My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Qinglong Wake Up

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Chapter 44: The Green Dragon Wake Up!

Late at night; Baijia backyard.

This is the third day that Lin Chen arrived at the Bai family.

A teenager in old-fashioned armor, sweating and raining, panting like a cow, constantly doing push-ups.

With each push-up, his arms burst out with a crunching bone, and his muscles and bones were on the verge of breaking.

Just like the residual candle in the wind, it should be extinguished at any time!

There was a cross-legged boy sitting on his back, counting for him.

"2158, 2159, 2160."

Lin Chen shouted for Bai Junhao while urging Zi Jintong to observe the vitality of his flesh.

The Qinglong Blood Vessel Factor lurking in his body began to show signs of slight activity, but he has not fully recovered.

Originally at the age of Bai Junhao, he should not wait until he is 18 years old before entering the awakening period of the bloodline, but Lin Chen is now equivalent to exerting external pressure to accelerate this process in advance.

"It seems that the limit is not enough. It may only be possible to stimulate the power of the blood to protect him when the host is one foot away from death.

Lin Chen always observes the limit his body can withstand while tempering his body.

During these three days and three nights, Lin Chen let Bai Junhao take both medicine and medicine; the prescribed rest time is only one hour, and the rest of the time is either in the medicine bath or tempering the flesh, and Bai Junhao leads the blue dragon blood vein almost at the fastest speed!

Early the next morning; just as Lin Chen was planning to exercise Bai Junhao next time, the two in the backyard of Bai's house heard a noisy, rapid pace.

"Bai Junhao! You get me out! You dare to find someone to interrupt the leg of my young master, today I think who can protect you!"

"The three young masters in my family are bedridden, so you Baijia waste, get out of me!"

A group of people poured into the backyard, it was the people behind the clan forces who had been abandoned by Lin Chen!

There are battlefields, psychic realms, and individual disciples from those days are also present!

"My Bai family is so big that these people will be allowed to break in. It seems that the deacon and the stewards believe that there is no need to offend them because of me! Power, if I have power, how can I be insulted by others, Not even Grandpas reputation!"

Bai Junhao gasped hard, yelling indignantly.

"Then go up and fight, those people who oppress you and humiliate you now, go up and go to death now, and leave me with other battle spirits and psychic realms. Remember, strength and opportunity can only be grasped by yourself. , Your eldest brother, I will bear it for you."

Lin Chen waved his palm and strode forward.

Bai Junhao looked at Lin Chen's back, and his extremely tired body gave birth to some strength and somehow followed behind Lin Chen.

"Second Uncle, it was the boy who injured us a few days ago!"

A young disciple recognized Lin Chen and said excitedly to a middle-aged man beside him who was in a state of war.

"It turns out that you are a little devil, and you are a psychic realm at a young age. Are you a little talented?

The warrior realm and several psychic warriors stood up, Lin Chen stepped on his feet, and turned into a raging flame of thunder!

"Good boy, after eating the leopard gall, let's get started! Kill him!"

On the scene, three battle spirit realms and ten psychic realms joined forces to surround Lin Chen!

The afterimage flashed continuously, Lin Chen's speed suddenly increased by a few points, and within a few flashes, all the psychic realms were seen flying out!

"Why is this kid so strong?"

The three war spirits were frightened, and ten psychic realms were repelled by him in a blink of an eye?

Lin Chen is not anxious to solve his opponent, he is watching Bai Junhao.

At the moment, Bai Junhao rushed up to fight with the three young disciples, as Lin Chen said.

But he was trained all night long, and he was already the end of a strong crossbow. There was not much spare power in his energy, and he was beaten in turn by three young disciples who were also in the refining environment!

Lin Chen's fingertips, a ray of pure water energy dripped into the top of Bai Junhao's head, his flesh shell has recovered a lot of vitality again!

"Brother Lin Chen is helping me! He wants me to defeat these people!"

Bai Junhao was inspired, once again rushed to fight with the three!

"Let you insult my grandfather, I will kill you animals!"

Bai Junhao's mouth was bleeding, and he was beaten with his right fist!

The blood in his whole body seemed to be burning, and he was yelling at the roar of the violent Zhenshi!


The violent and fierce Long Xiao roared in Bai Junhao's body! The frightened disciple was scared back again and again!

"Even if it's dead today, I'm going to pull you back!"

Bai Junhao seems to have struck out his own blood, followed by the second punch to condense all his strength!

The blood in his whole body seemed to burn up, and he roared in a low voice from the roar of the violent Zhenshi!

The punching power of this punch is endless, and the pure power of thousands of tigers has been hit! The punch of the young disciple's sternum was dented!


Lin Chen clearly saw an egg-sized light cyan light ball falling out of his right arm!

"Successful? His Blue Dragon bloodline was awakened!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, his heart ecstatic!

He has been blending immortality medicine and body refining methods for so many days. Bai Junhao's body and flesh shell have kept his body at the limit of physiological endurance!

This battle completely exhausted the blood of Bai Junhao's Green Dragon!

Bai Junhao's fist severely wounded the young disciple and turned his head to look at the battlefield of fierce fighting.

Lin Chen followed closely and released 80% of his pure strength, violently suppressing these three middle-aged men with six battlefields!

"What fierce medicine did this kid take, why is it suddenly so strong?"

The other two young disciples were scared and backed off again and again, Bai Junhao chased down!

"Slay you bastards!"

His double pupils are covered with a layer of faint light blue, with a fierce momentum, and his fists are repeatedly smashed out, and each punch produces a small tornado!

The light blue spheres of attributes keep rolling down and dazzling!

5000 Tiger Power, 5500 Tiger Power, 6000 Tiger Power!

Bai Junhao's momentum is rising, and his skin is covered with light blue dragon scales, resembling a dragon that has been sleeping for thousands of years. In a very short period of time, his pure power is like a bamboo breakthrough!

A lot of immortality medicines and heavenly materials and earth treasures made by Lin Chen these days are on Bai Junhao. At this time, the remaining energy becomes the best energy for refining Baijunhao's flesh and shell body, which can be better combined with the awakening of the dragon blood!

The two young disciples were only nine-pronged in the realm of Qi, and they were not his opponents at all. With the treasures left by the family, they barely continued to breathe under Bai Junhao's men.

"It has reached 11,500 tiger power, and there is no sign to stop, then give him a try in the battlefield."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, pure power exploded, and the boxing shattered the defense of the two battlefields, picking up the attributed light **** they dropped.

He deliberately let go of a triple guard in the battlefield to let him fight against Bai Junhao.

"These two boys are so weird, let's protect the young master's retreat first!"

The battlefield rushed over to cover the two young disciples. Bai Jun was a mighty demon, and even when he punched out, even the battlefield triplet felt the pressure of life and death threats!

"Gossip Palm!"


Bai Junhao took a backhand shot, the two sides were shocked, and the aftermath of the shock caused the ground to be cracked, like cracks!

The Battle Realm tripled back and forth a few steps back and forth, and his eyes were full of unbelievable. He was even repulsed by the heavy waste of the Bai family's Qi Refining Realm?