My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 436

Chapter 436: You Will: Love Fall Me

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Chapter 436, You Will: Love~ Fall~ Me~!

Someone Lin was full of rumors, what could not go in, I heard that the girls and beautiful women outside the venue had blushing cheeks, or shy, or flirtatious, not to mention Yan Qianyun, no one can stand his harassment like this Sexual speech toss!

"You chew your tongue again, I won't teach you the skills of a mathematician next time!"

When Yan Qianyun froze at Lin Chen, Lin Chen clearly saw that when she was flabbergasted, there was a pair of galaxy that seemed to be the same as other stars in her vast starry map.

Although the frequency is extremely low and low, Lin Chen immediately noticed! Nine Tribulation's eyes glowed, and Lin Chen immediately poured all his concentration into that area!

In that star chart, there is a faint blood light training, such as the Tianhe across this is Yan Qianyun's blood light disaster!

When someone looked at this plague of blood, he suddenly discovered that this plague of blood was accompanied by a faint blue ray of light, which proved to be a danger and a romance.

However, the next picture that emerged from the plague of blood; completely made someone open his mouth and stared at it!

The two figures are looming, the scene is very hot.

The flawless skin is like the perfect artwork of heaven, and the beautiful cheeks are as blushing as Yan Xiayun!

Look at the handsome face with her, turned out to be someone in Lin!

"I have a big slot!"

Lin Chen jumped up in an instant and almost didn't blind his titanium alloy!

Brother Chen, did I watch my own film?

I rely on, what a ghost experience this is! Seems quite energetic?

Lin Chen jumped up suddenly and frightened many people. Then, he stared blankly at the large action film in the star chart, touched his chin, and watched it carefully.

The whole process lasted for four or five hours, and finally, when Lin Chen finished watching, it was almost almost a day!

"It's worthy of me in the future! Sure enough, I became stronger again. This time I learned a lot of postures. Oh no, knowledge. Sure enough, learning makes me happy, and learning makes me feel alive in this boring life. I love it, no, I love learning, learning to love me."

Exiting the nine-robber state, Lin looked up at the sky with sad eyes, and took out a few paper towels to wipe off a large amount of his nosebleed.

"Master Lin Chen, don't force yourself! If you can't figure it out, then forget it!"

Yan Qianyun thought that he had urged excessive secretive techniques, and the backlash or side effects that he had produced quickly hurriedly came forward and asked.

When the beautiful woman's faint white rose-like fragrance is close to Lin Chen, Lin Chen saw Yan Qianyun through her clothes at a close distance, and instantly remembered the'learning materials' that she just watched, and her nosebleed was another blast!

Damn, this Yan Qianyun's figure is so powerful, someone Lin hasn't gotten used to it all at once, and his mind is full of the impression of learning materials.

This scene terrified a lot of people. This son Chen Chen is really desperate for this first place! Nosebleed so much, it must be desperate to deduce Yan Qianyun's fate!

Thinking of this, everyone was not so angry at the beginning of his pigeon release, but his eyes were full of admiration.

"How about, contestant Lin Chen, do you want to continue? According to regulations, the time for the two sides to perform must be equal. Now that there are less than seven days, the conference is officially over. In theory, you have less than three days. Estimate the time."

At this time, the referee elder outside the venue announced indifferently; obviously, he did not think that Lin Chen could push Yan Qianyun's fate.

"Cough, no need, this study material is a bit heavy, I have to drink Jiuzhitang after reading it, I have already calculated the result!"

At this time, Lin someone smiled indifferently, which made the referee elders startled!

"Oh? Let's talk about it, what did you do?"

The elders of the Yan's Haoqing arithmetic division frowned and asked indifferently.

Yan Qianyun also turned her curious beautiful eyes and stared at Lin Chen. Did he really calculate his life?

Yan Qianyun's current state is placed in Yan's family. The fortune teller who can calculate part of her life is no more than three! And, only partly! It's impossible to push all of them out!

"Cough, then I will say that, I hope everyone stays calm."

Someone Lin coughed and stared at Yan Qianyun with a very serious expression-"Miss Yan Qianyun, you have a blood disaster, that is in the future, you will be hopeless, love ~ love ~ me ~ "

After this remark, all the audience was stunned! The referees were stunned!

Yan Qianyun was even more surprised, stunned!

It is undeniable that Yan Qianyun's treatment of Lin Chen is indeed different from that of ordinary men of the same age.

At least for men of the same age, except Lin Chen, she hardly looks at the second opposite sex, but if you want to talk about love, then it is definitely not.

At best, it's just a little curiosity with good feelings and some secrets about Lin Chen! This kind of feeling is not even like it!

"Master Lin Chen, are you kidding me?"

Yan Qianyun stepped back ten steps in a row and was surprised when she saw the moron. Although Lin Chen had no skin and no face, it was not like a person who said this in a large audience!

"Believe it or not, anyway, I already said the result of my own deduction, and then it is your turn."

Lin Chen shrugged, then sat down cross-legged, running "Genesis Nine Tribulation" well, resuming his previous consumption of using Nine Tribulation Eyes.

"It's inexplicable. Isn't he a broken one? This is not his style of acting..."

Yan Qianyun's heart was full of doubts, and after thinking about it for a while, she sacrificed her first fortune teller's "wordless day book."

As the heavenly book was turned, Yan Qianyun's aura became awe-inspiring, and a deep and blurred light enveloped Lin Chen's head, transmitting a psychedelic light of the nebula!

The light turns around Lin Chen's body, forming a ninefold aperture!

Without reservation, Yan Qianyun used her real strength from the beginning. She tried to deduce Lin Chen's fate last time, and there was no trace of it at all, so even if the state of the world improved, she must go all out!

From her point of view, it should be that a powerful fortune teller had shot for Lin Chen to cover up the heavens and hide his general destiny.

"Unless it's a mathematician outside of Kyushu, no mathematician can completely block my wordless book! Lock!"

The ninth aperture burst out of layers of light and penetrated Lin Chen's body, Yan Qianyun stared into a blurred starry sky, but there was no star chart of Lin Chen!

One day and one night passed, Yan Qianyun still found no trace of Lin Chen's life!

" is it possible..."

Yan Qianyun is in disbelief, unbelievable!

As in the last time in the flame zone, Lin Chen's fate map seems to be non-existent!