My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 437

Chapter 437: Hundreds Of Millions Of Eye Catching Battle Towers

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Chapter 437: Billions of Attentions Breaking into the Battle Tower!

"Hey, the fate of the most handsome man on the mainland of Kyushu is not so easy to understand, otherwise you try to try your own life fate? Maybe there will be surprises~"

Someone sitting in the void, holding the chin with one hand, smiled meaningfully; Yan Qianyun did not keep going, but fell into a deep contemplation.

"He was right, I dont have to necessarily perform his life on him. After I contacted him, with his particularity, it will inevitably affect my own destiny and the number of robberies. Presumably, the general destiny should change. , If deduced on myself, I might get some information about him!"

With a little thought, Yan Qianyun immediately withdrew her mind, slowly closed her eyes, and entered her star chart with concentration.

At this time, Yan Qianyun's expression appeared extremely wonderful changes in the next hour!

Surprise first, then stunned!

Then, doubt, then curiosity, then shock!

In the end, it was blushing!

Xia Fei's cheeks, crimson dyed through the roots of the ears, silky fiery, cherry lips trembling, revealing the fragrant orchid, the extraordinary Yan Qianyun, at this moment seems to see some extremely birdless pictures!

This time, it was the turn of the elders of the Qing family who was ignorant!

What is the situation?

They Yan Family have never seen Yan Qianyun show such an expression!

Yan Qianyun is extremely talented in the field of mathematics, so she has had a certain hunch that anything will happen from an early age. Almost everything that happened around her, rarely exceeded the unexpected specifications, so she has always maintained a state of unpretentious and extraordinary.

But after encountering Lin Chen, she discovered that Lin Chen's existence has always belonged to her'unexpected' state.

His words and deeds did not follow normal logical thinking at all, so Yan Qianyun was very interested and liked to stay beside Lin Chen or watch him act.

But looking at his own destiny this time, Yan Qianyun was really taken aback! It should be said that it was completely subverted! All her lives have been changed!

Whether it is a fate or a blessing, heaven, disaster, or disaster, and even the number of disasters, all have changed dramatically because of Lin Chen!

But when she saw the picture of one of her "Blood Disasters", she blushed completely!

I don't know if it is a bird! This is almost fatal!

It was Lin who read countless reading materials that had nosebleeds. No matter how extraordinary Yan Yanyun was, it was only a virgin place. In the face of this kind of picture, he couldn't stand it!

The most important thing is that she also sees herself in the "Disaster of Blood", who is actively entangled with Lin Chen. The indulgence over and over again, the gestures that she dare not even think about, are all presented in a lively manner. In front of her!

In the future, I am indeed "falling in love with Lin Chen", yes, completely fall into the kind of falling in love!

Lin Chen watched for almost a day and a night, and Yan Qianyun didn't hold on for even half an hour, so she quickly exited her star chart!

That beautiful cheek is full of glamorous blush that reverses all beings! See all the young arrogances outside the dumb place!

"! Bugs! Liars! Stinky eggs! Rogue! You actually bullied me, woo..."

Yan Qianyun's delicate and blushing cheeks were filled with crystal tears. At this moment, she was like an ordinary girl who was greatly wronged. She wiped her tears and ran out of the meeting!

All the audience opened their mouths!

What's happening here? What happened?

That Yan Yanyun, who has always been an astronomical, extraordinary and beautiful woman, was crying by Lin Chen?

It seems that he did nothing!

Looking at the millions of stunned faces in the audience, Lin Chen flicked the bangs, looking pretentiously melancholic, looking up at the sky forty-five degrees.

"As the most handsome man, my boring troubles, how can you guys understand, hey, he looks handsome, really annoying!"

After sighing, someone lit a homemade cigarette and blew out a smoke ring. He did not forget to take out the ancient mirror and smiled at himself evilly in the mirror.

"You really are the first beautiful boy in mainland Kyushu, well-deserved reputation! Your specialty is really special."

Seeing this scene, some audiences could not help but twitched their mouths, and some young Tianjiao were so angry that they gritted their teeth.

"Damn, this guy is so cheap! I want to beat him, but I can't beat it again, so annoying...!"

In the end, in view of Yan Qianyun's behavior and performance, which not only verified Lin Chen's predictions, but also meant to abstain, most referees voted that Lin Chen was the first fortune-teller of this conference. !

The first three consecutive championships in the history of Tenling! Born at this moment!

But Lin Chen couldn't care too much, and he rushed to Tianling Battle Tower nonstop, because there was only six days left for him!

This time, hundreds of millions of people paid attention, and everyone gathered their eyes on the Sky Spirit Tower! Countless strong men in Yandu rushed to the direction of the venue of the Celestial Battle Tower, and the number of people was unprecedented!

Because this may be the moment to witness history again!

Lin Chen is one of the two players in the Tianling list, and one of them is in the final!

The other person is Xie Hanfeng from Tianzhou!

If Lin Chen can surpass Xie Hanfeng, that is, four consecutive championships!

The four consecutive championships in the Celestial Rankings will give birth to a peerless demon in ancient and modern times!

Outside the Heavenly Spirit Battle Tower; Lin Chen has not arrived yet, and inside the battle tower will list a screen of light.

"Participant; Xie Hanfeng, through the seventh floor of the Celestial Tower."

The embarrassed Xie Hanfeng looked up to the sky!

"Ha ha ha! Lin Chen, this time I see how you still surpass me, I thank Han Feng, is the first genius of the two continents!"

The audience waiting outside the stadium was amazed, but Xie Hanfeng from Tianzhou unexpectedly passed the seventh floor of the battle tower! Became the third person in history to pass the seventh floor!

With the triple cultivation of Yuanzunjing, he shook and defeated the first six puppets in the seventh layer!

There is no doubt that without Lin Chen, this generation of Tianjiao will be suppressed by Xie Hanfeng.

But now Lin Chen is full of radiance and honor is more than geometric. Those who have seen Lin Chen's peerless style have not been too surprised by the results this time.

"Lin Chen is here!"

I dont know which side of the audience screamed first, all the audience in the venue shifted their eyes to the entrance passage of the battle tower.

When he was the first one, the silver robe flicked and rolled, and the teenager looked indifferent. There was a faint and confident smile in the corner of his mouth, and he walked straight into the entrance of the battle tower!

"That's Lin Chen, how calm and calm, in the face of the eyes of hundreds of millions of people still unscrupulous, unrestricted and restrained!"

"I don't know if he can cross the seventh floor. Even Xie Hanfeng struggled five times on the seventh floor, and it took more than twenty days to pass."

"Yeah, I heard that Xie Hanfeng used three purple-level low-level exercises to kill the seventh floor. This day the Academy of Books was really willing. Three purple-level exercises! Lao Tzu stepped into Yuanzun Realm for thousands of years, I dont even have a top-level blue-level exercise, let alone a half-violet and a purple scale!"

"Hey, it is estimated that the old people of Tianshu Academy are all betting on Xie Hanfeng. The Purple Order exercises are not Chinese cabbage, and there are not many kinds of details in Tianshu Academy."

"Lin Chen has entered the seventh floor... Hey! My God, Lin Chen's opponent on the seventh floor turned out to be two demon clan puppets!"