My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 438

Chapter 438: 3. Go Straight To The Eighth Floor

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Chapter 438

When entering the seventh floor, Lin Chen waited in a row and released the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon in one breath.

The sixth tier encounters two five-fold late creatures, and the seventh tier is at least above the sixth-level realm!

In the face of the powerhouses of Yuanzun Realm and above, Lin Chen must use his true background to win with confidence!

"Thunder Tribulation, Flame Tribulation, Wind Tribulation!"

As soon as the Shura Jiuhuang change took place before the first three changes, Lin Chen's fighting spirit Yuanfu turned into two unreal Yuanfus, temporarily advancing into the triple early stage from the late one.


Two monstrous figures appeared in the battle space on the seventh floor; one male and one female.

The heads of the two men have horns, gray hair, and purple eyes. They are slightly taller than ordinary people. They seem to be not much different from the human race, but the breath is very different from the human race!

"This is the legendary demon clan?"

Lin Chen was a little surprised. It is said that in addition to the Orcs and human races, there are many other races born outside of Kyushu. One of them is the Devil Race. It is a descendant of the Devil Race and the Human Race. The innate advantage of the blood of the demon race!

Before waiting for Lin Chen to think too much, the two demon puppets of the six mid-level mid-levels raised their hands and held them out of thin air!

Ten finger marks raged, smashing and smashing the space crystal wall! Outrageously grabbed Lin Chen and his Qinglong!

Lin Chen's Purple Phoenix wings flicked out in a blink of an eye, and Thunder Wing's Thousand Shadows skimmed the void, tearing Lin Chen's afterimage with his fingers!

Boom~! Long ~!

The dragon's qi is like a tide, swaying from the void, and turning into a blue field. The green dragon releases the Xuanqing dragon field, reducing the attack of the finger marks by one third, and then the dragon tail swings, the startling dragon swims and the dragon body wanders. Walk into the void to avoid!

"Good terrifying strength, this is the mid-sixth stage of Yuanzun Realm, and it turns out that one level is more terrifying than one level!"

Five-colored dragon light wrapped around his arm, Lin Chen gave a palm grip, and the five dragon dynasty gun appeared in his hand!

Thunder moved like a flash, Lin Chen's thunderous battle spirit drove flashes of lightning, and the Golden Tribulation Warrior launched, swept towards the first demon clan, and the war gun slammed down with anger! The latter quickly pulled out a short knife and unfolded the **** round shield!


Dragon power broke out, and a Gengjin dragon was drawn from the point of the gun, and the bite went away, and the invincible Gengjin's air broke the war shield of the demon race!

Tear ~!

The sharp edge of the quasi-seventh-level weapon far surpassed Lin Chens imagination, and he even tore the enemies' runes without tearing up the enemy's combat shield!

The male demon clan roams around the dragon, turning very fast, turning around to split Lin Chen's neck!

The gun body traversed, the earth robbery warrior launched the'Wan Yuexuan Town Armor', and took a hard knife across the opposite side. Before Lin Chen stepped back and forth, his legs circulated the wind robbery and the spirit shadow wind magic legs were ejected at a rapid speed. Gasified as a leg shadow burst kicking and flying that male demon clan!

The two sides were blasted by each other, but the male demon clan did not know how to consume it, and drew a second knife like lightning! The breath of sharpness condenses into a **** blade, and the **** spurs of piercing blood cut from the short knife!

Bloody horse training splits the wind and waves, tearing the space crystal wall, Lin Chen did not dodge, the first time when his figure was stable, Lei Shunqian stepped out, and the war gun was bloody!


The irresistible Geng Jin's breath permeates the golden edge, piercing the blood of the other party into nothingness on the spot!

The male demon clan wielded dozens of knives in rapid succession. Lin Chen's spear was like a mad dragon turning over the sea.

On the other side; Wanguang's green blade rotates on the green dragon's claws, and the time and time impact on the defensive defense of the female demon puppet. Wanzai Xuanqinglong has a lot of magical powers to fight with the puppet of the demon clan. No difference!

