My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 443

Chapter 443: Lin Chen Vs Seventh Stage

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Chapter 443, Lin Chen VS Seventh Stage!

"He actually entered the ninth floor!"

"My God! What kind of creatures will you meet in the ninth floor!"

"At least it's the mid-sevenfold? It's two! How can I fight this?"

"This kid really made him succeed in refining the sixth-level top medicine!"

"It's really a demon! Just a few days? Even if the old man's half-purple mentality and Yuanzunjing's later cultivation were refined into a sixth-level top medicine, it would take at least half a month! "

All the spectators outside the Celestial Battle Tower suddenly exploded! Some audiences who are not too big to watch the drama beat their chests and sigh with regret!

Because there is no magic eye stone at the ninth floor, they have nowhere to know what kind of opponent Lin Chen encountered.


Inside the battle tower space;

Absorbing the ten calamities calcined pill, Lin Chen's pure strength just broke through to 50,000 Dragon Power! And his mid-level fire system energy attribute value reached 59 points, surpassing his dark energy attribute value!

In the cultivation of war, he even broke through two small realms and reached the second stage of the second stage! The third Yuanqi Mansion, already at his "Yu Haixue" position, began to form the majority of the Yuan Manchu prototype.

But in fact, according to the energy of the ten calamities, if it can be safely and completely absorbed, at least the initial stage of Yuanzunjing can be increased to more than the middle of the fourfold! The sixth-level top medicine is completely out of the specifications for the initial stage of Yuanzunjing.

But Lin Chen's foundation is different. His "Creation Nine Tribulation" makes him possess nine kinds of Heaven Tribulation War Bodies. The higher the starting point, the harder it is to break through.

However, this is mainly because the medicinal function of Shijiao Calcined Pill is mainly in refining the body. If you take the sixth-order top-grade top pill that focuses on breaking through the state of war, you may achieve better results.

Secondly; Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon also refined a lot of medicine! Its dragon veins soared from 5,100 to 10,200, doubled!

102000 Dragon Power, alone on pure power, is enough to contend with the five-fold mid-term. Using Lin Chens innate attack and defense talent in the Xuanqing Dragon of Ten Thousand Years, at least he can head-to-head with the early seven-layer strong!

"The ten calamity calcined pill is really cool. If it were not for refining materials, it would be difficult for me to elaborate it. Brother Chen, I made it ten or eight. Whatever Yuanzunjing's seventh stage, it would be a good idea to beat it in minutes!"

When Lin Chen's heart wanted to eat fart, he flew into the ninth floor with Qinglong in a blink of an eye.

This time, the space seems to be mysterious, with clouds everywhere and mountains.

Lin Chen saw a giant gate. On top of that giant gate, dragons and phoenixes carved a few blurry, simple and vast words.

Urging Zijin Tong, Lin Chen's eyes squinting, when he was about to see those words, two clear cracks came from the void!

Click~ Click~!

The sound of the broken crystal wall in space made Lin Chen take back all his mind and concentrate on it!

"Nine Huang ChangesQuad Changes!"

Lin Chen released four changes in one breath, the four Attributes of Sky Tribulation with the highest attribute value exploded suddenly, and the illusions of Yuan Qi were condensed!

In the end, when the fourth illusory warrior Yuan Mansion condenses, Lin Chen's breath suddenly rises a lot!

The early four stages of Yuanzunjing! With the increase in the four Heavenly Tribulation Warframes and the quadruple changes, Lin Chen was finally able to step into the field of Yuanzun Realm Quadruple!

"The four levels of Yuanzun Realm is really a wonderful transformation area."

Lin Chen snapped a finger, a stream of light traversed, and immediately annihilated ten mountain peaks and turned into powder. He suddenly felt that the four wars of Yuan Yuan formed a connection, and the life was endless, like the vast war of the Wanjiang Huihai. How powerful!

"Later, you are the first to reach the ninth floor. If you overcome me, you will know the truth of this world."

One black and one white, the two old men stood in the air, said indifferently.

"Oh? The truth of this world? Then I will have to listen to the two seniors and talk to me about the truth!"

Lin Chen smiled, the golden war gun rotating in his hand, two phantom avatars holding swords and holding swords emerged, the two avatars and Lin Chen, plus Wan Zai Xuan Qinglong swept toward the black and white old man!

"Yin Yang mirror!"

The two old men's hands rose sharply, and two ancient mirrors radiated two beams of light that destroyed the universe!

Lin Chen's pupils shrunk, and these two shots were all powerful in the late seventh layer!

"Xuanqing Dragon Domain! Wanzai Xuanguang Blade!"

The Xeon cyan dragon qi surrounds the Xeon realm forming a circular barrier of dragon qi. When the light beam shines in, the offensive suddenly slows down a little, and the light blade carrying the dragon's breath sways down from the dragon's claws!

"Tiangang Hualong!"

The Golden Tribulation battled around the faint thunder and lightning, and burst out of the five-color dragon gun piercing the void!

"Extremely QueshuiNetherworld Seven Flashes!" When the charged rune is launched, the rune energy is reduced by 5 points.

The avatar turned into a wind and water robbery battle body, a blue dazzling sharp sword light and struck three thousand miles, turned into the ultimate speed, the sword light was sharp and straight, like a dragon, and the seven light vertical blades attacked go with!

boom! boom! boom! Bang!

The ancient mirror of yin and yang was shattered, and the vast swords and swords came sharply, and turned into snow-like afterimages!

The elder of the black robe is light and windy, and cuts the void with one finger, the dragon breath light of the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon turns into nothingness! Immediately shoot another palm, the black light palm wind of several acres slammed the blue dragon back, the dragon scale cracked, and the pale blue dragon blood raged!

On the other side, the old man in white robe stepped out, struggling with Tiangang, jumping like Xing Maru! Avoid the chaos from the chaos!

Lin Chen, who flapped the purple phoenix wings, showed Thunder Shadow for a thousand seconds, followed by a thousand miles, followed by the top of the old man in white robe, and 50,000 dragons struck the mountains and seas, bursting like a storm and smashing his head! Thunder, gold, and fire are the three major attacks of the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare.

Sleeve robe shocked, like a light feather! Bang~! The powerful and overbearing fighting spirit made the old man's sleeves invincible, and even flicked Lin Chen's gunpoint, shocking the space, Lin Chen's arm twitched!

Yuan Ming's reversed volley blade cut across the waist, and the tip of the sword fell like a heavenly sword, and the offensive was fast and domineering!

The old man in white robe glanced at the top of his head with lightning, and his fingers condensed into a crystal-like fighting spirit to clamp the tip of the red dragon sword!

Two fingers slammed the backhand, and even the sword led the person to be thrown and turned over with an avatar.

Between the swords strangling, when the two avatars collided together, the old man in the white robe turned sharply, and the fighting was like a tiger. The force was heavy, and a terrible whip lashing out of the mountains was instantly exploded!

Lin Chens pupils shrunk, and a slow rune of 50 points of rune energy was lightning-fastened. The space where the old robes of the white robe lashed his legs was slightly frozen for a moment, and he was smashed and kicked at Lin Chen two with a bang. On the big avatar!

boom! boom!

The two avatars flew thousands of miles on one leg, smashing countless mountains along the way!

Take a dozen and three! Still prevail! Yuan Zunjing's seventh stage was so strong that Lin Chen's scalp was numb!