My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 442

Chapter 442: Penetrating Runes Fight The Ninth Floor Again

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Chapter 442: Penetrating Runes! Fight the ninth floor again!

Affirmed by the system, Lin Chen almost jumped up!

"Grandma, there is no way out there, if the runes can be used for fusion, then it can just merge with my corrupt runes!"

Lin Chen said nothing, click on [Fusion Function], move the 4-level Corrupt Rune and Level 1 Weak Rune in the rune attributes, and drag it into the fusion furnace.

[The system prompts the host that the fusion requires 3800 points of heavenly value. The rune fusion will completely modify the level and attributes of the rune body, and the rune attributes of the fusion will be completely random and the lowest level of runes. , Does the host use'level 1 weak rune' and'level 4 corrupt rune' for fusion?


The sound of Lin Chens order came with a slight tremor, after all, this was the rune he got on Ruoyan, his favorite sister!

[Consume 3800 Heavenly Dao points to start fusion.

Put two runes into the fusion furnace, after two breaths.

[Boom ~ Ding ~! After the fusion is completed, the host obtains a new rune and a level 1 penetration rune.

[Level 1 Rune of Penetration: Allows the hosts attack to have a penetration characteristic of 5%, and can penetrate the enemys combat defense. If you upgrade to level 4, it is 20%. 20% of the power to launch an attack is penetrating, and the rune energy required for launching is higher. Please use it with caution...]

It is only a brief introduction at the beginning of the system, which makes Lin Chen completely dull!

"Baby! 20% of the power can penetrate the enemy's defense, is this too scary?"

Lin Chen was ecstatic in his heart. After careful understanding, he understood the power of this penetrating rune. Any of his attacks can have a penetration effect of 20%, and can penetrate the enemys combat defense, but cannot wear it. Through the defense tool.

But even so, this is quite abnormal!

If Lin Chen keeps this trump card to the end, he will play a protracted battle with the opponent first, exhaust the opponent's defense weapon, and then launch the rune through the breath!

20% of the power is equivalent to if Lin Chen has 50,000 dragon power in one punch, 10,000 dragon power will break into the enemy's defenseless body!

That kind of taste, even the high-ranking powerhouses of Yuanzun Realm must have some sour taste! And this rune has no level restrictions, Lin Chen can also use the face of the emperor-level strong!

"It just happens that I still have 4 Evolution Stones, and one will remain after a full upgrade!"

Lin Chen upgraded the penetrating rune to level 4 in one breath, and added another ace rune!

Lin Chen's heart, there is a fierce and fighting spirit that is not afraid of wearing shoes!

Originally, he only took a look at the ninth floor, but now it is different!

He now has a total of 885 intermediate rune energy, four major ace-level runes, and his spiritual power into the middle of the French phase, the seventh type of Heavenly Tribulation Warrior, Yuanzun Realm Double, and more!

These breakthroughs are enough to double Lin Chen's combat power!

"The eighth layer drops the attribute light sphere so richly, if this is the ninth layer, I don't know if it will drop a super talent to Lao Tzu, hehe."

Someone Lin was shamelessly delusional and was about to get up, suddenly remembering something, and mobilizing the Naling Ring.

A pill of red incense is suspended in front of Lin Chen, and the intense fire energy forms a series of small fire dragon shuttles into the void!

"That is, Ten Calamity Fire Pill!"

"Isn't this the panacea made by Lin Chen in the final of the refining medicine? Does he want to take it himself now?"

"He is insane? The sixth-level top-grade panacea, he has a cultivation practice that Yuan Yuan Realm has no four levels, what can he use to refine this level of panacea? Is he not afraid of the power of propelling himself? ?"

When some strong men were about to exclaim, Lin Chen swallowed this immortality almost without hesitation!

Boom~! Ten dozens of rings of roaring flame energy circle Lin Chen's whole body, just like the sea of hell fire roasting Lin Chen!

"It's hot! The top-level top-grade panacea is really abnormal!"

The whole body and even the Qi of Yuanyuan began to burn blazing flames, Lin Chen released his blue dragon, and shared this violent energy with him.

During the creation of the Nine Tribulation, Lin Chen is madly refining the chemical power. If he wants to break through the ninth battle tower, his strength is not strong enough now!

The eighth layer is already the beginning of the second sevenfold, and the creatures of the ninth layer are likely to have two later sevenfolds!

Lin Chen has never encountered an opponent of this level! Any Yuanzun realm in the late Seventh Layer placed in Lingzhou is a top-notch powerhouse famous in all directions and deeply admired by Dai with billions of civilians!

If this kind of opponent is one, Lin Chen has the confidence to play, but if it is two, he must come up with his details!

A fiery fire dragon wandering through Lin Chen's body, even if there is a share of the green dragon, it is not easy!

He and Qinglong are one of Yuan Zunjing's twofolds, and the other is a sixth-level intermediate beast, which is still a long way from the refining bottom line of the top-level top-grade red medicine!

"Every potion is still refined, I don't believe you can turn it up!"

Lin Chen was furious, and hurriedly mobilized the fire to rob the body, increasing the refining efficiency of Qinglong!

The ten calamity calcined body pill has the effect of breaking through the bottleneck of the fighting spirit, and it has an excellent effect on the seven or more levels of Yuanzun Realm, not to mention Lin Chen's double early stage, plus the calamity of the fire calamity energy. At this time, he and Qinglongs Pure power is climbing at an unprecedented speed!

[The host absorbs pure fire robbery energy, the system has automatically converted to the intermediate fire energy attribute, and it has started to rise: 1 point, 2 points, 3 points,]

In this scene, the eyes of some top powerhouses that fell outside the scene are suddenly realized!

"Good guy, this kid uses his own Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon to share the power of this Elixir. One person and one dragon share and absorb together!"

"If this is the case, it is really possible that this little guy will completely refine this panacea!"

"Awesome pure power climbing speed, why is this kid refining medicine so fast?"

"Even his Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon is really a pervert! Is it impossible to be a monster? How can you practice so fast!"

Many strong men are both amazed and shocked; the passage of time one minute and one second, the Tianlingbang conference has completely entered the final stage!

Day 29, Day 30!

At noon on the 30th day, there is the last half day left until the official conclusion of the Celestial Top Conference!

Everyone thought that Lin Chen would be ready to get up and leave during the last half-day of the long retreat, but two breaths of heavenly air came from the Heavenly Spirit Battle Tower, and suddenly recovered!


Lin Chen and Xuan Qinglong of Wan Zai opened their eyes almost at the same time, lifted up by the momentum of the condensed pure power, destroying all the snow mountains within tens of thousands of feet, destroying the mountain cracks, the gas flowing, the mountains and rivers collapsed! Surprise and shock the audience outside the venue!

At the moment of awakening, Lin Chen and Wan Zaixuan's dragon turned into a streamer, and broke into the ninth floor in a race against time! Disappeared in everyone's eyes!

The entire venue outside the Heavenly Soul Battle Tower, the hundreds of millions of powerful people in all directions suddenly fell into a silent silence! !