different from last time, this time it is to repair the Wulong Dynasty Imperial Gun, the steps are extremely cumbersome.

The most important thing is, Lin Chen must come up with his full strength and the best state to repair it! It takes a long time!

On the twenty-first day of the third round of the Soul List Conference, a five-colored dragon light shone in the casting venue, screaming the sky and shaking the entire Yandu!

This is a vision of suspected royal artifacts!