My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Through The Eighth Floor

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Chapter 440, Passing the Eighth Floor! !

On the other side; the battle between the yellow shirt swordsman and Lin Chen's body shone with the dominance of Xiaohan, shaking all the sky and the sky, and the entire battle space was shaking and shaking violently!

Seeing this scene, the strong men outside the venue who exceeded the sixth level of Yuanzun Realm all stood up in horror. Some of them seemed to stare at the magic eyestone with cold air, as if they saw something terrible about to explode!

A senior executive at Tiange Academy stared at the Demon Eye Stone, swallowed, and murmured with trembling teeth.

"Lin Chen was going to confront him with the Purple Order!"

The embarrassed Xie Hanfeng stared staringly at Lin Chen's opponent in the battle tower. He played against a six-layer early opponent who had exhausted all the cards and repeated it several times.

But Lin Chen even fought against Yuanyuan Zunjing in the early stage of the Seventh Layer, and it was one battle and two battles!

The most terrifying thing is that his opponent also masters the purple order exercises!

There is no comparison between the two opponents! Xie Hanfeng's arrogant pride was completely smashed at this moment, and it was not worth it!

In the eighth floor of the battle tower; in the fierce fighting, Lin Chen's 4th level rune of corruption is constantly launched, and the fighting with the attack is repeated into the body of the yellow shirt swordsman!

In addition to his phantom avatar united attack that condenses 20 runic energy, he was attacked by a nine-fold dark dragon with a yellow shirt swordsman who was difficult to parry Lin Chens crazy offensive!

Realizing that the problem is not good, the yellow shirt swordsman immediately took out his killer skills! One-step purple-level knife combat skills!

But what made him even more impressed was that Lin Chen chose to be a head-to-head attack, and had no intention of retreating!

The three of them were on one side, and the yellow shirt swordsman filled Huang Shafeitian's sharp sword air, forming a vast dust storm. The momentum shocked Jiu Xiao. The center of the storm was the endless sword air that swallowed the stars and moon!

The faint blue light of the Wanfeng Yuanming blade is always ready to break out of the moon and the stars!

Lin Chen held a golden gun, his body was full of magic, the five-colored dragon qi was trembling, and a wave of Shura magic condensed in the void above his head. Some strong people hidden in the faintly saw it. Wearing armor and holding a gun is like going to the sky!

"Hahaha! This battle is furious! Let me look at this deity today, is it my only soul light and a thousand deserts, or is this the purple order of the younger generation of Lingzhou!"

The yellow shirt swordsman's face was always cold and deep, and suddenly a bold and dry laugh broke out.

Lin Chen grinned and said loudly!

"Linzhou's late Lin Chen, this style of "magic gun crack" please enlighten seniors!"

The next moment; the momentum of both sides is brewing to the extreme! Disturbed Jiuxiao Yuntian!

Just the momentum, let the powerful watching the battle feel a terrible sense of oppression. The two people's purple-order exercises are hard to match, which is completely different from Xie Hanfeng who had previously used three purple-order exercises!

It was a state of cultivation that was so fascinating that the move was not made, and it came first! Seeing the world!

"Soullight cuts through a thousand deserts!"

The sandstorm stormed, and a stream of yellow sand knives screaming at the starry sky, screaming at Lin Chen and his avatar!

Wherever the yellow sand sword passed, the space crystal wall was broken, and the sword light aftermath rolled up thousands of layers of snow, and the air burst into ice!

"Magic Rupture!"

Wuyun Longguang pierced awe-inspiringly, the moment Shura's shadow above Lin Chen's head merged into his body, and the moment he pierced with a gun; the dragon force exploded, the charged rune was launched, the rune energy was reduced by 5 at a time, and the shock-like cone Xinghongmang flashed past the golden spearpoint!

"Netherworld Seven Flashes!"

A round of swift killing of the green sword light jumped seven times in a row, and the strength of the dragon force whistling and bursting was mixed above the knife light. After strangling a large amount of knife gas, it was annihilated into ashes by the opponent's knife gas storm!

The shock-like cone-shaped rainbow awn fell like a meteor, pierced through countless blades of gas, and was invincible, and the unstoppable front fell to the figure in the yellow sand storm, even people penetrated with a knife!

A large number of attribute light **** roll and float from the body to the void, and there are several crystal-clear high-level treasure chests!

Sigh~~! boom! Bang ~~!

The shocking explosion suddenly sounded, and Lin Chen and his avatar were completely overturned by the aftermath of the explosion, flying thousands of miles away!

His Wanyue Xuanzhen armor was shattered by more than half of the energy from the explosion. Fortunately, the body was not injured, but it was also consumed violently and gasped.

Continuously launching high-quality phantom avatars, coupled with this "magic gun crack" of a purple-order combat skill, his creation of the Nine Tribulation was also a bit overwhelming.

"Later juniors, they did a great job. Unfortunately, your opponents are two!"

When the light smile of Tsing Yi Swordsman sounded, a emptied sword light glowed with the sharp edge of the gods and ghosts, circling the faint water, crushing the void, and stabbing Lin Chen with awe-inspiring!

It is another trick of the purple order swordsmanship!

The Tsing Yi swordsman used Lin Chen and the Huang Shan swordsman to destroy Lin Chen's avatar when he was fighting the Purple Order.

"Unfortunately, you haven't fully seen through my hole card!" - Lin Chen's mouth outlined a confident arc.

An afterimage flashed by at a rapid speed, and the backhand slammed the void, and two gray and white runes were born!

At the moment when the gray-white rune bursts, the two spaces become extremely slow to solidify, and even the sword light flashes a moment of stagnation. It is this small moment that Lin Chen's figure has already been brought to thousands by his phantom avatar. Inside and out!

Afterwards, Jianguang shattered the space blocked by the rune, and a sword smashed three thousand miles!

Jianguang rushed to the ground and shattered the earth's veins in the snow world, tearing a huge abyss alive, and it was awe-inspiring!

Another slow rune exploded in the space where the Tsing Yi swordsman is located. This slow rune is also the strongest one, which fully consumed Lin Chens 80 intermediate rune energy!

"What's the trick?"

Before waiting for him to relax, the shadows of the legs of the wind robbery that stepped on the gang moved instantaneously, and a thunder flashed together, and the figure swept behind him!

The arm like the abyss protruded into the void, and 51000 dragon force swayed, and the dark line of combat vigorously circled the nine fingers of the dragon's vigorous five fingers on his heavenly cover!

boom! boom! boom!

A series of violent attacks and explosions completely smashed the puppet body of the swordsman in Tsing Yi and destroyed them! At the end, he didn't know what happened!

When he finally glanced at Lin Chen, he discovered that Lin Chen's avatars had as many as three! His mysterious avatar moves even have reservations!

"Good's hiding so deep..."

The puppet body of the swordsman in Tsing Yi dropped a large number of attribute light balls, and his sword became dull and completely lost its luster.

At this time; two streamers blasted Lin Chen's eyebrows, making him unable to guard!

Just as he was preparing to run his spiritual power to push these two streamers out of his spiritual consciousness, he found that it was left by the two predecessors just now and was not malicious.

"The descendants of Lingzhou, the blue is better than the blue. I will completely turn into a puppet after this battle, the last trace of spiritual strength, but also saved our life.

"Boy, you are awesome. I hope you can take our unique skills to a higher level."