My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 435

Chapter 435: As Steady As An Old Dog

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Chapter 435

The mathematician's meeting place; all the audience put down the magic eye stones in their hands, and their faces were very unsightly.

Yes, the audience at the mathematics venue has been waiting for more than twenty days!

Because in this final, only Yan Qianyun and Lin Chen advanced, and the rules of the final are completely different from the previous rules. Lin Chen's failure to come will cause the final to be held!

Finally, after many visions emerged one after another in Yandu, Lin finally arrived at the venue.

What surprised and disappointed all the audience was that Lin Chen was here, but he was almost in a state of embarrassment, and he had no status at all to participate in this so-called the most outstanding final of the two continents finals!

Lin Chen had to run around the city after refining the top-level top-grade medicine and casting a quasi-seventh-level fighter, crossing many restrictions before arriving here!

"Hey, sorry, let everyone wait a little bit~"

Someone Lin scratched his head and sneered. He didn't say it was okay. As soon as he said it, all the audience stared at him!

"Cough, please let Commander force your interest rate adjustment for a while, you can fight again!"

Someone Lin's rare old face blushed, and he had pigeons for more than a million spectators. He also couldn't wipe his face, and immediately sat cross-legged in the air.

During the operation of the mind, Lin Chen served a sixth-order low-level panacea "Anshen Guyuan Pill" to supplement all the lost spirit and fighting spirit. When operating the "Tai Shi Bible" and "Chuang Shi Jiu Tribulation", It also caused a lot of shock!

Especially the nine sacred marks on Lin Chen's eyebrows completely frightened the strong men of Tianzhou and Lingzhou!

Nine sacred marks? Does this mean that this kid has absorbed nine seeds of flame?

It seems that the highest in Lingzhou and Tianzhou history is only the talent of the seven torch seeds? And it was absorbed in a period of thousands of years. This kid is only twenty years old when he is full!

In less than a day, Lin Chen adjusted his state to over 90%, close to the heyday!

When he suddenly opened his eyes, the hurricane and thunder were rolled up in the auditorium, and the dark fire flickered like a demon recovering!

"Come on, I'm ready, how does the final match."

Lin Chen looked at the beautiful woman not far away and smiled lightly.

"I will go all out this time~ Master Chen Chen can be careful."

Yan Qianyun smiled, and her eyes were full of surprises and exclamations. She still feels an incredible talent to achieve the three fields of medicine refining, casting, and arithmetic. Such a strong genius!

"Cough cough, the final rule of the fortune-teller; ask the two sides of the final to calculate each other's fate, and the closer they are, the better!"

This time the rules of the game even surprised someone Lin!

This rule is completely different from the previous two rounds!

The first two rounds are only to estimate the designated target person, but this time, asking two arithmeticians to deduce each other's fate is the same as a confrontation battle that belongs to the real sword between the arithmeticians!

As a powerful fortune-teller, in addition to being good at seeing the fate of others, he also needs to analyze his destiny to the point where he knows.

It is necessary to calculate and calculate your own chances, odds, heavens, disasters, disasters, dooms, and all, and hide your life, avoiding the insight and deduction of other powerful operators.

Whether his own fate is calculated by the enemy, or is it his own analysis of the enemy's fate, all in it, this offensive and defensive battle will test the comprehensive level of the entire fortune-teller!

"Since the separation of the Holy Fire Realm, my "Viewing the Heart Sutra" and "Xianyan Qiansuan" have been cultivated to the realm of the Dacheng period. This time, I don't believe that I can't deduce your destiny! Moreover, my Fate is also hidden very well, and the new entry level of Mr. Lin Chen is not enough to calculate my fate!"

Yan Qianyun's cherry-red lips raised a confident and beautiful arc, and there was still a little anticipation! She hasn't deduced Lin Chen's fate; what is the future for this young man who made her determined to bet all?

"Hahaha! It seems that the third and first place is still my Lin, hey, it's really annoying to look handsome!"

After listening to the rules, Lin Chen laughed wildly in the sky, looking wicked and arrogant, completely leaving all the audience and even the referee puzzled.

Yan Qianyun, who was born in the Yan family, is far beyond the specifications of his peers. He is much stronger than the previous Tianjiao fortune-teller. I dont know how many times it is. It is difficult to find a few people on the entire Kyushu. Can confidence win her?

What others don't know is; this rule is a foul for someone in Lin!

Heavenly machine? Robbery? These things simply don't exist in Lin Chen's body!

Even the most outstanding arithmetician in the history of Kyushu, the ancestor of the arithmetician outside the mainland of Kyushu, could not calculate the fate of his Lin Chen!

He is a genuine earth man, and he does not belong to the Kyushu mainland at all, no one can deduce his fate!

His destiny is only in his own hands!

"Huh! You are a novice who has just become an arithmetician for less than two months. Where can you be confident that you will win me?"

Yan Qianyun was unhappy, and her lips were pursed. She was like a girl who refused to accept the cold hum. She was charming and charming.

"Hey, since you also said that I am a novice, let me go first~"

Lin Chen smiled badly; Yan Qianyun's charming and confident smile.

"Let you do it first, I don't believe you have any tricks!"

Seeing the other party agree, Lin someone unabashedly took out his big baby. It is his fortune-teller's anatomical tool, which resembles the keyboard "God Machine Disk".

Taking a deep breath, Lin Chen's fingertips fluttered at a rapid pace, striking the keys on the god's machine panel with lightning. Every time he struck, Lin Chen's spiritual power will be injected into it. When the mental method is running, the six types of Heavenly Tribulation will begin to merge.

Buzz~! The incomplete Jiujia eyes flashed six colors on Lin Chen's head, and he began to peep into Yan Qianyun's fate through the Shenji disk from the perspective of Jiujiao eyes!

Yan Qianyun's star map is extremely dazzling, like a starry sky, but in the starry sky, Lin Chen did not see any useful information or even any pictures related to her!

"Xiao Nizi, it's still very tight. The thing I'm most afraid of is that Lin doesn't worry about it. In front of me, the little black dragon is floating in clouds!"

Lin Chen vigorously beat the magic machine disk and continued to explore the light in the star chart.

The splendid multicolored star chart seems to be endless, and it is easy to get lost in it. It can only be turned around in place, and it can't find anything substantial.

Yan Qianyun smiled elegantly and perfectly, standing in front of Lin Chen, letting him calculate.

But at the next moment, the beautiful cheeks were rendered with a faint blush, and thousands of Fanghua's eyes were white for Lin Chen!

"Yeah, it's tight here, it's tight there, how can everything be so tight! Why is it so tight, I'll just look at it, and don't go in. It's not good to be honest, you look at me very honestly Normally, you can see as you want, I dont cover it at all, we are all wide open... open your mind to speak brightly, hey, how did you blush Miss Yan Qianyun?"