The two rays of light fell like a meteor, followed closely, and each collision shattered a large space!

Countless audiences are shocked, Lin Chen is one enemy and two, can not fall?

This time the strong confrontation, once again let Lin Chen see the power of the quasi-seventh tier weapon. In the past, he had to use the special runes to fight against the opponents above the sixth level.

But now, he doesn't even need to charge runes to confront the six-fold mid-term hard! In addition to the improvement of cultivation, everything should be attributed to the new Wulong dynasty gun!

"The warm-up is almost done, it's time to kill you two!"

After hundreds of rounds of fierce fighting, Lin Chen twirled in the air, slammed his arms in a rage, turned back and smashed, and slammed back the demon puppet a few steps!

"Feng Mo Bai Ying!"

The transformation of the wind robbery warfare, Lin Chen's offensive became more terrifying, his legs swept like a residual image, and the sky was full of energy! Force the demon clan to urge defense to resist!

Then, a condensed shot burst out of the blast, and shot fiercely at the demon puppet!

The short knife bends like a moon, across a touch of blood-colored awn, the demon puppet yanks out a full-strength knife awn, the blood-colored knife is vertical and horizontal, swallowing the stars and moon, across the vast sky!

At the moment when full strength erupted, a figure flashed from behind the puppet. The left arm was dark like a deep, wriggling terrible dragon spirit and dark robbery fighting spirit, and suddenly shocked at the puppet's heavenly cover!

"Charged Rune: Nine Heavy Dark Dragon Power!"

This is Lin Chen's first display of the Nine-fold Dark Dragon Power, with nine dragon-like strengths encircling the palm of his hand, lifelike, flying like a dark dragon!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

The 37500 dragon power is accompanied by a spiraling arrogance of dark robbery. For example, nine dark dragons surround the demon puppet, easily crushing his defenses, and finally invading him, he shook his body on the spot and shattered it and burst out. Dozens of attribute light balls!

After Lin Chen wiped out Soul Mobai, the Dark Tribulation Warfare Body has become his strongest Sky Tribulation Warfare Body, and with the power of the Charging Rune and the Ninefold Dark Dragon Power, he sneaked through the opponents defense with one palm and wiped out his opponent. Get it right!

Lin Chen grabbed with one hand and took away the attribute light **** that were dropped.

[The host gains 16 points of merit, 1110 points of essence of fighting spirit, 800 points of essence of fighting spirit, 1200 points of qi and blood energy, 25 points of rune energy, 170 points of Dao value, 230 points of talent,]

[The host opens the aquamarine chest and obtains: 2 characteristic rune evolution stones.

[The host opens the blue crystal treasure chest and obtains: a volume of blue-level top-level exercises.

After taking away these attributed light balls, Lin Chen's attribute value has increased again. The most important thing is that his one-time bottleneck has been loose.

Outside the battle tower; many audience watching the battle suddenly saw Lin Chen killing the puppet of the demon in seconds, and could not help but breathe a little air!

"Why, what? One move?"

"Good perverted combat skills, what is this power! I am afraid that the lethality is not lower than the half-purple rank, right?"

"It's easy to penetrate the six-fold mid-term defense with one palm, and it is a lore fighting skill in the melee field!"

"No, although his combat skills are mysterious, the most important thing is his own strength. His pure power is excellent, the control is quite perfect, and it seems to have the legendary body of the Heavenly Tribulation!"

There were many discussions, and Lin Chen in the battle tower made a one-handed move, and the five dragon dynasty emperor gun flying hands, the figure flashed, and Qinglong left and right surrounded the female demon clan puppet, less than half a quarter of an hour, it was the front Break through female demon clan! Take away all attribute light balls!

Before waiting for many powerful men to come back, Lin Chen holds a golden war gun, his eyes are cold, domineering, and he looks at the world, one person and one dragon, killing the eighth floor!