My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 434

Chapter 434: Quasi Seventh And Sixth Order Top Grade

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Chapter 434, Quasi-seventh and sixth-order top-grade top grade!

Inside the venue; Lin Chen was sweating and vigorously looked at the golden war guns suspended in the void, lingering around five gorgeous dragon spirits.

"Except for the legendary seventh-order weapon, I am afraid that no weapon will be able to gain the upper hand when playing against my five dragon dynasty guns!"

Quasi-seventh order! This is already the full force of the casting tool Lin Chen masters today, and he can't cast the seventh-order fighter for the time being.

Now the Wulong Dynasty Imperial Gun, surpassed all the top-level fighters of the sixth order, and entered the ranks of quasi-seventh order!

"Quasi seven order?"

"We actually witnessed the birth of a quasi-seventh tier weapon, am I dreaming?"

"It's crazy! Lao Tzu is also expecting that he can make up to six-tier top-level best-of-breed weapons. Quasi-tier seven is too difficult. The difficulty is not a grade!"

"Oh, Tianzhou and Lingzhou haven't had any new quasi-seventh-order weapons for thousands of years. This child is really shocking, and Lingzhou is about to rise!"

Many audiences and casters are crazy! Even Meng Xiangqings grandfathers experience in the last ten thousand years is no exception. A quasi-seventh-level fighter that he cant even forge is from a young man today!

When Lin Chen stepped forward and held the war gun in his hand, there was a burst of cheerful spiritual fluctuations in the gun body, which made Lin Chen's heart warm.

Looking at the sharp edge and domineering gathered at the gunpoint, even Lin Chen felt a lingering fear! With this artifact, his strength will soar several times!

If he had had this rank against Soul Mobai, he wouldn't be too stubborn. He wouldn't dare to confront each other for a few rounds, and could only take a roundabout battle.

Xing Moyu of the Tianshu College sighed with cold air, shaking his head and sighing-"quasi-seventh order, he actually repaired a quasi-seventh order weapon?"

Meng Xiangqing's eyes flashed in autumn waves, whispering softly and softly-"It turns out that this is Brother Lin Chen's strength..."

"It's harder than casting a quasi-seventh tier weapon directly? Really a monster..."

Staring at Lin Chen's profile, Murong Qingxue was instantly lost. I can't help but remember that this bad guy disguised himself to save himself, but he couldn't help but gritted his teeth, and the complex emotions really didn't know whether it was disgust or...

When the referees and elders were correct, it was announced on the spot that Lin Chens final result was: a quasi-seventh-level weapon!

At the moment when the result just appeared, there were two more phoenixes rushing towards the sky!

The strong aura turned over the vast expanse of the Dan Cloud, and from time to time, the destruction of the Thunder! Down the rain full of aura!

"This is the harbinger of the birth of the high-level elixir!"

Feeling the momentum from the refining venue, everyone looked at the magic eyestone in the refining venue subconsciously.

Someone Lin put away the five dragon dynasty emperor guns, and went to Fuyi to hide the merits and fame.

In the refining hall;

Li Qing's green muscles were exposed, and his eyes were staring at the Dan cloud in the sky!

Obviously, although he and Lin Chen's Dan Yun are almost the same, from the perspective of the overflow of Dan Lei, Lin Chen's medicine quality is even better!

"Huh! Wait for your avatar to take over Dan Lei, let's say that these sixth-tier top Dan Lei don't even dare to hard connect even in Yuanzhong Zunjing's fifth mid-term!"

If you can not take Dan Lei, it is also regarded as a failure!

If Lin Chen's body exists, everyone will naturally not worry, but now it is his avatar!

I saw that Lin's avatar smiled, and the charm was as coquettish as the body. When he jumped into the sky, a red dragon sword stabs out of the sky!

Sigh~! Bang~!

Dan Lei was torn by Jianguang, and his avatar held Chilong Sword, standing proudly in front of Dan Lei, completely without fear! The strength is far beyond everyone's imagination!

"What a joke about grass and mud horses, this **** can have such a strong avatar? What level of avatar combat skills is this? Zi Ti is not so nonsense!"

"His avatars have been refining medicine for almost ten days, and they are still living like tigers. How do I feel this is his body?"

Seeing holding the Chilong sword in his hand, the fire robbery battle body and Dan Yundou's doppelganger appeared, and the corners of everyone's mouth could not help twitching violently.

This is the phantom avatar of Lin Chen who consumed 20 intermediate rune energy! If a strong man above Yuanzun Realm's six or more shots, it is impossible to threaten him!

Sword rushed to the sky; the nine sides were screamed, Phantom avatars killed Dan Lei with one sword, and Li Luo next to him showed all his cards. Finally, Dan Lei was picked up, and his face was pale as paper, and even standing was extremely reluctant!

More than a dozen referees and elders swarmed in, and the panacea surrounding Lin Chen and Li Shao began to check.

"Sixth-tier top-grade inferior, Yuanfu Longqi Pill. Using the Dragon Qi to break through the shackles of Yuanfus realm, there is a 80% probability of breaking through the small realm, and a 10% probability of breaking through the bottleneck, and the seven- to eight-strong powerhouse of Yuanzuns realm. It still works."

Although his face was pale, when Li Luo was holding a pale golden longan-shaped panacea, his expression still showed a pride, and he was able to refine such panacea. His alchemy skills are still stronger than many alchemy masters on the bright side. First line!

"Yuanfu Longqi Dan, effective!"

Looking at Lin Chen's elixir, there are red-red lines all over the body, such as the flames of the fire, the intimate and hot breath, which seems to hide a thousand volcanoes, which can burn the mountain and boil the sea. The residual temperature of the emitted energy will burn the space slightly distorted.

"Six-tier top-grade top grade, ten calamity calcination pill, forge body with fire calamity energy, can help the body-building martial arts to break through a big realm, if the fire department warrior takes it, it can also absorb the fire calamity energy and break through the environment, Yuanzun Realm Absorption below eightfold, there is a probability of more than 50% breaking through a large realm, and below ninefold, there is a probability of 30%."

When Lin Chen's Phantom Doppelganger lightly smiled, the audience was shocked!

Below the nineth level, there is a 30% chance of breaking through a big level! And with a very strong body refining effect, although only the fire martial arts can take it, but the quality of such immortals can be seen at a glance who is superior and who is inferior!

Some of the older generation of Yuan Zun Jingqiang who practiced the fire system exercises are full of hot eyes staring at the "Ten Tribulation Calamity Pill". I am afraid that they will have to go to Tiange Academy to pray for this alchemy in the future!

"Sixth-grade top grade? He actually made this kind of top-level medicine?"

Li Luo's eyelids shook fiercely, and an unbelievable expression appeared in his expression. Lin Chen's medicine level exceeded his two grades!

After unanimous determination, an elder of the refining medicine department of Tianshu College shook his head and sighed, announcing the result.

"Alas, it's really talented people from the Jiangshan generation, who have been leading the way for hundreds of years. The old man announced that these two young men's medicine ranks were established. If nothing goes wrong, the champion should be the Linchen kid in Lingzhou, Even the old man cant do a better alchemy technique than him. Its amazing! In time, we will become a seventh-order apothecary! Maybe we have a chance to witness the new generation of the eighth-level apothecary!"

This remark was deeply imprinted in everyone's heart!

His name will shake the refining industry of two continents and even Kyushu after today, and shine forever!

Lingzhou Linchen!

At the age of only twenty, Elder Hao of Tianshu College feels ashamed, he will have unlimited possibilities!