My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 441

Chapter 441: Garbage Runes?

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Chapter 441

Two spiritual consciousnesses were passed on to Lin Chen, and then two groups of pure and flawless spiritual light cocoons were suspended in front of Lin Chen's spiritual seeds. Then, the incomplete spiritual will disappeared and no longer existed.

[The system detects that there is a defective version of the Purple Order Kung Fu heritage integrated into the hosts mind, and can use the mid-level Kung Fu spirit to accelerate the inheritance speed.

"System, I want to pass on these two exercises!"

Lin Chen lifted the Jiuhuang transformation, sat cross-legged from the void, consumed 30 points of intermediate-level exercises, and the massive inheritance memory of the initiation was quickly integrated into Lin Chens spiritual seeds.

This time, it is not directly inherited from the learning function of the system, but the spiritual cocoon itself is already in a state of inheritance. The skills required are not much, and the speed of adding inheritance is accelerated. Lin Chen does not need to take too long. Time can be completed.

Outside the Soul Battle Tower;

The vocals are full, the unprecedented tremendous momentum and hot discussion broke out in every corner of Yandu Shiwanli!

Four consecutive championships! For the first time in the Celestial Rankings, there is a peerless Tianjiao with four consecutive championships! And his combat power, breaking into the double team game as a single, still made history, and passed the unprecedented eighth layer, unparalleled in ancient and modern times!

Some of Tianzhous powerful people are amazed, some are happy for Lingzhou, others are jealous, even killing!

The rise of Lingzhou and other peerless arrogance will inevitably become a peerless powerhouse in the mainland of Kyushu in the future. No one can predict his growth height.

"My Lingzhou mainland finally lit up a glimmer of hope."

The deputy dean stared comfortably at the young man sitting cross-legged in the devil's eye stone, his beautiful face glowed with more vitality!

"Huh? Why didn't he come out yet?"

"Does he want to go to the ninth floor, is this impossible?"

"How is it possible that the difficulty of the ninth floor is so perverted that no one can break through, and don't you see people in the state of adjusting interest rates?"

Some audiences are hotly discussing; everyone in Class 66 is looking at each other, with strong expectations and excitement in each other's eyes!

Only those of them who have taken risks with Lin Chen understand that Lin Chen will never follow the usual way of thinking!

Among the crowd, a faint expression of Shen Yuluo Yan was confused, staring at the young man enjoying the endless glory.

"Are you really the best..."

Murong Qingxue's five flavors are mixed, and Xianxianyu holds the broken star jade in his hand, and her heart struggles and throbs.


In the battle tower, Lin Chen passed on less than half an hour, and the one-step Zi Ti combat skills passed to him by the two strong men had been completed. Although there was only one move, it was far stronger than the half Zi Ti!

He once again took a sixth-order low-level Xuan Ming Pill to get rid of his weak state. Although Lin Chens body is already very familiar with the first three changes of the Jiuhuang change, but this is his first time to perform the fourth change, his body still has serious residual Weak state.

When Lin Chen absorbed the power, his avatar merged into his body, and the remaining fighting energy and rune energy were automatically returned to Lin Chen.

After all the medicine was absorbed, Lin Chen's weak state was removed by more than 90%, and his fighting spirit was restored to eight or nine. He slowly stood up and skimmed his mind through the two great battle skills just passed on.

"Extreme Que ShuiguangExtreme Sword Speed, Extreme Individual Attack, Purple Order Low-level Incomplete Sword Art."

"Soullight Thousand Deserts Super large-scale group attack knife method, with the power of a little flying sand to break the void. Purple order low-level incomplete knife method."

Lin Chen is very satisfied with these two combat skills. With this combat skill, the strength of his two avatars will go further!

Through this battle, Lin Chen discovered a very serious problem, that is, his corrupt rune.

Although Lin Chen's Corrupt Rune has 4 levels, he had little effect when he used it on the Yellow Shirt Swordsman.

There is no other reason. Only after the four levels of Yuanzun Realm, more than four Yuanqi Yuanfu forces formed a seamless connection, and the fighting spirit is like a sea. If you want to corrode so many fighting spirits at the same time, it is almost unrealistic.

And eroding a part of the fighting spirit has almost no essential influence on the four-layer and above, especially the strong men who are similar to the previous seven-layer cultivation.

If you forcibly use a large amount of rune energy on the corroded rune, it is better to use a slow rune to get it real, so the current corrupted rune is useless for Lin Chen, and it is a pity.

"Forget it, after the big deal, only three other runes will be used. Let's put the corrupt runes first."

Then, Lin Chen got up and ecstatically took away the two attribute light **** scattered by the two previous predecessors; his attribute value was soaring!

[The host gains 2300 points of essence of war spirit, 80 points of power essence, 28 points of water energy, 25 points of earth energy, 580 points of talent, 550 points of heaven,]

[The host gains 3 spiritual power, 85 rune energy, 79 rune energy, 55 skill essence, 400 heavenly path value,]

[The host opens two aquamarine chests and obtains: three rune evolution stones, and a level 1 weak rune.

Lin Chens second fighting spirit, Yuan Yufu, emerged, and the fighting in Yuan Fu suddenly doubled!

The first stage of Yuan Zunjing! Lin Chen, who has beheaded many puppets and powerful enemies, has finally entered the second realm of Yuanzun!

In addition, the energy of Lin Chen's water system soared to 36 points, and the seventh type of Sky Tribulation Warfare united successfully!


Lin Chen's spiritual power, the spiritual seeds soared to 50, officially entered the middle of the realm of the French phase!

This time Lin Chen's growth in strength is arguably the most violent one ever since the convening of the Soul List!

"Huh? New rune!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up and opened the rune function of the system with anticipation.

[Level 1 Weak Rune: Releasing the rune is attached to the hosts attack, and has a 5 percent chance of causing the enemy to enter a weak state. Level 1 Weakness: Weakness of 3% of the weak target, Level 2: 10% chance of 6% of weak target, Level 3: 15% chance of weak target, 9% of weak target. Level 4: 20% chance, weak target 12% of the fighting.

[Level 4 Weak Runes are only applicable to Yuanzun Realm Jiuzhong. The higher the cultivation level is, the more rune energy is consumed, and the probability remains unchanged. Weakness will be broken by the enemy. Use with caution.

After reading the comments in these two lines, Lin Chen fell from heaven to hell, and subconsciously yelled!

"Fuck! What kind of junk runes, 4th-level runes can only weaken the target's 12% of the fighting spirit, and it may be broken? This is even if you **** added 20% to Lao Tzu. Probability up? Brother Chen, I still have to look forward to this one-fifth chance to start, and it is only applicable to Yuanzun Realm below the ninth level? What is it!

Lin Chen can almost see the rune annotations, this is a garbage rune! Not as good as Corrupt Rune! Corrosion of runes is not at least a chance, and it is still a low probability of 20%!

Lin Chenyi was disappointed, and was about to shut down the system, but suddenly a moment of clear enlightenment came to mind, and he subconsciously asked the system!

"System, can my fusion function fuse runes?"

[Answer Host: Yes. In addition to fixed growth attribute values, such as intermediate combat spirit essence and other types of attribute values, the fusion function of the system is applicable to all unfixed growth attributes of the host.