My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Jiuhuang Change Fourth Change Vs Seventh Heavy Early

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Chapter 439 The fourth change of Nine Huangs vs the early stage of Seventh Layer!

"He actually passed the seventh floor in less than half an hour?"

"My God, this is still a team double match played by one person. Lin Chen and his Qinglong are too terrifying!"

"Throughout the history of the two continents, such terrible Yuanzun Realm has never been born!"

Not to mention the attention of the fighting audience, even the top referees, Yan Jia, Li Jia, Tianshu College, Tiange College and other powerful people are trembling and staring at the magic eye stone!

The eighth floor, that is a completely unknown field!

Throughout the ages; no one has ever entered it, let alone know what the eighth floor looks like!

The eighth floor battle tower space; Shirayuki is in sight, this is a world of ice and snow, vast and infinite.

The two mountain peaks, which are tens of thousands of feet above the sky, seem to stand in the very center of the world of ice and snow.

When Lin Chen urged the Zijin pupil, the pupil trembles and stands at the very center of the ice and snow world. Above the two icebergs, it is the beginning of the Seventh Level of the Two Yuanzun Realms! !

The early seventh and sixth mid-level are two very different realms. In terms of difficulty, the eighth floor will be five times more difficult than the seventh floor!

"Blue Dragon Possession."

In a single thought, Qinglong merged into Lin Chen's body, and 51,000 dragon forces were put into Lin Chen's body.

At the early stage of the Seventh Layer, if you play head-to-head, Qinglong may not be able to support even 20 rounds.

Because it is only a sixth-level intermediate level, it has not yet been able to compete across three large realms, even if it has evolved to Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon, it cannot cross such a large dimension!

"I can't remember how many years I haven't seen the creatures outside the tower. I can't think of looking at the descendants of Lingzhou before the remnants disappear."

Middle-aged man wears white jade crown, Tsing Yi, and negative sword. Piao Piao came out of the air, and his temperament was dusty. After seeing Lin Chen, Lang Lang laughed.

Another man, wearing a yellow shirt, looked indifferent, holding a knife, his eyes glowed with the sharpness of cutting the void!

Although the two of them are still puppet bodies, they have independent thoughts. It seems that the previous puppets are different.

"Dark robbery changes!"

Lin Chen said nothing, and urged the latest fourth-level Nine Profound Changes!


The deep abyss like the abyss is like a sea, and the fourth illusory Yuan Mansion is almost constructed for Lin Chen!

Triple peak! Lin Chen, who has fully opened in four changes, can step into the triple peak from the late stage of the first one!

But the fourth level of Yuan Zunjing is an important watershed, and he failed to make a full entrance.

"Oh? There is the secret of Shura's charm, it should be an ancient thing. The background of this child is good. No wonder it can break here.

The expression was slightly surprised, and the Tsing Yi man then pulled his sword out of the sheath!

Choke~! Jian Xiao Long Yin, this is an incomplete sixth-order top-level sword weapon, and the last point of sword meaning is still in the hands of the Tsing Yi people!

"Senior, please enlighten me!"-Lin Chen arched his hand a little, and then the fingerprint changed suddenly and lightning!

The two high-profile Shura phantoms rose from the top of his head, three heads and six arms, making singing gestures!

"Taishi Bible" with "Xura's Fury" has become a spiritual attacking skill no less than a half-purple rank!

"Energetic Rune Anger!"

Roar ~! Roar ~! Boom~! Boom~!

The rolling sound waves are like the sun and menstruation, the spiritual shock is raging, and the mountains are bursting, and the mountains are bursting into powder, the earth's veins are collapsing, and the space crystal wall shatters, just like the end of the world!

"Junior, come on well! Jianzhao Jiuling returns!"

The swords flowed through nine channels of aura, and the swordsman in Tsing Yi waved a blue rainbow like a cross-day training, flying across!

In the eyes of the yellow shirt swordsman, the vast sky-like sword gas is rolling in the eyes, and the mountains, rivers, and moons are swallowed.

I don't know; when he just pulled out his sword, a ghost ghost appeared behind him!

"Nine Heavy Dark Dragon Power!"

Between five fingers, there is a dark dragon pattern of strength formed by 51000 dragon power. With the strong dark line of fighting, he strangled and rage to the back of him!

With a quick eye, the swordsman in the yellow shirt immediately cut back with a knife. It is known that half of the knife came out. Lin Chen, who was moving away, flapped the wings of the purple phoenix.

Bang~! !

Everything happened between the electro-optical flint, the shocking explosion sounded through the clouds, shattering thousands of layers of snow, and ice mountains on all sides!

clang! clang! clang!

As soon as the extreme sword and gun shadows flutter and collide, the two Lin Chens lightning attack on the yellow shirt swordsman!

Although the yellow shirt swordsman has not seen blood, but his Dantian area has cracked a large hole, obviously injured by Lin Chen's nine-fold dark dragon!

The knife cut the shoulder of the yellow shirt swordsman. The latter single-handedly reversed the rotation, separating the same moment of the dark blue sword. The golden war gun torn the void and smashed down, forcing him to be slightly embarrassed and constantly in shape. Even retreat!

Each time the newly-casted Wanfenyuan Sword is slashed and slashed, it is accompanied by the sharp sword gas of the whistling noise, just like Wanfeng Xiaoming, killing the cold, perfectly combining the characteristics of the wind robbery combat body and "Netherworld Seven Flashes" !

"Oh? Unexpectedly, there is still the skill of doppelganger, but your opponent is two."

Just as the swordsman in Tsing Yi was surprised and ready to support, a fiery sword intended to pierce the crystal wall of the space pierced into the flash, and the faint image of the fire glass was circulating!

Tsing Yi swordsman's eyes are fixed, the sword is blocked, the pace retreats continuously, otherwise the ten swords are stabbed, and the afterglow of the sword light is blocked!

When the swordsman in Tsing Yi sees who is coming, he can't help but show shock and consternation! Even another Lin Chen?

Lin Chens phantom avatar didnt give him time to think. The red dragon sword in his hand glowed like a dragon, the sword was slashed continuously, the dragon force blessed the fire-robed war body, and the runes were recharged!

The two swords confronted each other, and the red dragon sword turned into a chopping one after another, and the neck of the swordsman in Tsing Yi was picked!

The opponent's sword slammed back, and at the same time shook the red dragon sword, he slashed out! However, the faint light of the thunderstorm was cut out, so that the eyes of the swordsman in Tsing Yi once again condensed, and he was walking away!

The sharp and fiery glass sword was cut from the height suddenly, and a soft and flexible sword light rushed out, and the two sword lights collided together in a moment! Fire and water are twofold!

At this moment, even the strong players in the conference hall were stunned and stupefied!

Lin Chen can still play a second avatar, and the power is not reduced. From the point of view of the fluctuation of fighting spirit, it seems to be completely as powerful as his body!

This magical doppelganger combat skill is unseen and unheard of! The avatars that are often displayed in avatar combat skills are weaker than the body. Perhaps they may not be visible from the appearance, but as long as they fight, they can see immediately.

But Lin Chen's doppelganger is completely different! Not only can it not tell the truth from the surface, even the combat strength has the same strength as the main body, and it has dragged on the Qingyi swordsman in the early seventh layer!

Lin Chens doppelganger was only able to procrastinate time, and the doppelganger did not have the heritage of heads-up Tsing Yi swordsman!