My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 444

Chapter 444: Penetrating The Runes To Show Divine Power

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Chapter 444 !

In the void, two holy lights are fighting together, from the sky to the ground, each collision flashes a dozen times of afterglow instant shadows, so fast that even the naked eye can't capture the specific location of their afterimages!

Even though Lin Chen started to step and move the stacked purple phoenix wings, the speed still did not exceed the white robe elders, the offensive of the two sides never stopped!

Four 2,000-foot tall Shura golems made a chanting sound, bursting out four spiritual shocks to destroy the galaxy, and attacked brazenly!

The old man in the white robe moves his mark with his hands, and the shield like the eyes of Yin and Yang exudes a violent mental fluctuation and a spiral of fighting spirit, protecting him tightly!

laugh! boom! boom! boom!

The place where the spiritual shock passed, shattered countless mountains, rushed to the sky, and wrath the sky! Shattered the defense of the old man in white robe, but he did not hurt his hair.

At this moment, above the head of the old white robe with distracted attention, the five-colored dragon light flew up and down, and the five dragons shot down the emperor's gun. The old man in white robe responded very quickly, pushing his hands horizontally, and the two sides were fighting through the palm The tip of the gun collides and explodes instantly!

The air wave shook thousands of miles of cloud, the space crystal wall was broken, the silver robe rolled, Lin Chen in the void shot a dozen steps back, and the old man in white robe stepped on three steps to stabilize his figure!

"Shit, so strong?"

Lin Chen sighed in a sigh of relief, and the power of Yuan Zunjing's seventh layer was far beyond his imagination!

This is Lin Chen in the early stage of the three Yuanzun Realm, the old man in the white robe can still confront and even suppress the trend!

If the whip leg wasn't Lin Chen's emergency slow rune freezing space just now, which reduced the explosive power and attack power, his two avatars were already shattered under that blow!

Against the strong players of this level, Lin Chen's rune energy is not much, especially when the charged rune is used to launch above the purple order combat skills, the rune energy consumed is at least 5 points once.

It doesn't take long to fight like this, Lin Chen has to exhaust the remaining 700 points of rune energy!

"Do you want to use penetrating runes in advance, but if you can't get through the runes, I really don't have the means to decide the victory!"

Lin Chen's mind was as electric as his eyes, and he looked away from the green dragon not far away. At this time, Wan Zaixuan's green dragon was attacked by the black robe old man, and he was beaten with blood and blood. It's just a flesh.

Facing the later stage of the Seventh Layer, Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon's strength has skyrocketed, but even the delay of a moment is in jeopardy. It is not a rival at all.

"It seems that it is impossible to adopt the same combat method as the eighth floor, Qinglong Possession!"

With a single order, Qinglong turned into a stream of laser light and shot into Lin Chen's body. His pure power climbed to more than 100,000 dragon power!

Lin Chen once again consumes 30 Rune Energy, the combat strength of the Nine Tribulation is reduced rapidly, and a phantom avatar is sacrificed! The three major avatars are the early cultivation practice of the quadruple.

"Oh? The magical avatar, the blue dragon that can also rely on the body to bless power, is a bit interesting.

The old man in white robe was a little surprised, Lin Chen laughed casually-"There are many things that can surprise my seniors, so please enlighten me next!"

The three avatars can only delay the old man in black robe for a while and a half! If Lin Chen cannot quickly resolve the opponent in front of him, then there is no possibility of passing the ninth layer!

"Magic Rupture!"

Shura held a gun above his head, Lin Chen's 100,000 dragon power broke out, and awe-inspiring rainbow awn was stabbed, and he was full of strength as soon as he came up!

Charging runes and penetrating runes are launched instantly, and rune energy is reduced by 100 points!

"Cultivated to the perfect purple order combat skills, although the old man does not have the real purple order exercises, but this cultivation practice is here!"

The old man in white robe looked indifferent, grabbed the void with audacity, and the cold and cold cyan giant claws were ten acres in size, and suddenly grabbed Lin Chen!

Tear ~!

Hong Mang cut through the sky dome, tearing the cyan giant claws, so that the old man in white robe finally showed his consternation and shock! A turbulent rainbow burst into the air, and he hurriedly urged the defense of the fighting spirit, protecting his body with Yin and Yang points!


A full of 20,000 dragon power and 20% of the energy of the dark robbery penetrated his defense of defense, and when he poured into the internal organs of the old man in white robe, he was strangled with blood all over his body, making him rush to fight the war of Yuanfu. His eyes were stunned for healing!

"I clearly blocked this attack, why can he still penetrate my defense and reach my body?"

Without giving the other party any breathing time, Lin Chen's attack was fierce!

The five dragon dynasty guns flickered with lightning speed, and the shadows of the dark guns screamed violently. Each shot was like a devil howling and wailing, destroying the old people in the white robe!

"Thousand Devil Wears Heart!"

Quickly pulling the war gun, Lin Chen launched the second form of the Thura Magic Gun Thousand Demon Through Heart, which penetrated the runes and charged runes to reduce the rune energy by 200 points!

The horrible gun shadow crashed on the defense of the old man in white robe like a storm of rain. Every gun has 20% of its power penetrated into his body!

This time, the old man in white robe could not prevent Lin Chen's offensive at all. He was shot through the body again and again!

"This kid's hole card is extraordinary!"

The old man in black robe narrowed his eyes, and stepped on the void with awe-inspiring steps. Lin Chen's three avatars tried hard to stop!

The dark gun shadow covered the sky and the moon. Finally, an old man in white robe fell from the void and was seriously injured. Even the puppet's body shed a lot of blood.

The old man in white robe is so seriously injured, and there is a very fatal reason for it, that is the defensive weapon. The penetrating rune can allow some of the destructive power of the attack to penetrate the fighting spirit, but cannot penetrate the characteristic defense of the defensive treasure.

Therefore, if in the late stage of the seventh battle outside the battle tower, Lin Chen's offensive is definitely impossible to cause such great damage to the old white robe!

In the later period of the Seventh Layer, there will be more or less one life-saving defensive weapon, but it is different in the battle tower. The creatures in the battle tower are already some dead creatures, and their will is attached to the puppet, there is no redundancy at all. The defensive treasure keeps your life.

Brush ~! Lin Chen moved and moved towards the old man in white robe at full speed! As long as the old white robe is eliminated, he will have a chance to win!

Holding the five dragon dynasty emperor guns to smash the top of the old man's head with anger, as if expected, a radiant and restrained energy palm shot to the back of Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's eyes were as fast as electricity, and Wan Yuexuan Town Armor was running in a blink of an eye.

Bang~! Bang!

The energy palm blasted Lin Chen, knocked him down to the ground, and rescued the old man in white robe. The old monster in black robe had arrived, and Lin Chen's three avatars had been eliminated by him!

"Damn, something went wrong. I missed the last chance to kill him!"

In the abyss of the broken veins, Lin Chen's mouth was bleeding, and his bones were almost broken.

He glanced at more than 300 rune energy points in the system. If the old man in white robe could not be killed first, there wouldn't be much chance for such a small rune energy to fight the old man in black robe!

The fighting spirit was conveyed into the old man in the white robe. His injury recovered a little. The two were suspended in the air, and the last one stood up holding a sword and stood next to Lin Chen.

"Let the old guy recover some more, now I can only try to use the slow runes to desperately wave!"

Just when Lin Chen was going to desperately, a flash of light flashed in his heart!

"No, I can push the limit again, maybe not very strong, but there is still a chance!"

Lin Chen suddenly remembered the talent he had acquired before!

The ultimate moment talent! !